1326 i am an annoyed calculator

it is very annoying
that my brain
is working more and more
on calculating stupid shit
instead of creating
amazing stuff for others

1325 little king

do not worry
my little king
to fall asleep


your kingdom
although little
is still great

1324 i love trump but…

i love trump
because he is the best
at capturing a moment,
making it fun.

sometimes i dream
how i have dinner with him
and he entertains me
and respects me.

he has
the most powerful charisma
that has ever existed
in the history of the world.

but we should stop wasting time
with outdated representation
and start using
digital direct democracy.

1323 tipsy after dinner poem

i remember
how long long time ago
i would go out,
have a nice dinner,
get a bit tipsy,
listen to some cool music
on my way home,
and write a poem
as soon as i got back.
i just do not do that anymore.

1322 vanessa is very busy

vanessa is super mega ultra busy.
she is more busy
than the busiest person that ever lived.
she is more busy than
billion busy people
working on the busiest project
in the history of the universe.
she is so busy
that we need a new word for busy.
she is busier than god.
so do not expect her
to have time to meet you
for a relaxing coffee.

1321 cool about my death

few days ago
for a brief moment
i felt a deep calm
about my death.
i somehow understood
that i will not exist.
i am not able
to describe it
but it is the first time
i accepted my death.
it lasted a second only
and now i am afraid again
but at least i know
i can be cool about dying.

1320 i must maintain control

i must maintain control
i must maintain control
i must maintain control
i must maintain control
i must maintain control
i must maintain control

1319 words that lost meaning

human rights
war crime

1318 gay marriage

do we really need
the state
to manage
our relationships?

1317 do my poems make you happy?

once your basic needs are satisfied
you can achieve happiness
simply by changing your opinion
and the best way to change
your opinion is to read
and the best thing to read
to change your opinion
is a short honest poem
and the best short honest poems
for changing your opinion
could be mine,
but they are not.

1316 i will be in los angeles

i will be in los angeles
from 25th april until 4th may

i would love to meet you
and eat good food
and do a poetry reading

please message me at

1315 trust issues

i am confused.
why is my dentist
always asking me
about my sex life?
what does my sex life
have to do with my dental care?
and why does he need
such level of detail?
he wants me to describe the smells!
is this a standard procedure?
can someone explain this?
thank you.

1314 empathy

there are people
who will crash their car
into you
just for fun
and they will laugh
while you try to kill them
with a dull knife.

some of us know
why these people do this.

1313 sci-fi poem 3

we are eternal beings
that exist outside time
but we were trapped in time
by a failed experiment
that created time.

our purpose is to
reverse the experiment
and bring us back
to our original reality
which exists without time.

1312 history of power

long long time ago power was
for everyone.

for many millennia power was
for the few only.

the last century or so power was
for the majorities.

the last few decades power was
for the minorities.

in the future power will be
again for everyone.

1311 i am sorry for pathetic

when i was a kid
i wrote a short story
and others told me
that it is quite pathetic
and it seems that
still today my writing
is a pathetic
and there is nothing
i can do about it.

1310 my answer to all war questions

i am a very empathetic person
and i empathize with everyone:
russians, ukrainians,
israelis, palestinians,
serbs, albanians,
christians, muslims,
americans, chinese.

everyone has a solid reason
for whatever they are doing
but at the end, out of all the groups,
i do favor kids
and i am not a fan of kids getting hurt.

1309 what is my age?

today i again forgot my age
and the whole day i was guessing
that i am 47 or 48.

finally i found a website
which calculated my age
and i was super happy
that it was only 46.

very nice that someone
made a website for us
who forget our age.

1308 european double negatives

i do not want nothing
ich möchte nicht nichts
non voglio niente
δεν θέλω τίποτα
ne želim ništa

1307 analysis of the USA political crisis

truth is an asset, just like real estate,
in a representative democracy

representative democracy duopoly
divides all the truth
between the two ruling parties.

each party invests all energy
to discredit the truth
owned by the other party.

this results in both parties spending
all their resources
on denying all the truth.

this is how a society stops
to be based in truth
and starts to be based in power.

the only way to save this society
is to innovate democracy
to use, not deny the truth.

1306 genocide defined 2

genocide is a legal term
invented to maintain an illusion
that there is also a polite war
because many companies on nasdaq
make money only from this polite war.

when we eventually understand
that all war is genocide, not just some of it,
and that all war should be banned,
and all participants should be prosecuted,
these companies would stop existing.

PS I own boeing stock.

1305 a scottish accent poem

this poem is written
in a scottish accent
and should be read
in a scottish accent

1304 one god feeling

all jews, christians, muslims
were inspired by the same
one god feeling
before they chose.

1303 end backpacks now! please

i never again
want to wear a backpack.
they make me heavier,
they make my back much bigger,
they make me sweat,
and i always have to come up
with stuff to put in them.
it is not enough that i never use one.
i want them ended. forever.

1302 what is your favorite movie?

how can i be sure
that i was not programmed by media
to think a bad movie is good?

should a movie be celebrated
as the pinnacle of human endeavor
or is it just the result of competition control?

am i confused by other bad products
that make trillions
by manipulating media and politics?

and if i do not know
which movie is good or not
what else is not me?

1301 art is hard!

one of the hardest moments
for every artist
is when they realize
that they are doing
exactly the same things
as someone thirty years ago.

artists who survive this moment
will live on forever,
but unfortunately many die here.

1300 hollywood hates humans

hollywood really really
does not like to work
with humans
and everything they have done
since they started
is to get rid of humans
and work with
easy to control machines

1299 hotel towels

i wanted you all to know
that i do horrible things
to hotel towels,
and the only safe place
are belgrade hotels
i do not stay in hotels
in a city where i live

1298 an interesting interest

sometimes i wonder
how famous and powerful wipe their asses.
do they do it the same way i do?
they must!
long gone are the days
when they hired people to wipe their asses.
enlightenment ended that job opportunity.
do they use wet wipes?
are they special expensive wet wipes?
do they stick their finger a little bit inside
to scoop it up?
or do they just gently fly over?
if you are famous and powerful
please call me to tell me
how you wipe your ass.
my phone is +38163268906.

1297 i am very very very sorry

i am again
very very very sorry
for writing
all these political poems
but i am a middle aged dad
who knows little about football.
do not think of me
as a grumpy political guy.
i am actually just a grumpy guy… not.

1296 poems for friends

i write a poem for a friend
and someone else likes it
and i imagine
how that random person
is actually my friend
whom i did not meet yet

1295 truth about visas

this is a reminder
that visas are a punishment
for telling an empire
to fuck off

1294 90 min only

would a 90 min film
which follows someone
through a normal day
would be more interesting to us
than most of the expensive
hollywood films made today

1293 do you still believe

do you still believe
advertising, news, politics,
and that products are made
by people who care about you?
if you do, please call me
at +38163268906.

1292 product designers to the rescue

the world is not changed
by books, entertainment, and politics.
it is changed by products.

product designers give everyone
access to the best science and ideas
by designing products that share them.

this is even more important today
when the best science and ideas
are often ignored and hidden.

only the product designers
can save this world.

1291 consuming vs making

reading books is boring
reading comics is boring
watching movies is boring
watching tv shows is boring
playing video games is boring
watching art is boring
eating food is boring
using apps is boring

making books, comics, movies,
tv shows, video games, art, food, apps
is awesome

1290 boeing investing dilemma

i was considering buying boeing stocks
because some of their airplanes fell apart
and their stock got cheap
and i was a little bit tempted to overlook
that they make weapons
but then their whistleblower killed himself
in the middle of an investigation
and i finally decided this is not for me
in spite of a 62 % growth tip by cnn.com.

1289 who not to join? part 2

never support or join
an organization
which wants or claims
to be the only one
that represents an idea

1288 who not to join? part 1

never support or join
an organization
which does not allow you
to support or join
an alternative organization

1287 the only bad idea

there is only
one bad idea
and that is
that there is only
one idea

1286 quizat haderach

frank herbert was a smart man
so i can only assume
that his message is
that even
the smartest and the most powerful
person in the universe
can end up
wasting time with politics
of doing something more useful

1285 poems in serbian

i started writing
poems in serbian
and i discovered
a whole new side to me.

i can not wait
to start writing poems
in italian, german, and greek.

1284 short term rentals expose racism

short term rentals allow us to see
who of the property owners
would most likely be
a nazi or a slave owner
if they were born a bit earlier.

these owners just do not like
other cultures
and the lack of hotel training
exposes it.

1283 12 years a slave

12 years a slave is
the most unrealistic movie ever
no one working on that movie
was able to imagine
how people actually behave
in such situations

1282 first english, than the world

i started writing poetry in serbian
in a separate instagram account.
soon i will start writing poetry in italian.
and later maybe in german.

my ultimate goal is
that people from every culture
tell me that my poems are not poems,
but are actually basic sentences
with random line breaks.

1281 i am again very sorry

i have to again
for how shitty and cringe
my poems are.
sometimes i read them
and i am
utterly mortified
how shitty they are.
including this one.

1280 signs of centralization

much less improvisation in music
languages designed by academics
less theaters, more cinemas
places of worship increasing in size
almost no local art, literary, poetry, philosophy
less participation in government
impossible to negotiate with or bribe police
powerful live far away
global brands gaining in everything
no local methods in solving problems
and many many more

1279 understand violence

violence is just a way
for some people to learn more
about others and themselves

1278 a fast food experience

i need something
i enjoyed that once
i want it
i crave it, it is awesome
it really need it
this is so tasty
this is amazing
i am so happy to be alive
something is not right
i am a bit sick
i need to go to the bathroom
i will never eat that again
why does that exist
i am ashamed
this world is hell

1276 democracy is a scam

the word democracy is meaningless,
and is used to centralize power
like never before in human history.

what we are told democracy is
has never existed,
and probably never will exist.

we need a new better idea.

1275 shabalozia is free!

is finally a free country.
they are free
from the oppression
from gumuzia!

1274 investigative (real) journalists

in a world in which
a lot of our decisions still depend
on centralized mass media
investigative (real) journalists,
are necessary as an alternative
to corporate and political bullshit.

otherwise, our decisions
will be poorly informed
and quality of life of everyone
will diminish.

1273 morality

every time i walked next
one of those street fruit displays
i was tempted to steal
a banana or an apple
but i never did it

1272 ai art

ai will finally
force artists
to fuck around
with technique
and focus
on concepts only.

1271 thank you for ass cheeks

i am thanking
whoever designed
something so beautiful
as ass cheeks
to hide something so nasty
as an asshole.

maybe it was
god, alines, or nature.
whoever it is,
i am sure they are
very clever designers.

1270 virtual thinking

when we are far
from doing things with hands
or people who do things with hands
then we start having
crazy virtual impractical ideas
which can easily kill billions

1269 school shootings and climate crisis

use school shootings
and climate crisis
to promote themselves
which means
these problems will
never be solved.

scientists would solve
both of these problems
over a weekend.

1268 i do not like books

i do not read books
and it took me decades
to understand why
i do not like it.

it is because
they are so subjective
and i do not like
anything with a limited
point of view.

1267 meaning is subjective

women and men
have a different reason
why they watch videos
of women working out

1266 some pets are slaves

it is possible that some pets
do not love their owners
but are like slave prostitutes
who learned to pretend to love
so they would survive

1265 the stock market

some of these
publicly traded companies
seem like
a psychopath made them
just to show
how stupid everyone is

1264 morality, rules, laws

most of the laws
on this planet
are based on rules
in small asian villages
thousands of years ago

1263 parliament is a scam

parliament is a scam
invented by the powerful
to postpone democracy

we do not need representatives
who sell our votes
to people we do not know

we need to innovate
collective decision making
so everyone participates

1262 tucker putin interview

again we are tricked
into being passive observers
of a fake fight between politicians.

as long as we believe
one is bad and other is good
we will be their bitches.

they stage fake fights (like wwe)
to appear important and necessary
while fucking up everything else.

all politicians are bad
because they are not innovating
how to give us more power.

instead they only innovate
how to gain more power
with media, division, and war.

1261 i am funny. not

i am actually
completely able
to consistently make
my friends laugh
which makes me
a funny person.

you should trust me
even though, usually,
i am the opposite of funny.

1260 i want to be a mother

i wish i was a mother
at least for few minutes
so i can enjoy loving my kids
like a mother

1259 google is a scam

only a fraction of google ads
are properly targeted
and they know it.

google ads could reach
people with the matching interests
but then google would make less money.

google makes most of its money
by showing ads to people
who have no interest to buy.

this is their business model.
google could have solved targeting
ages ago, but they would be poorer.

1258 not a bathroom

if we talk
on the phone
and you hear an echo
i just want to make it clear
that i am not in a bathroom
sitting on a toilet

1257 the truth about writing

i have no idea
how i write this stuff.
it just pops up!

i am more or less
just a reader.
like you!

1256 the future of poetry

it is inevitable
that my poems will become
short funny stupid smart statements
because that is what
everyone wants

1255 how to choose a movie

never watch a movie
which you have not
seen before

1254 clouds report 5 february 2024

i have seen a lot of clouds
since my last clouds poem
written 19 october 2023.

some were isolated,
some were fast,
one looked like a hook,
all were very cool.

1253 free palestine and israel

free palestine and israel
from the bloodthirsty assholes
who jerk off
to having unlimited power
over lives of other humans

1252 duty

all knowledge
will be weaponized
and used to hurt people
so it is our duty to make
good uses of knowledge
so the bad vs good
is balanced out

1251 eric schmidt does not care about ukraine

i honestly do not think
that people
like eric schmidt
care about ukraine.

these people always wanted
to make killer drones
or some other crazy scary
murder machine.

they just waited
for the right excuse
and media atmosphere
to express themselves.

1250 silicon valley business tip

once eric schmidt’s
killer drones
blow up millions of people
without damaging
real estate and infrastructure
someone will need to clean up
all the blood and guts
and this is a great opportunity
for the next stealth
silicon valley ai genius

1249 eric schmidt’s killer drones

they are not kamikaze drones.
kamikaze were honorable
dedicated soldiers.

these are killer drones
loaded with explosives
which can enter your home
find your kids hiding under the bed
and explode their head.

they are cheap to make
so governments can just
print imaginary money
and make millions of killer drones.

they are more dangerous
than nuclear weapons
because they can kill millions
in a matter of few hours
for a fraction of a cost
without damaging
real estate and infrastructure.

1248 thesis poem – crime is a metric or design

the more people are pressured
by a poorly designed inflexible system
the more crime there will be.

so there are no
naturally bad people aka criminals
but only poorly designed systems
which create criminals
out of naturally good people.

designers of systems
(and everything designed is a system)
should be careful
not to make good people into criminals
by making design errors.

bad person aka criminal
is a good person who does not fit
the design of a system
and the system does not want
to listen and adjust to them.

1247 genocide defined

killing 2347 children
is not a genocide
and it is acceptable.

killing 2348 children
is a genocide
and is not acceptable.

1246 limits of ai

artificial intelligence
will never be able
to write this poem

1245 independence scale

1 alto adige
2 veneto
3 sicilia
4 basque country
5 texas
6 navajo nation
7 catalonia
8 republika srpska
9 kosovo
10 palestine

1244 you are an asshole if

you are an asshole
if you are making media content
which decreases smart cooperation
by promoting irrationality and division,
and if you believe people
should just shut up and buy.

1243 all of us know

i know exactly
how to fix the world
to the last technical detail
making everyone happy.
it really is very very easy.

1242 my social media addiction

i am not addicted
to social media.
i am addicted
to that one in a million person
who is brutally honest.

1241 extreme compassion

constantly feeling
extreme compassion
for everyone alive
is a little bit difficult.

1240 different life choices

i want twenty kids
i want one kid
i want a life partner without kids
i want a partner sometimes
i only want friends
i want to be alone
i do not want to live

1239 miracle

if you do not enjoy
the miracle of life
while you are alone
in a completely dark room
no amount of money
or anything
will make you happy

1238 i am sorry for the office

i sincerely apologize
for forcing our employees
to come to our office for so many years
before i finally canceled the office
and switched our company
to fully remote.

we wasted so much time and money
on the stupid office
instead of investing in our products.

1237 languages i speak

english is for the future
german is for the past
italian and greek are for pleasure
serbian is for my family

1236 be ugly and obnoxious

in spite of being
naturally pretty and charismatic
i work very hard
at being ugly and obnoxious
so when people
want to do something with me
i know it is because
i am the best at what i do
and not because
i am pretty and charismatic

1235 the first poem of 2024

i do not know
when i will write
my first poem
in year 2024
but it will not be soon

1234 please donate for my 46th birthday

today is my 46th birthday
and i am again
fundraising for my nephew pavle.

he has epidermolysis bullosa
and his parents are poor.

to donate please visit

any amount helps!
thank you!

1233 universe with kids

i imagine
another universe
in which my friends
who do not have kids
have kids
and are super happy.

this helps me cope
with sadness
that my friends
in this universe
do not have kids.

1232 i am sorry for not fixing the world

i am sorry that i did not fix
the entire world
and made it a better place
for everyone already.

i will do my best to get it done
before i die
and if i do not make it
i will teach my kids
to teach their kids
to fix the world for everyone.

1231 poem frequency

i felt sorry
that i did not write
more poems this week
but then i realized
that when i am dead
no one will care
if i wrote one or hundred
poems in a week.

1230 i hate italy

i hate italy because
it has too much good stuff
all over the place
and i must move around for years
to enjoy just a small part of it

1229 super smart

i am just guessing
that being super smart
is to overcome the suffering
caused by compassion
for everyone who ever lived
resulting from being super smart.

so super smart people
must be super smart enough
to save themselves
from their super smartness.

1228 innovationism manifesto 1

we are made to innovate.

purpose of innovation is to
constantly change everything for everyone.

a single innovation is not a goal.
constant never ending innovation is the goal.

speed of innovation is important.

if innovation is fast we will not adapt.
if innovation is slow we will get stuck.

1227 saturday poem

irena told me
i should
write a poem today.

i said: fuck that,
i will not write poems
on a saturday.

1226 accidents do not repeat

all politicians dream
of managing foreign policy
because this is one thing
where little people
can not tell them what to do.

all foreign policy
always ends up killing children.
not one or two,
but hundreds and thousands,
and tens of thousands of children.

and there is zero money
invested in advancing democracy
but there are trillions invested
in weapons that always end up
killing children.

1225 i wanted to write a poem

i wanted to write a poem
but i decided
to play monopoly
with my kids

1224 underwear and socks

eight years ago
i moved in this place
and i placed all my
underwear and socks
in a single drawer.

for the last six years
i was thinking
about organizing
my underwear and socks
in a different way
but i never
got around doing it.

1223 i do not like hollywood

i do not like hollywood
because they never
made a movie
with a main character
with whom i can
identify with

1222 find my secret book online

for many years i have been
writing a book in secret.
no one knows i wrote it.

i published it as a website
but i did not tell anyone where it is
and it is not linked from anywhere.

it is the most amazing book ever written.
when you read it you will change,
you will become something new.

it is up to you to find it.

if you can not find it,
just imagine that you read it,
that you experienced a deep change,
and that you felt truly liberated.

1221 career advice 1

there are two types of people:
those who believe
only few are ubermensch
and everyone else
is not and never will be,
and those who believe
everyone is or will be
an ubermensch.

never work for the first type.
give everything you can
to the second type.

1220 instagram inspiration

was inspired by
the movie pretty woman
to connect hookers
to people with money
with a tiny promise
of conservative happiness

1219 worst situations for a risky fart

during sex,
especially while getting oral sex,
during your wedding ceremony,
any public speaking,
job interview,
when sharing a jacuzzi or a pool,
while giving a funeral speech,
parent teacher meeting,
while running a marathon,
and many more.

1218 cleaning teeth twice a day

start with a floss pick
then use a brush toothpick
then use a water irrigator
and finally brush your teeth
with an electric toothbrush

1217 learn to believe

we have lost the skill
of believing

knowing how to believe
is important because
not everything is known

1216 metaphors are stupid

i am not a fan of metaphors
hardly anyone gets them
and anyone assign
any meaning they want
and they are annoying
and anyone who uses metaphors
seems like a pretentious asshole.

just to be clear
when i say i am not a fan
i mean that i am not a ventilator.
a ventilator made of metaphors.

1215 politicians

how many more children
do we need to kill
to prove
that outsourcing
collective decision making
to few elected politicians
is not a good idea

1214 silicon valley

silicon valley
is not anymore
a relentless machine
which produces
life changing innovation
for the entire world

it has became a door
which remains closed
for most of the innovators
and charges the few
for the privilege
of letting them through

1213 how to never have bad things

all bad things
started as good things
which eventually became bad
because they lingered long enough
and nothing new and better
replaced them.

the only way
to never have bad things
is to always
quickly replace good things
with new good things.

1212 how to make the world better

do not let politicians tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let companies tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let media tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let books tell you
what is good and bad.

the only way to agree
with everyone else
is for everyone else
to follow their own wisdom
and all those individual wisdoms
will end up being the same.

trouble starts
when we try to convince others
to follow our wisdom.
there has never been proof
that this actually works.

1211 the truth about spies and tennis

spies learn
how to play tennis
if they are tortured
they can image
they are playing tennis
which will completely
occupy their mind
and they will ignore the pain.
if you do not believe me
ask any spy.

1210 how i publish my poems

i first write in a google doc
they i publish on my website
then on my facebook page
then i make an image
which i publish
first on my telegram channel
and then on x.com
and then i email the image to myself
and i open that email on my phone
and i publish the image
on my instagram as a post and a story
and finally i publish it on tiktok
and if a poem is particularly interesting
i will ask irena and my kids to read it

1209 lazy poem

it is difficult
to write a poem
but not because
i have nothing to say
but because i am lazy

1208 did we land on mars?

i am not up to date
with news etc
so i am not sure
if we landed on mars
did we build cities there?
when is it safe to visit?
how are the prices?

1207 happy 18th birthday sofija

my oldest child
just turned 18.

i hope i did not
fuck it up too much.

and i hope i created
a nice little anarchist
to continue my work forever.

1206 i forgive ye, i hope he forgives us

i forgive ye because
i do not think that what he said
is what he meant.

sometimes we should
not take words so literally
no matter how literal they appear to be.

and ye is a good opportunity to
practice not getting excited
about literal meanings.

i hope
ye forgives us all
for taking him so literally.

1205 corny but true

as delegation of work
our knowledge of reality

we operate virtually
without being challenged
while we make millions suffer
without feeling bad about it

1204 japanese miniaturizing conspiracy

rafael’s lenticulars
are usually 67 centimeters tall.

rafael recently shared a photo
in which he is in japan
and he is smaller than his lenticular.

i am worried that the japanese
miniaturized rafael.

can someone please explain this.
is rafael ok? call me at +38163268906!
this is one of the best poems ever.

1203 purpose of art

purpose of art,
including poetry,
is to expand and innovate
our visual, spoken, conceptual

1202 matthew perry

i guess friends
are not really friends
since they left
matthew perry alone

1201 communism and capitalism

my communist projects
are always rejected by communists
and supported by capitalists

my capitalist projects
are always rejected by capitalists
and supported by communists

1200 my future book

one day i will write a book
that will change literature.

i will reveal the end in the very start,
and the rest of it will be shit
but everyone will love it and hate it,
and it will be the most boring fun book ever.

1199 how to manage rewarding

do not be an egomaniac
who gives only 1 reward of 10,000 euro
but give 100 rewards of 100 euro.

also it is a bit stupid
to give 1,000 rewards of 10 euro
or 10 rewards of 1,000 eur.

and make sure to reward
everyone in the world
instead of just the people in your village.

1198 i love the real war

i love the real war
the way it was thousands of years ago
when we fought for food and survival
and it was absolutely impossible
to reason with the enemy
and only the smartest won.

what you call war today is not war.
it is a fake mass media bullshit
built with incomplete idiotic ideologies
feeding on the weak and stupid.

when there is a real war – call me.
do not bother me over this new bullshit thing.

1197 the truth about politicians

when politicians argue
with each other
their only goal is
not to win an argument,
but to prolong the illusion
that we need them.

1196 no poem today

today would be
a good day
not to write a poem

1195 art vs product

art is full of errors
while products must be perfect.

but all art is a bit of a product
and all products are a bit of an art.

1194 not a poem about clouds

i just think how
poems about clouds
are stupid.

but then i see clouds
and remember
how cool they are,
but i still do not write
a poem about them.

1193 not a poem about my friend

i told my friend
that he should check out
my poems
i wrote a poem about him.

but that was a lie.
i did not write a poem
about him.

1192 smart phones and social media are awesome

smart phones and social media
are the most wonderful innovations
that feed our need to connect and learn.

yes, the content is not so good now
but have trust our talents and our work
and give us time. we will make it great.

1191 universe is ours

when i look at the infinite void
of the universe
i do not feel small and meaningless.
i am not afraid of it.

i imagine how we will spread
to every part of it
and give it beauty and meaning.

1190 how to end israel palestine conflict now

some say that the only thing
israelis and palestinians can do
is to kill each other.

this is the stupidest lie ever.

the simplest way to end this conflict
is that israelis decide
not to only be israelis
and that palestinians decide
not to only be palestinians.

once the idea
that a person must only be one thing
is gone
the need to kill everything else
is gone.

trust me.

1189 really bad poems

it really is ok
to write
really bad poems
for couple of decades

1188 real estate and inflation

single family houses
are not actually homes.
they actually holders for
a price that will grow forever.

as long as we have those houses
there will always be
an uncatchable inflation,
that will continuously accelerate.

1187 do not blame religion

it is easy
to blame religion
for a lot of political fuckups

but the truth is
that all ideologies
when given a monopoly power
will create hell on earth

1186 fuck books

just because you
read, own, write, quote a lot of books,
it does not mean you know shit.

books are just a fucking product
made to help you feel smarter than others.
they are a louis vuitton bag.

sure, writing a book
takes a lot of brain effort
but so does masturbating ten times a day.

smart people were much more useful
before books were invented.
they did not need 300 pages to be heard.

if you want to be smart
do not buy things
that make you feel smart.

1185 single ideology lovers

a reminder
to all those who hope
that a single ideology
can answer all the questions:

it is impossible for
a handful of people
to solve all the problems
of all the people
who will live until the end of time.

1184 confusing poem

i am very confused
by this poem.
i really do not understand it.
please help me.
what does this poem mean?
what is it about?

1183 israel vs palestine again

israel vs palestine
is a result of a false belief
that people can be only one thing:
israeli jew or a palestinian muslim.

it is a belief that that we can not be
thousand things at the same time,
that israeli jewish palestinian muslim
is impossible.

as soon as we understand
that we are capable of being many things,
we will be free,
we will be superhuman.

1182 the karen phenomenon

to me it makes perfect sense
that a culture which cares so much
about operational efficiency
ridicules perfectly normal
public nervous breakdowns
as karen outbursts

1181 sorry, i am racist

please forgive me for being racist.
i can not help it.
it is not my fault.
i am a victim of media brainwashing.

i spend a lot of energy
to unwash the racist virus from my mind
but it is difficult
and it prevents me from doing
something much more useful.

1180 balenciaga again

poor people used to use fashion
to look rich
and hide they are poor

now rich people use balenciaga
to look poor
but still show they are rich

1179 i am starting to work for my first solo show

this weekend i will sit down
and make the art for my first solo show.

i was thinking about it every day for months
and now i finally have to do it.

i do not know what it will be.
i will discover what it is after i make it.

it will be a study of miltos manetas and his art,
or something like that.

it already sounds super cheesy.

1178 why is art so important?

i like to look at art
because when i look at art
i am not looking at
many horrible things out there

1177 really bad poems

some of my poems
are really really bad
but if you give them
couple of years
or decades
they will become
really really good

1176 what should this poem be about?

random pseudo philosophical political rant
my kids
ass kissing
a call to call me

please let me know?

1175 richard dawkins is wrong

richard dawkins believes
that people can go from
zero knowledge to science
without any intermediary steps
like religion, art, philosophy.
well, that is wrong.

1174 why are my poems so short?

my poems are usually
very short
because i want them
to be as fast as paintings
and as clear as jokes

1173 old person dilemma

like all old people
i know that the world
is getting shittier.

and if everyone
just listened to me
everything would be better.

i also know
this is not true,
but i have no alternative.

1172 “laka” pesma za pamćenje

marko mi je tražio
da nauči na pamet moju pesmu
kako bi je recitovao u školi.

zato sam mu napisao ovu pesmu
koja je kratka i laka za pamćenje,
to jest bila bi kratka i laka za pamćenje
da nisam dodao sledeći deo:

otorinolaringolozi iz zapadnog sečuana
su dubili na tuđim osmotskim glavama
ispred metafizičkog univerziteta
onomatopeja sa alfa kentaura.

da marko nije dobio opomenu
od nastavnice matematike
napisao bih mu kratku i laku pesmu,
ali pošto jeste – evo mu je!

1171 i am italian

i am italian
because i care about italy
and i like pasta,
and i do not need
anyone else to tell me
if i am italian or not.
i am also a serb, a missourian,
and a south african.

1170 it happened! v3

and just like that
i am now
a fat guy
who gives advice to
skinny people

1169 it happened! v2

and just like that
i am now
an old stupid guy
who gives shitty advice to
awesome young people

1168 it happened!

and just like that
i am now
an old guy
who gives advice to
young people

1167 ich habe einen traum

ich hoffe
das ich eines tages
ein gedicht
auf deutsch
schreiben werden

1166 leader defined

leader does
what people
tell them to do

1165 actor vs celebrity

people who perform
in a theater
are skilled actors.

people who we see
in a movie
are popular brands.

1164 make fun of stereotypes

making fun of stereotypes
is ok – because
stereotypes are imaginary.

you can only get upset
if you consider yourself a stereotype,
which is not ok – because
you are not a stereotype,
you are a person.

1163 milano 2023

i feel something is
quite shitty about milano
but i am afraid to say it
because i do not want
to offend my friends
and i love milano
because it was my home.
what should i do?

1162 the reason?

there is a reason
why we feel the pain
of every person we lost
every punch we gave
every insult we spoke
for our entire lives

1161 are you a good writer?

you are a good writer
only when you know
that you will never
fully express yourself
with words,
that no one will ever know
who you are
and that you will never know
who anyone is.

1060 rafael’s large shape

a large magenta shape
with four very sharp corners
is moving very slowly
inside a green square.

and it seems that at least
three of its corners
touch the edge of the square
and that something
very mysterious is happening
to the fourth corner
outside the square.

if i tried to figure out
what happens with the fourth square
but i keep losing focus
and start daydreaming.

1159 not everything is math

scientists and engineers
should stop making fun of
religion, philosophy, art
because without those three
science and engineering
would never exist.

religion, philosophy, art
are easy targets
they appear as nonsense
to anyone using math.
math simply does not allow
this kind of weird thinking.

1158 no shame in dying

there is no shame
in dying
we never get to practice it

1157 we never fully die

when my father died
i am hundred percent sure
that part of him
became a part of me.

so parts of my grandfather
and my great grandfather
and everyone before
became part of me as well.

1156 thank you, artists

i want to thank
all the artist
who throughout the history
have tried to inspire us
to reach the mysterious goal
god has set for us.
thank you! you did your best!
it is not your fault
that we do not get it.

1155 fuck grammar!

do not let academics, teachers,
business people, and others
take the language from you.
use the language any way you want.

you make the rules, not them.
language is made
by all people for all people.
it can never be controlled by few.

1154 my life mission

i know exactly
what my life mission is:
it is to save billions of people
from stupidity.
i just did not figure out
how to do it… yet.

1153 death of hollywood

the hollywood is dead
and everyone there
is just a zombie
surviving on rat brains
and pigeon shit

1152 definition of poetry

poetry is
a constant rebellion
against the restriction
of language.

it is an everlasting
fuck you
to anyone saying:
this is how it must be.

1151 my father

my father was a great man
i can not explain how
there is not enough space here
so just take my word for it

1150 the truth, again

our feelings and inspiration
are the only truth
and none of our languages
can share it.

we will never know
the truth of other people
and all we will only know
our own truth.

words like god and love
are just simple lies
that do not come close
to sharing the truth.

1149 all ideologies and religions

all ideologies and religions
want us to do these three things:

fix the world,
help everyone,
be better now.

the only difference
is the language and imagery.

1148 sex and passports

gender fluidity
is a step towards religious fluidity
is a step towards ideological fluidity
is a step towards national fluidity.

it is a bit weird to start with gender fluidity,
but at this point i am happy we started
to build a world which uses tags
instead of categories.

1147 i believe

for breakfast i am a jew
for lunch i am a buddhist
for dinner i am a muslim
after dinner i am christian
on weekends i am a pagan
the rest of the time i am an atheist

1046 hollywood obsession with death

i never noticed before
how obsessed with death
hollywood is.
it is a bit weird.

1045 relax

none of us knows much
and we are all
constantly improvising
and clumsily trying
to do something weird
that only we
understand and like

1044 long fun life?

it is strange that
i have lived so long and well
and if my life ends now
i will not complain,
but my life keeps getting
better and more fun
which confuses me.
i hope everyone
got the same deal.

1043 really!

i do not understand
why all of you
do not write poems.
it is so easy.
just write a poem now!

1042 top 100 software companies

i made a software company
simply because
the top 100 software companies
are all very stupid

1041 a very important poem

every time when
i do not write poems
for a long time
i wish to start again with
a very important poem

1040 the importance of cinema

it is very important
that we know
that there are people
whom we never met
who like
the same weird scenes
as we do.

1039 more directors

shutter island
would be a better film
if dream scenes were directed
by david lynch,
instead of martin scorsese.

1038 finding and losing god

for a short moment last night
while watching a movie
i felt the emotion
commonly called “finding god”.
then i lost it.
it all happened in my head
and it was interesting.

1037 modernist anxiety

modernists got carried away
and deleted all the knowledge
about how to live a good life.

this made us all
very anxious about our future.

we have doctors and internet
but no idea
what we will do the next year.

1036 easy relationships

i want to know you
as a fellow human being
with all the nice and ugly stuff,
and you can know me.

but i do not want to participate
in your pathetic power games
you need to play to survive,
nor will i drag you into mine.

1035 poems on social media

i really love
publishing poems
on all social media,
i love the likes and messages,
and i am sorry that
my poems are not
always awesome.

1034 do not be cool

all jesus wanted us to do
is to stop trying to be cool
you can either be cool
or be something better.

1033 tomato

this poem
is trying to say
some very difficult things
and i really need
your help
in figuring it out,
so please read it well.

1032 everything is a story

in a world
made of stories
the best way to live
is to tell
your own story

1031 internet story 1: elon and massimo

elon is very rich
and he likes massimo.
when massimo was sick
and needed money to get well
elon did not give him money
but he made a subscription feature
so massimo can make his own money.

1030 i will never

i will never join
your stupid
piece of shit cause.
fuck you!

1029 i am very famous

believe me, I am
a very very very famous poet.
i have been
very very very successful
and i am very loved.

1028 god does not speak

god does not
communicate with us
with words.

words are
our invention.

1027 the future of rap

it is year 2050
and public enemy
is still the best
rap thing ever

1025 very lazy

i am very sorry
but today
i am too lazy
to write a poem

1124 all i need is 20 minutes

if i just had
20 minutes of free time
i could
mentally prepare for death.

but i do not have
20 minutes of free time
so i live
in constant fear of death.

1123 i will try

i will try
to write ten poems
not about
pretentious philosophical things

1122 i will resist

i will resist
and not write
a pretentious philosophical poem

1121 math is very smart

math is
a very smart language
used to describe
very stupid things.

always liked
making very smart things
for very stupid purposes.

1120 unabomber is dead

unabomber is
a great example
of how being good at math
really is not a guarantee
that one is good
at anything else

1119 do we need religious books?

if god wants us
to transform ourselves
into higher beings
by making conscious choices
which ignore our animalistic drives
why would god gives us
a super specific idiot-proof
text manual for that?

1118 simon knows people

simon was
an assistant cameraman
on a movie
edited by a wife
of a second best friend
of a producer
who saw al pacino
in los angeles
seven months ago

1117 reason

from universe comes nature
from nature comes cruelty
from cruelty comes despair
from despair comes reason
reason is just a complaint
and we really do not know
if the universe cares about

1116 art industry statistics

in a world of 8 billion people
all art is made by few thousand people
for few hundred people

1115 i love my kids

i love my kids
so much
that i want to change
the whole world
for them

1114 algorithms

it is possible
that all of the algorithms
that manage our lives
are based on something
very stupid – like abduction

1113 purpose of visualization

in the last
second of my life
i will imagine
a perfect future of my kids
so i die super happy

1112 some people

some people are
peaceful terrorists
spies for nonexistent enemies
priests of undiscovered religions

1110 life is very long

i have lived for 45 years
and it feels so very long
and i have done so much

1109 i am a pacifist who loves war

long long time ago
wars made a lot of sense
because they were fought
for the real survival of our children.

wars make no sense
because they are fake
unnecessary clown tv bullshit.

i am very nostalgic
for the good old days of real wars
and i would love to die in sword battle
instead of a hospital bed.

but with sadness i accepted
we will never have a real war again
and i do not have the patience
to be in these fake clown tv wars.

i am not against real wars
which we all love and need
but i am against fake wars
which abuse our need for real war.

1108 are movies good?

when i was young
i cared if a movie is good.

when i was older
i cared if a director is good.

when i was even older
i cared if movie as a concept is good.

i wonder what i will care about
when i am even more older.

1107 sadness

all people feel sad
when the things they know
are not understood by others.
we are made like this
so we would teach each other.
enjoy it.
have a great weekend!

1106 shubert’s ave maria

yesterday all of my kids
loved schubert’s ave maria
and this made me feel
very confident about their future
because shubert’s ave maria
is not an easy music
for a kid to like.
it is also good that they like
metallica’s the call of ktulu.

1105 i want a cloud poem

i really really want to
write a poem about clouds
because poems about clouds
became some kind of a
special thing
which is weird.
i hope i have not ruined it

1104 death as magic

one of the greatest
magical events in our lives
is when everything
an unimaginable nothing

1103 children vs travel?

some people
choose not to be parents
because the pain
of loving a child
is too much for them.

but when you ask them
they will tell you
that they prefer to travel.

1102 is death the end?

yes it is,
but do not worry
so much about it.

1101 my favorite towel 2

i love my favorite towel so much
that i dry it in a special place
and i use it only for my body
and i am always careful with it.
it really is the most privileged towel
of all the towels that we have.

1100 i am in thessaloniki, again

i am in thessaloniki this weekend,
so please call me to hang out.
i will pay your cheap drinks.
my number is +38163268906.
we love meeting new people.
virgins with high iron blood preferred.

1099 how new york got its name

1000 years ago
york was old
but then it became new
and that is it.
this is a stupid poem.
i thought it would be better.
i am very sorry.

1098 ai effect on writing

thanks to ai
writing 300 pages about something
that should be said in 3 sentences
will become obsolete.

number of empty words
and an ocean of useless data
will stop to be relevant
making meaning important again.

ai will finally end
the age of blah blah bullshit.

1097 if i do not

if i do not
write a poem today
it will be a shitty day

1096 we make the language

language is a technology
developed by everybody
talking and writing to each other,
including my poems

1095 my favorite towel

out of all the towels i have
one of them is my favorite
it is the right size
it is the right softness
and i like it very much
because it can make
my days better

1094 coca cola dilemma

coca cola drink
is the best product
if you need a lot of energy

coca cola company
is the worst company
that abused a great product

1093 machine learning

machine learning
would be awesome
if it they used it
to only solve problems
that are best solved
by counting things

1092 clouds again

as you can see
from my last two poems
and my previous poems
i am very bad at writing poems
about current tragic events
so i will stick to writing poems
about clouds

1091 belgrade, 4 may 2023

every 24 years
the evil clown
comes to town

1090 you can end school shootings

if you are working in an institution
try to listen to us a bit more
so we can work together
on making things better for everyone

1089 lonely ideas

ideas that are alone
get very sad and stupid
because they have
no other ideas to
play or fight with

1088 the power of poetry

if i do nothing all day
or i am an asshole all day
and i write at least one poem
and publish it online
then i believe
it was a good day

1087 i want more than 1000 years

if i lived 1000 years i would:
speak 20 languages,
play 5 instruments,
master charcoal drawing,
design and build many houses,
work as a scientist for a century,
start at least 50 businesses,
write 20 books,
write 100,000 poems,
have 40 children,
compete in almost every sport…

1086 art industry

there is no art world.
there is an art industry.
and it is one of the best industries
because it is better to make art
than to make many other things.

1085 jesus got scared

never forget
that at one moment
jesus got very scared
and desperate

1084 the naivety of modernists

modernists believed
they are building
a better new eternity
but actually
they were used
as an excuse for change
for the sake of change

1083 money protects us

without money
people would just do
bad stuff
without the limitation
of a price tag

1082 soft socks

i was walking down the stairs
and i felt how my socks were soft
and i felt good

1081 are you a messiah?

are you a messiah?
if you you are call me
at +38163268906.
if you convince me
i will help you.

1080 fatherhood

god did not make
jesus into a king
but into a bum

1079 compassion

the image of
my father’s dead body
reminds me that
everyone i see
will end up like that

1078 shitty art is ok, not art is not ok

i know it is cooler to make art
than doing most other jobs
but still, please, make sure
that what you make is real art.

since we do not know
what exactly is real art
there is a chance
that in all the hype
you tricked yourself into believing
that what you make is real art.

i will help you
figure out what real art is
but you will have to trust me.
email me at nikola@tosic.com.

1077 science vs religion

neither science nor religion
know everything
and what they know
is not directly useful
in our every day lives
so they should
take it a bit easier

1076 power vs making stuff

experts in power
are not the best
at making stuff

experts in making stuff
are not the best
at gaining power

1075 who designs ai?

some people believe
that empathy reduces growth.
hopefully, these people
are not designing ai.

1074 156743poets.com

i made 156743poets.com
to motivate myself
to find 156,743 poets
before i die

1073 let’s meet in NYC

i will me in NYC
from 7 until 13 april
and i would be happy
to meet someone new.
call me at +38163268906!

1072 all is meaningful

that everyone does
is guided by meaning
they see

1071 men in skirts

many men would like
to wear women’s clothing
but chose to focus
on more important stuff

1070 another jesus was here?

maybe god sent us
many of his children
but none of them were heard

1069 today i will

today i will write
one of the best poems
i have ever written

1065 dead poets society is wrong

dead poets society is wrong
for glorifying only a few
dead poets.

most people today
know less than ten poets
of which most are dead.

a better film would be living poets society
which glorifies millions of poets
living amongst us.

1064 the truth about lies

a lie is always created to hide the truth
therefore it reveals the truth
and is a necessary path to truth
and not an obstruction of truth,

so should we really be pissed off by liars
or should we be pissed off at ourselves
because we are too stupid
to see the truth revealed by a lie?

1063 all people are good

all people are good
but not all people
have information
they need to act good

1062 do not give up on us

there is no doubt
that women are
much smarter than us,
but it is very sad
that they give up on us
and just let us be stupid

1061 referencing art

i am wondering
if truly great art
can not be referenced,
at least not easily

1060 meaning of life

make errors all your life
and just before you die
teach others how to fix them

1059 vanessa’s superpower

vanessa can make
images of sexy women
which are not sexy at all

1058 how to fix the world

accumulation of capital
is unavoidable and not a problem

centralization of power
is unavoidable and not a problem

lack of openness
is avoidable and the biggest problem

1057 the mystery of smoking

i am forty five years old
and ever since i was a baby
i was wondering:

why does smoking exist?
why are cigarettes made?
how can this be a thing still?
why is it allowed?
why do people do it?
how was everyone tricked into it?
why? why? why?

1056 cold baths

the cold baths trend
is a trick designed
to torture the stupid

1055 sevdah requirements

fresh meat
few years old alcohol
decades old friends
centuries old war stories
millenia old traditions

1054 humiliation

it is clear that
humiliation makes us wiser
but how much and which type
is not clear

1053 sunday 12 march 2023

it is
sunday 12 march 2023
and i still can not imagine death

1052 lost poem

an old man wrote
the most powerful poem
in his head
just before he died

1051 bible

words are not a message from god
words are our failed attempt to find god
god is not in the words
god is beyond the words

1050 i was watching golf and…

golf swing
golf shot
golf game
golf player
golf tournament

1049 good timing

i am happy that i lived
in a time when
ancient cultures still existed
even as illusions

1048 quality of writing

quality of writing
has consistently improved
over millennia
but is till not
good enough

1047 jordan peterson error 1

we are not like animals
we are like gods

1046 while i drift into nihilism

the phrase
“while i drift into nihilism”
was repeating in my head
and i felt i should write
a poem about it,
but i had no idea
how to actually use it
or what it means

1045 style

no matter how stylish
my poems are
there will always be someone
who says they have no style

1044 artwork i never made

when i was young
i wanted to make
an artwork:

a chess video game
in which chess ai
is actually conscious
and can only communicate
by moving pieces,
and it is up to the players
to have the patience
to understand it.

maybe i will make
this artwork
before i die.

1043 meaning

i really do not care
what a word means
because it will be

1042 poem about poems

i like to write poems
about poems
because not many people
can do something
about that something
so it is special

1041 another shitty poem

do not underestimate
how difficult it is
to write
these shitty poems.

each of them needed
a unique moment of
desperate agency.

1040 feminism usefulness

it is possible
that masculine dominance
its depriving us of feminine wisdom
necessary for the growth
of our consciousness

1039 the cost of change

10,000 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
10 people
using 1 unit of energy
to make a change for all of us

1,000 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
1,000 people
using 100 units of energy
to make a change for all of us

100 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
10,000 people
using 1,000 units of energy
to make a change for all of us

a different thinker has to convince
100 million people
using 10 million units of energy
to make a change for all of us

1036 say no to hyping!

hyping is a marketing method
which is designed to be
so fast and dominating
so it leaves no time and space
for objective evaluation.

hyping is dangerous
because it amazes billions
into buying products
which are not well understood.

it is non-democratic,
prays on the weakest,
and is used to maximize
shareholder profit
without care for the customers
and the environment.

1035 i am not a poet

i am not a poet.
i do not know what is a poet.
poetry is not my goal.
poetry is just one of many tools
which help me reach my goal.

1034 i might give up

it is possible
that one day
i will just give up
on making stuff

1033 the error of the great

so many great minds
fell in the trap
of fucking around with language

1032 a perfect poem

it is impossible
to write a perfect poem
because poems use language
and language is always
fucked up and wrong
and it is up to the reader
to figure them out

1031 the real challenge

the only way for openness
not to create tyranny
is to constantly
increase openness.

there is no end goal
in openness.
we always need
more openness.

1030 perfection disability

being born perfect
with nothing to change
is an unfortunate disability

1029 not becoming an idiot

i must work very hard
every day
not to become an idiot.

if i relax for just one day
i can become an idiot

1028 how chatgpt works

chatgpt works
only because
the entire society
was designed
for it to work.

1027 never be small

refuse to be small,
refuse to be powerless,
refuse to be insignificant,
refuse to not be able
to make the entire world
the way you feel or think
it should be.

1026 thank you soldiers

soldiers are
the biggest believers
in the better world
they risk their lives for it.

1025 thank you henry rollins

thank you henry rollins
for making the song “liar”
because it made me feel
like i am not the only one
who feels like that

1024 dictionary wars

it might be safer
to give a gun to a redneck
than to change the meaning
of the word milk.

1023 digital art

digital art does not need
to be digital.

it just needs to make you
think and feel about digital.

1022 it is ok to hate

there is nothing wrong
with hating someone
as long as
it does not prevent you
from loving them as well

1020 shitty poetry manifesto

shitty poetry has no respect for
style, grammar, coolness, popularity,
and exists only for the message
whatever it might be

1019 social pressure

without social pressures
like commies and christians
the society would be ruled
by MMA fighters

1018 generalization is not smart

although it can appear
that generalized statements,
like this one,
are very smart,
they are actually stupid

1017 snot happiness

one of the most reliable
happy feelings
is picking a snot
out of my nose

1016 i forgot how to write poems

i have not written
any poems
for few weeks
and i feel like
i forgot how to
write poems

1015 99 % of energy

we spend
99 % of our energy
on figuring out
how to put ideas
into words

1014 superstition

the greatest superstition
is to believe that
idiotic ideas are somehow
magically and automatically eliminated
and that bad ideas
never ruin our short lives
and that we are completely
influenced by the best ideas

1013 representative democracy

is not liberation
but just another control

1012 imagination is dying

there are fewer and fewer people
who can masturbate
using imagination only

1011 generalization murders children

in russia vs ukraine war
one child was murdered
every day

1010 iq score is racist

iq scores generalize us
with a single insignificant trait
similar to skin color, age, nationality.

we need to stop
classifying billions of people
using reductive binary tests.

we need to accept
that every human is a genius
from whom we can all learn.

1009 adopt all ideologies in five minutes

you can adopt
all ideologies in five minutes
if you just skip
hating other ideologies

1008 isolation is not luxury

i am confused
why in many cultures
isolation is sold as luxury.

since when it is a goal
to be as far away as possible
from other human beings?

when you get richer
you should be surrounded
by more people, not be alone.

1007 morality

on social media
i often do not like stuff
even though it looks cool
because i do not know
if they are the real experts
or someone average
taking away the attention
from the real experts

1006 truth about my cloud poems

all my cloud poems
are inspired
by clouds

1005 socialism and capitalism

capitalists accepted socialism.
socialists accepted capitalism.

so it is time to stop pretending
these two are exclusive
and start using them as they are:

only two of thousands
of specific solutions
each needed to solve
a specific problem.

reject idiotic divisive simplifications.
accept empowering complexity.

1004 erinnere mich

ich wollte
ein gedicht auf deutsch schreiben
ich habe es vergessen

1003 repentance

i did not
brush my teeth
this morning

1002 which tech liberate us?

things presented as liberating tech
are often just another stupid useless product.

we already have enough tech
to liberate everyone but we do not do it.

we do not need new tech to liberate us.
we can be liberated by using old tech in a better way.

1001 we are limited

to understand
how limited we are
by language
just try to learn
a new language

1000 this is ok

i just eat all of it
and leave nothing for kids

999 i have a dream

one day with a lot of hard work
and extreme dedication
and with impossible sacrifices
i will write poem 1000.

i will suffer and endure.
i hope i make it.
i will survive.
i will do it.

cross your fingers.
pray for me.
thank you for your support.

998 this poem pisses me off

i really do not want to
write this poem
but something is forcing me to

997 poetry is shit

writing poetry is like taking a shit.
if you are not ready you can not force it.
if you have diarrhea you can not stop it.

996 embrace complexity

you can hate and love
you can be smart and stupid
you can be evil and good
you can have fun and be bored
and everything in between
all of it together
at the same nanosecond
all the time.

do not simplify existence
just because language is limited.

995 thank you celebrities

thank you celebrities
for always motivating me
to lose weight and work out

994 clones

as i get older
i behave more
like my father
and my son
behaves more like me

993 pray for korea

we should all pray
for the unification of
south and north korea.

there should be no
east west south north countries.
they are stupid.

992 a new poem

after a few days
of not being in a mood
to write poems
i finally wrote a poem

991 the new censorship

the truth can be found
in a long hard to read text
behind a paywall.

finding the truth
requires more money and time
than most people have.

if the truth is not
simple, fast, and free,
then it is hidden.

we never had more truth
closer to us
but out of our reach.

990 are you sick?

if you watch videos
of soldiers being killed
and you do not get sick
you are probably sick
and you have been made sick
by the power
which wants you to be sick
to not get sick
when watching videos
of soldiers being killed

989 technology 2

daniel hale exposed
how military covered up
how military drones
mostly killed civilians

i already miss
the good old days
when your enemy would
cut your head off
with a dull rusty knife.
it was personal and humane.

i do not like this new trend
of drones killing your kids

who knows
what new horrors await us?

988 challengers are no better

challengers of the power
are power hungry powerless losers
pretending to be better

987 buddhist christian

nirvana and metanoia
can not be reached
in such a short life
filled with so many distractions

986 why am i critical?

in a world where
trillions are invested
and millions are employed
to promote weird untested ideas
few critical poems are welcome

the real question is:
why are you bothering me
about few critical poems
when they are
in your interest too?

985 x games

x games are equally fun
as watching beginners fall down
we do not care about the skill
but we enjoy the possibility
of someone else falling down

984 i have beaten obesity

for about a week
my bmi was 30.1.

i skipped two dinners,
went to the gym once,
did one 20 minute run,
and took a huge shit.

now my bmi is 29.9.
anyone can do it!

983 failure after failure

we did horrible things
and god had enough of it
and drowned us.

then we built big things
without any meaning
just because we could.

and god punished us
by dividing us with
nations and languages.

then god sent his son
to teach us in arameic
and we killed him quickly.

we wrote his teaching in greek
and wrongly translated it
to all the other languages.

and ever since
we have been killing each other
over what he said.

982 merry christmas

god punished us
by dividing us
into nations
we did not strive
to reach heaven
through metanoia

981 please donate for pavle

pavle is my nephew.
he is a butterfly kid.
his skin falls off easily.

each year for my birthday
on 29th december
i fundraise for pavle.

to donate
visit pavlefundraising.org
or email me at nikola@tosic.com.

thank you.

980 no poems about clouds

i have not written poems
about clouds
because it was cloudy

979 the genius of mozart

was fucking around
until he started dying

978 one of the saddest dinners ever

i had dinner with
three young japanese engineers
at my mom’s home
and i asked them
if they like yukio mishima
and none of them knew
who yukio mishima was

977 be in control

we can only control
how we integrate
our consciousness
in individual and collective

everything else
is an illusion of control
which just makes a mess.

976 how to avoid wars

use abstraction to
merge your perspective
with other perspectives

975 how to spot centralization

centralized power
loves to talk about data
which reduces humans
into generalized data points
who need to be told what to do.

decentralized power
loves to talk.

974 the lost west

long long time ago
the west was an idea
which absorbs all other ideas
making everything better.

the west is an idea
in conflict with all other ideas
making everything worse.

973 pay least taxes possible

how much can we trust governments
which only a generation ago
were coercively sterilizing mothers,
and we know it takes a generation
to uncover a horror like that,
and there has not been a generation
which has not uncovered a horror?

972 this is not an ai poem

this poem reflects
all my despair and hope
and is not a showoff project
by a corporate programmer

971 the heart of snowboarding

the heart of snowboarding
is not a difficult jump
that looks cool on a screen
and is necessary
to sell you the new stuff.

the heart of snowboarding
is a slow easy glide
over a soft powder
on a local mountain
with people who love it too.

970 global market prediction

as global population grows
so is the rich population growing
motivating all businesses
to innovate only for the rich

969 global art production stats 2024

54 % of art is made by kids
36 % of art is made by retired people
17 % of art is made as a form of therapy
12 % of art is made as interior decoration
0.3 % of art is made as commercial promotion
0.1 % of art is made as asset allocation
0.03 % of art is made as tool for social change

968 wisdom tutorial 5

ideologies and religions
allow us
to share perspectives
with billions of people
building our collective.

but they stop being useful
if they are monopolizing
our consciousness
by trying to be more than
just one of many perspectives.

967 wisdom tutorial 4

using complex words
and inventing new words
is often a way
to lie to others
and yourself.

go back to the source:
use simple words
and you will be more honest.

966 wisdom tutorial 3

write words with less letters.
write sentences with less words.
write articles with less sentences.

this will focus your writing
on truth and meaning.

965 purpose of war

when we are sick
but do not want medicine
we must go to war

964 hidden in plain sight

representative duopoly
is an evil
hidden in plain sight

963 is life easier?

life now is harder than ever before.

technology did not make life easier.
technology made life harder.

life is easier with simple needs.
life is harder with complex needs.

962 the limit of mercedes

there is a limit
to what mercedes can do
for eight billion people
but instead of
respecting that limit
managers started making
worse cars that cost more

961 did we destroy all art?

there is a 63 % chance that we lost
all ability to understand and make art
and what we understand and make now
is not art but something else
much less useful

960 usa

who moved from europe to usa
became richer and super focused
as if they sold their wisdom
for a ton of money

959 simple history of big ideas

buddhism: try not to care
hedonism: let’s just have fun
stoicism: do what you can
christianity: say you are sorry, but mean it
capitalism: how much is it?
anarchism: don’t force me!
marxism: the boss should share more
nihilism: don’t waste time
modernism: everything is science
postmodernism: leave them alone!
metamodernism: all ideas are ok

958 mysterious anger

whole my life
i am angry about something.
now i am finally closer
to finding out what it is.

957 fable about animals

this poem is a fable
about animals
who can speak
but choose not to speak

956 what is not good?

beauty is not good
intelligence is not good
knowledge is not good
wisdom is not good
fame is not good
strength is not good
power is not good

955 balenciaga

balenciaga refused to have principles
because they hoped that
nihilist relativist meaningless eye candy strategy
will be more profitable for their shareholders
in the short term

humans always find a way
to eventually destroy nihilist nonsense
in the long term

954 complexity of language

every word
is spoked by one person
to at least three people:
one other person, themselves, the world.

every word
can have thousands of meaning
but always has at least four meanings:
what the speaker intended to say,
what the speaker revealed accidentally,
what the listener intended to hear,
what the listener revealed accidentally.

953 wisdom tutorial 2

one of the better ways
to make others wiser
is to make fun
of their wrong choices.

most will get very upset
but some will change.
do not expect a thank you.

952 dominique young unique

please accept my apologies
for not making a product
which shares your wisdom
with the humanity
while providing you
with a comfortable family life

951 self-enslavement

is reduction of consciousness
and amplification of intelligence

950 stories

stories are
for teaching,
not for promotion

949 wisdom tutorial 1

writing short poems
like this one
every day
increases your wisdom
because it captures
cloudy ideas
into language

948 social media future

it is inevitable
that all the content
and all the connections
on all your social media
will be lost

947 fear of common sense

some knowledge
became so specialized
that basic common sense
from a layperson
can disrupt it

946 understanding money

money is an invention
that facilitated
universal and unlimited
collaboration between
all people.

it is not a goal
but a tool for us
to work together.

945 artists forget

it is harder and harder
to remind artists
that they are artists

944 a cloudless day

if you had a bad day
you probably did not look
at the clouds

943 manhattan

if you are going
to be a slave
might as well be
the highest grossing slave

942 my poor grammar

there is a secret
behind my poor grammar
which i revealed in this poem

941 parent’s dilemma

i wish i loved my kids so much
to treat them badly
so they would love me less
and be less sad when i die

940 true listener

true listener
equally listens
to the past
to the present
to the future

939 tower of babel

a lot of knowledge
is inaccessible
because it is not
culturally translated

938 are you a slave?

if someone reduces
your consciousness
you are their slave

937 new shirt

did you buy
a new shirt
a salesperson
made you feel bad?

936 principles

principles are stories
we can use
more than once

935 kamikaze design

i have reached
the ninth level of design –
the kamikaze level –
designing products
which can change the world
but do not change it
and instead change few people
who might design products
which change the world.

i can still reach
the tenth level of design,
the god level –
designing products
which change the world.

934 consciousness levels

list of consciousness levels
humans can reach
within a normal life time:

physical pain
overwhelming panic
constant trauma management
rejection of everything
robot behavior
pleasure chasing
efficient calculator
angry at the world
random realizations
aware of self
aware of all humans

933 einstein is wrong

einstein told us a nice story
which we accept for now
until we get to the truth

932 universe is on fire

universe is just a
very very very very very slow
very very very very very big fire

931 power dynamics

describing power dynamics
is harder than ever before
because power has become
extremely complex and covert.

people who have power
do not know they have it
because they are protected
from changes.

people who have no power
know very well
what power is and who has it
but can not make changes.

930 there is always one more side to take

in business i support the customers.
in a divorce i support the children.
in a war i support all civilians.
in a boxing match i support sport purity.
in a political election i support the people.

929 very sad

sometimes i meet people
who are fully dedicated to something
yet they are completely useless.
i hope i am not one of them.

928 be careful

be careful not to waste your life
thinking you are changing things
while you are only satisfying
the need for change
with your useless nonsense
which prevents real change.

the key to real change
is very specific
and takes decades to discover
and only few can discover it.

be careful because there is nothing
more scary than a wasted life.

927 lost memories

do you remember
how long time ago
we lived in small groups
and everyone knew everyone
and had real work to do

926 bullshit makes us weak

after so much bullshit
i am questioning myself
if i would fight back at all

925 leo will not save us

the movie don’t look up
is the new bullshit
taking over the power
of the old bullshit

924 i am not special

i am just a single cell
in a large brain
of all the humans
who will ever exist

923 recession is coming!

is the best way
to remove
all the bullshit
that piled up

922 globalization

globalization was created
to help the world develop
using the universal language
of money.

but without
a good idea behind it
it just ended up funding
a lot of really bad ideas.

921 definition of exploitation

talking about problems
without fixing them
kills people

metaphor and irony

metaphor and irony
lived together
in perfect harmony

allows us to overcome
the limitations of language
by connecting directly
to primordial ideas

allows us to overcome
the limitations of language
by enabling unavoidable
duality of our minds

919 talk about ideas only

it is possible
to talk about ideas only
without referring to
products, brands, and celebrities.
try it now!

918 what is the name of evil?

in a fight against evil
the first and the hardest step
is to name it

917 liking helps

when i like
student architectural drawings
on reddit
i am giving these students
a confidence boost
for the rest of their lives.

no matter how hard their life is
they will always remember
the success they had on reddit
to which i contributed.

916 meaning wins over style

few days ago
i wrote a poem in which
a complete word was missing
and i still shared it
and some people liked it

915 the new religion?

religion was removed
because it is not good for business
but nothing replaced it

914 a road to god

i hope
one day
i will believe

913 marketing should be better

humanity is being destroyed
by people who know our source code
and instead of helping us
have exploited it for profit

912 good and bad

we can never say:
people are good or bad.
we can always say:
ideas are good or bad.

911 your purpose

our individual purpose
is our collective purpose:
to develop consciousness.

to achieve this
we must first reach two goals:
immortality and equality.

consciousness can not develop
when we live short lives
in fear of each other.

910 peacemaker, maybe

i came up with a poem
about how i am a peacemaker
because i can talk to enemies
and understand them
and compromise with them
and change me and them,
but an hour later i met an enemy
and got super upset like an idiot.

909 the real goal of ai

the real goal of ai
is not to make
machines like us
but to make
us like machines

908 why be a shitty philosopher or a shitty poet

in a world which is overly saturated
with extremely convincing content
you must develop your own thinking frameworks
in order to find your own version of good.

if you allow yourself to be passive,
your identity will dissolve.

write philosophy and poetry because it is easy
and even if it is shitty
you will still be stronger
and more independent, like me.

907 conflict and war are not natural

conflict and war
are results of idiotic planning
and not of magical wisdom system

saying that conflict and war
are human nature
is saying that we will always be idiots

906 how to end racism

racism exists only because
no better idea is offered
to make racism useless

905 the truth about racism

racism is the most destructive idea
that ever existed.

it is virus which prevents us
from becoming what we can be.

it directly attacks cooperation –
our most important resource for growth.

904 i am sorry

i am sorry
for being too lazy to
write poems for a few days

903 all i want

all i want
is to die as a hero
in the battle for the truth

902 how to be a hero

everyone wants to be a hero
in the epic story of our lives.

if you find the truth you can be a true hero.
if you believe the lies you can be a false hero.

but you can never be a hero if you listen to bullshit.
bullshit took heroism away from our lives.

901 bullshit defined

bullshit is worse than a lie
because it makes us
confused, passive, impotent

900 do not be a fool

truth moves us forward
lie moves us backward
bullshit blocks our movement

899 food is information

just like seeing and talking,
eating someone else’s food
is a way to learn about them

898 evolution of freedom

long long time ago
freedom meant
ending slavery.

today, it means
you are free
to smoke and drink soda.

897 embrace your freedom

you are free to be stupid
you are free to be alone
you are free to kill yourself

896 traditional values

how to love
how not to hate
how to forgive
how to talk
how to cooperate
how to build
how to survive tragedy
how to be happy
how to learn

895 are there absolute values?

i would like that there are no
absolute values,
that everything is good.

but, unfortunately,
there is absolute good
and there is absolute bad.

894 entertainment is meaningless

stop looking
for meaning in entertainment.
it is made for relaxation and fun,
not for development of consciousness.

nothing made to make millions quickly
will help you reach nirvana.
finding meaning is difficult,
not relaxing and fun.

there is nothing wrong with this.
you should relax and have fun.
but do not forget to
also take time to grow.

just do not be that stupid
to believe in personal growth
from watching
jokes, explosions, and porn.

893 celebrities will never be free

we create celebrities
as instruments of our will.
we are never their instruments.

892 how strong are you?

how strong are you
on a scale
from ai weiwei
to thích quảng đức

891 friendship

friendship is safety in weakness.
it is not fun and help.
some are friends with all.
some are friends with none.

890 emotional manipulation is fear and death

we have reached the pinnacle
of emotional manipulation
and have completely neglected
developing our consciousness.

this is why we are not able
to become immortal and equal,
but we live in fear of each other,
and die young and weak.

889 world full of philosophers is better

world would be a much better place
if everyone would complete my
“how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps”

888 how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps

step 1 – select terms:
chose words that represent
complex ideas important to you.

step 2 – define terms:
define each term with
one or more short sentences.

step 3 – define relationships between terms:
explain how terms
how they change each other.

step 4 – publish it all online

887 stupid warriors

how many times
have stupid warriors
mistaken friends for enemies?

886 we decided

global society decided
to not plan, prevent, and build
but to manufacture crises.

it is not a magical power
we can not control
but a precise design we made.

and this is a good thing
because it means
that we can redesign everything.

885 real estate effect

it is almost impossible to
make money from houses
and make money from ideas

884 crises eating system

with a system
that feeds on crisis
is that eventually
it eats all crises
and dies

883 the meaning crisis

the meaning crisis
will be exploited by brands
without any real meaning offered

882 kanye west is the new slobodan milosevic

kanye west is a racist antisemite.
he is a product of a system
which promotes
uneducated out of control people
above thousands of years
of science and tradition.
he is the new slobodan milosevic.

881 more and more processes

our lives are controlled by processes
designed by people
who do not care about us.

education, credits, careers, real estate
are designed to increase numbers
and decrease consciousness.

severe punishments
for choices outside these processes
create future slave generations.

first step of the resistance
is to understand that the loss of freedom
is greater than the loss process benefits.

880 sexual education poem 7

the only real turn on in sex
is the pleasure of your partner.
everything else
is only a way to reach this
no matter
how complicated and weird it gets.

879 sexual education poem 6

being just a bit scared of sex
is healthy.
when you stop being scared
you will start having bad sex
or even not have sex anymore.

878 fuck adobe

the only reason
we do not have
a single application
for both
vector and raster editing
is because adobe
wants to double the money

877 never forget

never forget that
someone synchronized
fellini’s la dolce vita

876 sexual education poem 5

fat and dirty people
enjoy sex more
than clean and fit people.
i tried both
but i could be wrong.

875 sexual education poem 4

real sexual maturity is achieved
only when you discover
when a woman is too pregnant for sex.

874 sexual education poem 3

using butter, mustard, and bbq sauce
in sex
is better than
having no sex at all.

873 sexual education poem 2

watching busty shemales on females porn
is less gay than hetero porn,
but having sex with a shemale
is very gay.

872 sexual education poem 1

if a guy wants
to put a finger in your ass
this does not mean
he wants a finger up his ass.
you are welcome.

871 three best serbian ideas so far

alternating current
climate crisis
non-aligned movement

870 ranting artists

at this point in my life
i feel very comfortable
with artists’ rants.

i am still to meet an artist
who isn’t ranting nonsense
most of the time.

i learned to respect it
and have accepted
their undefined terminology.

869 crazy

non-binary person
will go crazy
in a binary world

868 open evil

open evil
is not evil anymore
evil is always hidden

867 what’s the difference?

the difference between
ye and bayc
is that ye is open

866 choose ye that you need?

is he a crazy person
ranting nonsense
for absolutely no reason?

is he a genius
trying to liberate us
from oppressive divisive ideas
sacrificing himself
through extreme provocation?

is he a desperate person
trying to liberate
his and our mind
from programmed
idiotic stereotypes?

is he all of the above?

865 thank you vietnam vets

i would not have understood
the glory of war
without talking to vietnam vets

864 sometimes

i want to be a son again
and sometimes a father

i want to be a soldier
and sometimes a pacifist

i want to be a friend
and sometimes an enemy

863 typical sunday

7 very large meals
90 mins on the toilet
playing decade old games
nothing to watch
writing random poems
lack of distraction from death
total inability to plan

862 we are not a collective?

i am sure there is
enormous value in a collective
but i am afraid we lost it
by accident
few years ago.
or maybe not.

861 oscillating complexity

human kind
is constantly oscillating
between misery and greatness
making it impossible for me
to say if we are
unlocking the secrets of universe
or if we are
going towards certain doom

860 the goal of automation

the goal of all automation
is to allow development
of our consciousness.
it should not make us stupider
but smarter,
and by smarter i do not mean
better at paying bills.

859 three types of nationalism

we are the best
we are the worst
we offer some unique value

858 the last sex

one day
i will have
the last sex of my life

857 how to be a great writer

do not give a fuck
and do not swear

856 ideas and products

ideas are great
products change the world

855 two types of people

when will i die?
how will i die?

854 reject superman, he is fear

superman is the most
successful fear mongering
propaganda against technocracy

i disagree that we need
an alien to protect us
from scientists and engineers

i believe that
scientists and engineers
actually want to help us

853 how my ceo brain works

3.1 % about money
30 % about people
99 % about changing the world

852 developing consciousness 2

every time
you outsource thinking
you become stupider

851 developing consciousness 1

we should automate
boring physical activities
to have more time for
higher level thinking

we should not automate
higher level thinking
to have more time for
boring physical activities

850 i am a great writer

i am a great writer
not because
i know grammar
but because
i want to share

849 methods that do not work

right or left
stick or carrot
good or bad

848 metamodernism on complexity

complexity of human society
is exponentially increasing
forcing old ideas to merge

847 usa failure

usa has failed
to create universal ideas
that truly unite all humans

846 say no to rhyme

my youngest son
is still making fun of me
for not using rhyme in my poems

845 i want the old chelsea

i am not a chelsea fan
but i was a bit sad
when i saw an old photo
of the samford bridge

844 visual art

in visual art
can not be written

843 truth

religion, art, philosophy
there is no truth

842 vb93

spectacle is fun but stupid.
her message is not fun but smart.
together they are fun and smart.

841 evolution has stopped

the most successful human trait
in the current social systems
is the future of humanity

840 what is and is not art

if art is truth
and truth is an ontology
if it is not an ontology it is not art

839 instagram

the complexity of reality,
including society,
is impossible to show on instagram

838 i hope i never become famous

as soon as i become famous
my poetry will be erased
because it is not binary

837 not reporting rape

thank you to all the women
who do not report rape
to preserve our sense of control

836 i am afraid of green people

i was not afraid
of green people until they
became a political weapon

835 the steve jobs trick

enter an industry
without basic consumer marketing
and add basic consumer marketing

834 shitty short poems

there is so little
that can be said
with these short poems

833 relaxing poem

sometimes i just want to relax
and not write about the world
and just write about clouds

832 Italiano

Italiano e perfetto per poesia
come ogni altra lingua
che mai esisteva

831 Gedicht für die deutschen Führer

deutsche Leute
die tollsten Ideen entdeckt haben
für dich zu ignorieren

830 expand your consciousness

there are no hardware upgrades
so start upgrading software
using words and images

829 artificial intelligence is scary

i am not afraid of killer drones
i am afraid of automated pricing
actually i am afraid of both

828 supply and demand automation

no human will ever ask
5,000 euros for one night
in an small apartment in rome

827 ying and yang

trust the chinese wisdom
that there is a lot of wisdom
in the stupidest shit you heard

826 giorgia meloni

giorgia is the last hope
of dying grandparents
living in dying towns

825 i forgive will smith

finally i am able to
forgive will smith
and enjoy his movies again

824 tradition explained

tradition is when
kids are smart enough to know
when to trust their parents

823 metamodernism explained 3

just because something is
it does not mean it is any good

822 these short poems

these short poems are
the stupidest things i ever wrote
but they get likes on instagram

821 viking death

vikings wanted
the same as everyone else:
to die with dignity

820 this world is still cruel :(

it is still safer
to promote what you can offer
rather than bitch about you loss

819 you do not care about money

never forget that
you do not care about money
and you only use it as a tool

818 do not visit belgrade

although it has wonderful clouds
do not visit belgrade
because i like how isolated it is

817 metamodernism explained 2

is best explained
as an opposite to zero-sum

816 more truth about hollywood

johnny depp chose
to be in kids movies only because
he is not a believable action hero

815 stagnation means decline

as long as we are mortal
we will never outrun death
with unlimited growth

814 the value of science

sure, science is great
but it can only solve
few problems here and there

813 loss of humanity

i might sound gloomy
but we lose a bit of humanity
when our instincts are rewarded

812 say no to the russian draft

to escape the russian draft
you can stay with us in belgrade.
call me at +38163268906

811 true art has no celebrities

true artists are invisible
because they are not competing
but only sharing

810 i hope to fix the world

if i fix the whole world
i will fix it for me
and if that helps others – great!

809 another poem about clouds

just because
i did not write poems about clouds
does not mean i do not look at them anymore

805 there is no word for death

death is not a word for death.
it is a word we use because
we are too afraid to be honest about it.

804 always a soldier

when i was young
i was recruited
without even knowing it

803 russia and will smith

the greatest error in every war
is that false reduction of human needs
to binary caricatures
preventing real listening
necessary for true human cooperation.
our true enemy is lack of understanding
of gradual damage caused by the silent change.

802 metamodernism is indirect

metamodernism is
directly indirect because it is
covertly overt

801 atheist poem

all my life
i have been searching for god
and every day i am closer

800 before i die

i hope that
before i die
i write a poem 10054

799 metamodernism explained

metamodernism is
ideological fluidity
enabling connecting to everyone

798 beckham crying for the queen

i need to figure out why
i felt sorry with
beckham crying for the queen

797 national anthems

for as long as i remember
i refused to stand up for national anthems
but today i am reconsidering it

796 redemption through metamodernism

just like most of the isms
metamodernism is way to forgive ourselves
for the evils we did for the sake of change

795 secrets in our language

the languages we speak
already contain everything we need
to unlock the next level reality

794 previous poem is for marko

i wrote the previous poem
for my son Marko
for his school assignment

793 Pesma za Marka

Marko ima za domaći
Da nauči bilo koju pesmu napamet.

Kao Markov tata koji je i pesnik
Čekao sam ovu priliku ceo život.

Odmah sam napisao ovu pesmu
U nadi da će mu se svideti.

792 public “extreme” thinkers

always remember that
“extreme” public thinkers
tone down what people actually want

791 metamodernism

if modernism and postmodernism
are left alone
they will suck out all the fun out of us

790 shorter poems

i will try to write shorter poems
because they are easier to read
and i can use a bigger font in instagram

789 there is no beauty

universe is absurd
so we invented beauty
to deal with it

788 only some can be physicists

everyone wants
to discover the secret laws of nature
and describe them in a magical language

787 war crimes

saying that something specific
in a war is a crime
implies war is not a crime

786 nietzsche and kant are stupid

the main difference between
a real philosopher
an academic philosopher
is that the real philosopher
feels how stupid and useless
all previous philosophers are
and knows that he will be
equally stupid to future philosophers

785 just hacking million years old emotions

it is questionable
how much of the world we built
is based on a huge error
of just hacking million years old emotions.

and it is possible
that everything is based on an error
and that this is not the only and the best outcome
because we are too fast for natural quality control.

784 one hour after

one hour after
my poems
are not mine
they are written
by some stranger
i might have met
long long time ago

783 my art is still free

in my madness
my art is still free
from being part of anything
except me

782 the failure of game of thrones

game of thrones started great
because martin solved the problem
tolkien failed to solve:
how to tell a story without
the idiotic binary good versus bad.

but the business people
took over and simplified the story into
the idiotic binary good versus bad
thinking they can make more money
and they bored us to death.

in part it is our fault
because we constantly forget
that our minds reject
the idiotic binary good vs bad
because it is a lie.

the truth is
that we never feel a single emotion
about anything.
for example, we admire, fear, and hate a tiger
at the same time.

no matter how much
business people want us to be
simple stupid buyers
the idiotic binary good vs bad
will always bore us to death.

all business people can do
is to monopolize human storytelling
and make all stories about
the idiotic binary good versus bad
so we are left without any other choice.

781 professional poets and philosophers

professional poets and philosophers
make as much as sense to me
as professional salad eaters and air breathers.

in the near future
there will be university degrees and global communities
for professional salad eaters and air breathers.

they will look down on anyone else
who does not have a PhD
in salad eating and air breathing.

and as these elites distance themselves
the stupid masses will get shittier and shittier
in salad eating and air breathing.

780 meeting kyle studstill

kyle liked my poem on instagram.
then i saw on instagram that he wrote a poem similar to mine.
then we chatted on instagram.
then we spoke on zoom about all kinds of things.
this was a really cool experience.
thank you kyle.

779 conflict between tradition and modernism

all people fart
in average 37 liters of gas per day
and yet so many people
refuse to admit it
or do it publicly
or during sex.

if we were truly a modern species
it would not be a problem
to fart into a partner’s face
while they give us oral sex.

778 hitler’s penis

whenever i want to fix the world
I end up thinking about hitler’s penis.
i do not think
there was anything wrong with his penis.
i think he felt what anyone can feel
and we must all feel what he felt
or we will manufacture new hitlers.
this requires extreme empathy
but also courage to go against
the dogma that something was wrong
with his penis.
while i have the empathy
i do not know if i have the courage.

777 gandalf

all i have to decide
is what to do
with the time given to me.

should i indulge
my egomaniacal ambitions
and try to fix the whole world.

or should i just
enjoy the calm
for whatever time i have left.

please leave suggestions
in the comments.

776 super shitty poem 1

i think therefore i am
is not correct
because if we do not talk
to other people
we do not exist.

if we do not fight
with other people
we do not exist.

775 the death of david lynch

i often think
about the death of david lynch
how it will happen soon
and how after it
the world will never be the same
and although i love change
i will not like this change

774 efficiency is not a value

if doctors become more efficient
they start to hate patients

if politicians become more efficient
they start to hate citizens

if teachers become more efficient
they start to hate students

if artists become more efficient
they start to hate people

if designers become more efficient
they start to hate beauty

773 chest pain and shortness of breath

there is nothing better
for figuring out life
than a bit of a random
chest pain and shortness of breath

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

771 ai poetry

my poetry
is defined by
artificial intelligence
in a sense
that i will
never use it
to write poetry.

770 how to be free

no individual is free
if they are in a group.

if you want to be free
leave all groups.

769 artificial intelligence

at this point
it is clear
that artificial intelligence
is not here to help us
participate and cooperate
but to make us
more passive and marginal

768 my gesture for che zara blomfield

my gesture for che zara blomfield
is a reminder for me and everyone else
that all people benefit from making art,
that there is no bad or good art,
and that art should decentralize all human communication.
i hope this gesture works out!

767 what it takes

it was always clear
that individual success requires
extreme human specialization
which can only be achieved by mentally ill

766 body

i enjoy thinking so much
that i start believing
i would be better off without a body
as a pure thought energy
drifting through the universe.

but then i remember
that without a body
i would miss hugging my kids so much
that i would feel thinking pain
for an entire eternity.

765 cash bribery is equality

cash bribery represents
a lack of prejudice
allowing everyone equally to buy power.

if you can not simply buy power with cash
you will never have it
most likely because of some idiotic prejudice.

764 crypto assets global conspiracy

crypto assets
is a global conspiracy
by people who do do not trust
anyone but each other
to move the value
of the crypto assets up and down
so they can survive in a world
accidentally designed to kill them.

763 complaining about the world

i do not want to sound
like a sad loser
but complaining about the world
is a decent way
to numb the personal struggle with mortality

762 creative industries

we are just a bunch of
desperate for attention egomaniacs
going through millions of
trial and error tests
in an attempt to make
that one in a million thing
that makes a ton of money
and we do not really care
if we discover anything
as long as it makes money.

761 i failed in not reacting

on 14:42 wednesday 10 august 2022
i reacted to a youtube video
failing to operate using only
my own independent thought

760 i will not react anymore

on 14:40 wednesday 10 august 2022
i will completely stop reacting
and will operate using only
my own independent thought

758 learning and trust struggle

first i learned that depression is an illness,
then i learned that there are antidepressants,
then i learned that antidepressants are tested using a rat forced swim test,
then i learned that a rat forced swim test might be wrong,
and i am still curious but confused
looking forward to what i will learn next,
and i still trust doctors i find on google.

ps. i am not depressed.
i am just using depression as an example of learning and trust.

757 shutting people up

so many people
give up on saying what they think
because for them finding pretty words is too hard.

they are shamed
for being emotional and inarticulate
into being a voiceless.

this is one of the biggest tragedies
because their thoughts are not heard
by their family and friends.

we should work harder
on helping people to express themselves
in any way and style they can.

756 thank you joshua james clancy

on instagram
you saw a poetry competition
offering ten thousand us dollars
and of all the poets in the world
you chose to tag me in the comment.

that made my day
and i hope this poem
makes your day,
or at least an hour.

being tagged by you
made me more happy
than winning that competition.

i would like to buy you a drink.
if you are in serbia or italy
give me a call at +381632689

755 the freedom of poetry

writing poems
allows me to express
my smallest single isolated ideas
without the burden
of wrapping it up
in a bullshit narrative
or proving it with
bullshit imaginary experiences.

poems are
smallest indivisible particles
of conscious thought
made for sharing.

754 how not to write poems

the worst way
to write a poem
is to try to write a poem.

you will either
wait for seven hours
to get a decent idea
or you will write
a shitty poem
like i just did.

753 critical thinking poem – brushing teeth

why do i need
to brush my teeth
three times a day
three minutes each time?

why not
two times a day
for one minute?

what is gained
with extra one time a day
and with two extra minutes per brushing?

752 my visual art

few times in my life
i made visual art
and it was fun and beautiful
but it was too slow and too much hard work.

i chose to write poetry
because it is fast and easy
and i can often change my mind
and go through hundreds of ideas.

but finally i have found
a way to make visual art
and not be bored by the hard work.
i hope it works out.

visual art is cool
and my kids might like it
more than my poetry.
and i will meet new people.

750 the new prince

to maintain power use:
fake conflict.

direct conflict,
truthful conversation.

749 when i become famous

sometimes i imagine
how i am super famous
and i am on tv
and i speak the biggest truths
and everyone is amazed
and loves me
and is changed

748 i did not know what to write about

for few days
i did not write poems
and i felt bad about it.

i wanted to write poems
about credit cards,
my kids as forty year olds,
and some other stuff,
but no poems really emerged.

that is it. that is the poem.

747 numbering my poems

numbering my poems
is important
as a reminder to you
that no single poem
is important

746 a perfect poem which saves all people

as i said before
my goal is to write
a perfect poem which saves all people.

to achieve this
i must practice writing every day
and focus on the most abstract level
of the human experience.

most importantly
i must find the perfect moment
to write this poem
which is the last moment of my life
when i am still fit to write.

the biggest challenge is
to know when is
my last poetry writing moment
and capture it.

745 hundred little germans

hundred little germans
walked down the street
and yelled loudly:
hale hit her!
hale hit her!
hale hit her!

and everyone thought
that they are nazis
but they are not.
they only want to
help a woman
who was hit by hale.

what happened next?

744 perfect management team

a perfect company
has a perfect management team:

743 money does not matter

it does not matter
how much money you have,
it matters
how you made it

if you made money
by being an asshole
you can not fix it
by giving money away

742 nelson mandela

many do not realize
that nelson mandela is great
not for ending apartheid
but for ending apartheid

not being violent
was his ultimate fuck you
to the oppressors
who were to dumb
to understand his insult.

741 rafael rozendaal art is great

i know rafael does not like
that people describe his art
but i think it is useful
to give it some context
because its value to humanity
can easily be missed.

rafael’s art transcends
any form of reality we are in
allowing our mind
to instantly go in another place,
and he does this
using only few simple shapes
in the most simple animation.

this allows us
to be something else
for few precious seconds
which is more than enough.

no one ever
in the history of humanity
was able to achieve so much
with so little.

maybe i sound like i did lsd
but i did not.

740 today i became funny

i was driving
and a guy on a motorbike
passed me very quickly
and suddenly
i came up with a joke in my head:
where does a motorbike get you fastest?
to a hospital!
at that moment i realized
that i became funny.

that joke is much better
than the joke i came up with
ten years ago
which i told thousands of times
and to which no one ever laughed.

739 looking at things

for hours and hours
every day
i am looking at
and nothing happens

738 free yourself from everything

i would like to write a poem
which can free all of us from all pressures
and help us transcend the human condition

737 imagining our evil

it is useful
to imagine all the evil stuff
we want to do
so we can understand
ourselves better.
dreaming of evil
does not mean we will do it.
we should not fear it.
it only means
that we did not process
that energy into something better.
obviously, do not do evil.
just imagine it.

736 i will stick with shitty poems

for a short moment
i had a daydream
how i will take weeks
to write a perfect poem
with lots of hidden meaning
and perfect rhythm and rhyme
but i quickly woke up and remembered
how i am too stupid and lazy for that

735 error

in a previous poem
i forgot to add a dot.

when i realized this
at first i was worried
but then i realized
that this is the proof
that i am spontaneous
and honest
so i stopped worrying.

734 tourism

tourism could have been
a personal discovery of human diversity

but actually it is about
going to another country
and giving locals a ton of money
to act as our slaves
while we pretend to be royalty
for a week or two.

sorry for such a cynical poem.
i was thinking if i should write it
for a whole week.

i love tourism.
but it is ruined!
but i love it!

733 the truth about abortion

is the most honest metric
for how awesome our society is
if mothers prefer
to kill their children
out of fear of them living in this world
then we are not doing so well.

the better the world mothers live in
the less abortions there will be.

732 usa abortion ban

i am very happy
that usa will now become
a perfect christian country.

i am looking forward to usa
helping all the poor
and ending all wars.

731 friends

i both love and hate
all my friends
and everyone is my friend
and i do not know
how to turn this intensity down
so fuck it!

730 lies

the pressure to never tell a lie
only made us lie to ourselves
that a lie is not a lie

729 we do not need julian assange

we do not need julian assange
if we transparently cooperate with governments,
if journalism objectively informs us,
if everyone respects the global rule of law,
if democracy is a reality.

728 the best way to be an artist

the best way to be an artist
is to make money
doing something which is not art
so when you make art
you are not influenced by the buyer.

one trick to escape being a bitch
is to be ironic about it
which is what artists tried to do
in the last hundred years
but then all your art is just irony.

another trick
is to simply become
an extremely evasive addict
and reduce your consciousness
to just wanting money.

727 my shitty visual art

it is a great challenge for me
to create visual art
because visual art has to be cool
and can not be cringe
because it must decorate
and present the collector
as powerful, smart, successful.
and all visual art i make
is ugly, stupid, cringe,
which is how i like it.

726 generational continuity

i think it is a great loss
that many people have been convinced
that the next generation
should not continue the work of the past generation.
as if working for some stupid public company
is a better life option than learning from your parents
and continuing their vision.

725 nostalgia

at the same time
i feel great nostalgia
for the stone age
and the far future
and i try to connect it
to the very moment i am in

724 philosophers are liars

the only thing philosophers want
is to have hundred million views on youtube
and that their book sells millions of copies.

they compete to own ideas
just like mcdonalds competes
to own the solution for a fast and a cheap meal.

to them ideas are products
to be branded with their names
and not the next step of consciousness and freedom.

they want to be far away from the stupid people
in hope to meet celebrities
and become a celebrity.

their argument is
that they use the system to change the system
but obviously they only change their bank accounts.

by becoming commercial bitches
they have ruined any remaining credibility philosophy had
and have left humanity in the mud of manufactured idiocy.

this is very different
from the responsibility we gave them:
to make the world better for us.

723 hunger for knowledge

the last black hole will disappear
and the universe will be completely empty
we are happy with what we know

722 cringe

in order to be fully free
it is necessary to go beyond the cringe
and to do that we need to reach maximum cringe.
irony does not work as good as cringe.
real wisdom is beyond cringe.

721 leave the porsche owners alone!

if we laugh
at that the porsche owner
for compensating for something,
then we are also compensating for something,
and this poem is also compensating for something,
but what is that something?

720 salvador dali

i write poems
which salvador dali
was too afraid to write

someone fifty years from now
will write poems
that i am too afraid to write

719 diarrhea!

i care
about the quality of my poems
as much as i care
about the quality of my diarrhea
which does not mean
that my poems
can not change the world.

718 the fine line

the fine line
coercion and acceptance,
loss of control and control,
aggressive and knowledge authority,
is always shifting
and in thousand years
contemporary humane carrying
will be considered pure evil

717 children

being a parent is important
because it motivates you to
discover how to expand consciousness
and to teach them to do it
so they can be more expanded than you
which also expands you

716 wisdom is change, change is wisdom

a common way to trap people
is to build a cage within a cage
so when they break out of the first cage
they will think they are free
while in fact they are still in the second cage.

actually you can build
thousands of cages inside each other
and most of the people will think they are free
after they break out from the first cage
and will not try to break out of the second one.

715 i never lied to you

my poems are better than
all i do is tell you the truth
and they don’t

714 stages of life

this is an interesting place!
i figured out this place!
this place is ending soon!
i will enjoy this place just a bit more…

713 gianni versace

gianni versace
is the most italian man
to ever exist
in the future and in the past
and every man is
less italian than gianni

712 another simpler poem about sicily

for a long time
it was my dream
to visit sicily.

finally i will do it
with irena and the kids
this july.

if you have any tips
or want to meet
email me at nikola@tosic.com.

711 here is a simpler poem

i got carried away
with writing complex poems.
sometimes i read them later
and i have no idea
what they are about.
here is a simpler poem
so we can all relax a bit.

710 i want to be a visual artist

i always wanted to be a visual artist
but i was never able to be one
because i have way to many ideas all the time.

i want to test all my ideas very quickly
so i can find the next one
as fast as possible.

visual art is very technical and slow to make
and i can not do my research into the unknown
as fast i want to.

poetry is still too slow
even though
i removed all the style and grammar requirements.

ideal art format for me
would be if someone
plugged in my consciousness directly.

everything else is just so frustrating
and so many amazing ideas are lost.
the need for speed is my technical limitation.

709 jean-paul belmondo

i was watching
a jean-paul belmondo
youtube video le professionnel
and it made me very sad
because it reminded me
of my father, his life, and the things he liked.

at the same time
i was in a weeks long discussion
with a friend
about what is feminine.

i asked her
if sadness is feminine
because she knows this
better than me.

if sadness is feminine
then watching a jean-paul belmondo video
is very feminine.

708 future of media

mass media is
few people telling millions of people
how things will be

social media is
few more people telling thousands of people
how things will be

future media will be
billions of people listening to billions of people
how things will be

707 belgrade clouds are gone

today was a very sunny day in belgrade
and there were no clouds
and the sky was blue.

this is as if swiss alps disappeared
in the middle of the ski season,
as if the caribbean lost all the beaches.

706 easiest way to help

if someone does not have the words
to explain their emotions
let them express themselves
any way they can
and give them time
to find their words

everyone is smart
but not everyone is eloquent

705 the sick rose by william blake

the benefit
of such abstract poem
is that it describes
a specific conflict situation
which can be recognized
in millions problems
until the end of time.

it is not relevant
why william blake
wrote it in the first place.

only the most
abstract, essential, and immutable
concepts of the poem
will survive the time
as universal values.

this proves that
the human ability to abstract
is the main component
of cooperation.

which is why i am upset
that coca cola is not democratic,
which i am sure
william blake would agree with.

704 nature is stupid

if nature was not so stupid
we would not have
only female and male
but at least seven or eight genders
which would all need
to have sex together
to mix their dna
to make at least fifty babies.
or we would just split in half.

703 hollywood v2

imagine hollywood
in which actors are replaced by writers
as the most important
and everyone cares about writing
and writers are paid millions
and actors are just someone
you forget

702 numbers

the more we use numbers the less feminine we are.

if we continue this way we will all be masculine
and this will not be masculine as we know it today.

it will be a perverted fucked up masculine
because masculine without feminine is impossible.

actually we will be something completely new
which was born out of the destruction of feminine and masculine.

and trust me, no one wants this new thing. it is scary!

701 manufacturing

i am trying to avoid
socially and politically critical poems
but i just can not resist writing this one.

human race is able
to industrially manufacture anything
using factories and mass media.

we can manufacture any type of a person,
like an elite athlete or a murdering soldier,
but we are somehow running out of critical thinkers.

we could easily manufacture critical thinkers.
that knowledge exists for a century
and it is easier than manufacturing murdering soldiers.

but living on a planet full of critical thinkers
is to complex for us to imagine
so we are afraid of doing it.

but a planet full of stupid obedient people
appears safer and more comforting
no matter what kind of a mess they make.

700 belgrade clouds

recently i started
looking at clouds
from time to time.

and i have noticed
that belgrade has
good looking clouds.

it could be
an undiscovered
tourism feature.

everyone is welcome
to visit me in belgrade
to watch the local clouds.

call me at +38163268906.

698 prostitutes are super smart

prostitutes are super smart
and anyone who says otherwise
was never with a prostitute
or has never understood
what a prostitute does

697 search engine optimization

i write my poems
so they pop up on top of search results
but they never do
the whole world would explode

i am sure someone will say
that i do not know how to do seo poetry
but i am more inclined to believe
that poems can never be allowed
to be so important

696 dior erl sweater embroidery

it seems racist that
when something needs to be expensive
it is done by hand by italians
when something needs to be cheap
it is done by hand by bangladeshi

maybe next time
dior can find a bangladeshi
who can do their expensive embroidery
and be friends with italians
and live happily ever after

695 i am still not sure

after two decades
of writing poems
i am still not sure
if i should write numbers
as digits or words

when read silently
the brain hears numbers
in both cases
the same way

it is easier to read digits
but maybe not so pretty

694 30 seconds a day

i am 90 percent sure
that looking at the clouds
for 30 seconds a day
is a good thing

693 johnny depp love poem

because love
can make us suffer
it would be useful
to control it
a bit.

if you fall in love
with someone who will hurt you
move away
and you will forget them
in a week or a month.

it is no different
from quitting drinking
or losing weight.
it is hard
but not impossible.

692 sheryl sandberg loses

sheryl sandberg
is another example
of how we miss
the greatest opportunity
of our lives
to liberate everyone
with truth.

and so
we will continue
marching on
into the sea of bullshit.

691 how power is used

it is more important
to change
how power is used
than to change
who has the power

we will continue
with fake revolutions
and an indigenous gay feminist
will rule over all like an pharaoh

690 why poems matter

my poems
are not important
because i write well.
i am actually
very bad at writing.
my poems are important
because i believe
in what i try to write
with every particle
of my existence.

689 we have already evolved

we have already evolved
we are the next thing
no need to worry about it
just let it shine through
and all will be better
do not fight it

688 the problem with power

A is the power index of an individual,
B is constant education which motivates the individual to listen,
C is the ability to be influenced by listening to others,
D is the aggression needed to influence someone who does not listen.

A is an accumulation of:
number of people who depend on the decisions of that individual,
capital owned by that individual,
social media followers of that individual,
and other similar power elements and indicators.

if A increases and B remains low then C and D decrease.
if A increases and B is high then C and D can increase.
if as A decreases with the change in B then C increases and D decreases.

687 nationalist childhood

we spent centuries
growing unique cultures
so we could share
their knowledge:

i grew up learning
about other cultures
thanks to these messengers:

bukowski from usa
mishima from japan
de sade from france
nietzsche from germany
d’annunzio from italy
freud from austria
jung from switzerland
blake from britain
kharms from russia

thank you!

686 depressing thing about nfts

i tried to sell my nft poem about khet thi
and promised to donate the money
to his wife.

it depressed me
that this is the only nft i did not sell.
i thought it would sell quickly.

it was a test.
maybe sometimes i should not test things
and just enjoy the illusion.

685 robb elementary school shooting

while i have completely
given up on being upset
over murder of children
i have discovered
a new form of disgust
for the police
which was fucking around with parents
instead of sacrificing their lives
to save the children.

there is something the police can learn
from the parents begging for help.

there is something the police can learn
from john byng.

684 i numbered my poems

i have been writing poems
in this poetry stream
for more than twenty years.

i do not know
when i wrote my poems
so i decided to just number them.

when i started
numbering my poems
i thought there are thousands.

actually there are only 684
and most of them were written
in the last few years.

i disappointed myself again
by proving to myself
what a shitty poet i am.

i took me more than twenty years
to write only 684 poems.
and not one single poem rhymes.


words change the universe

is an exploration of
how words change
the universe.

i can write a word
which is read by many
giving them an idea
which choices to make.

these choices
eventually add up
enough to start changing
the universe.

thank you fiam

today new age of history started!
we published the first
opportunity on openinnovation.me
creating a connection between
designers of factory tools
factory workers who use them.
this is amazing!
this is the seventh best day in my life!
i am so proud!
now i can die happy!

james bond song

naaah naaah
da da da
da da da
da da tata
da da da
da da da
da da da
da da da
da da da
da da da
da! da! datadata!
ta ta da da da

philosophy innovation

most of philosophy
sounds really stupid
at the moment of creation
because it creates
solutions which can be used
maybe in a few thousand years


val asked me
to write a poem about the multiverse,
so here goes:

multiverse is a perfect example
how too much specialization
in a single communication format
creates a dogmatic tyranny
which misguides
the entire human race
from its true purpose
of immortality and equality.

i am a nice and smart poet

sometimes i write
too many nice and smart poems
and then i feel a need to write
a poem that reminds me and you
that i am also an asshole and an idiot
but those poems
again turn out nice and smart.
i guess i can not help it:
i am a nice and smart poet.

circle of truth

for many years
i washed my penis
in the bathroom sink.

before you judge me
this is our third bathroom,
the smallest one,
in my office,
that mostly i use,
and i always wash it well
after i wash my penis in it.

but i still felt guilty
that i never told this
to irena.
i never lie and
i also never withhold
important truth.

i was under pressure
for years
and it was, in a small way,
damaging our relationship,
but i was waiting for
the right moment to tell her.

and one day,
after we have not been together
for a long time,
we had impulsive dirty sex
in that bathroom,
and it made perfect sense
that i wash my penis in the sink
in front of her
and i casually told her
that i do this sometimes,
and i felt so relieved
that i was able to share this with her,
and the horrible pressure
was finally gone.

now i have to figure out
how to tell the kids.

irena read this poem
and told me i already told her before.
but i forgot this.

i realized our kids will
read this poem.

living in the present

it is easiest to live in the past.
it is harder to live in the future.
it is almost impossible to live in the present.

living in the present
is how i imagine it to be
on very strong drugs.

you are completely unburdened by
the past or the future
and you completely enjoy
one nanosecond at a time.

try living in the present.
it is impossibly hard yet incredibly satisfying.

creating other poets

only value
of my poetry
is in the ability to
create many more poets

my future function

one day
people will call me
to come over
and tell them
a truth about them

fluid gender identity

majority of
fluid gender identity changes
are about
who washes the dishes.

but if you own a dishwasher or you hire a maid
then you might need to use
extreme fashion and body modifications
to express yourself.

i can not end child slavery

i was driving home
from an expensive rooftop sushi restaurant
in my expensive mercedes
wearing an expensive armani suit and expensive prada shoes
listening to pop songs on my expensive samsung
and when i stopped at a red light
a child slave asked me for money
and i declined because i do not support child slavery
and the next seven minutes driving home
i was thinking how can i end child slavery
so i wrote this poem
hoping i can became powerful enough
to make a real change before i die
because in spite of owning all the expensive things
i have no power to end child slavery

future of feminism

vanessa asked me to write about feminism
so here it goes:

gatherers were replaced by housewives,
housewives were replaced by feminists,
feminists were replaced by millions of fluid gender identities.

in the future
we will all be perfectly equal and free
and we will again be
gatherers, housewives, feminists, and millions of fluid gender identities.

but we will completely forget how to actually be
gatherers, housewives, feminists, and millions of fluid gender identities,
so we will simply invent new better versions of them.

only three minutes of listening to those who suffer

evil is very smart
it can hide in plain sight
and hurt billions of people
and no one will see it
but those who suffer.

if we do not learn to listen
to those who suffer
then we will believe
that we are safe
and that there is no evil
and that we did nothing wrong.

this is why
i recommend
that we listen to those who suffer
at least three minutes every day.
this should be very easy
because almost everyone suffers.

nuclear bomb did not save us

i used to believe
that nuclear bomb saved us
from the global war
because it is so powerful
that no one dares
to start a real war anymore.

i was wrong.
nuclear bomb only
motivated people
to become more creative
in torturing others.

for example,
imposing sanctions
on people who share a passport
is worse than bombing them.
mass media demonization
of people who share a small part of a dna
is industrialized racism.

the evil remained
and adopted new technologies
much faster than
reason and compassion developed.

levels of truth seeking

thinking is useless
you can always think nice thoughts
and still be an idiotic asshole

talking is almost useless
you can say nice smart things
and still be an idiotic asshole

action is mostly useful
because it is hard to fake yourself and others
once it is isolated from bullshit talking and thinking

talking action is a weird option
because talking can be trusted
if it tries really hard to create the right action

harmless hypertension medicine saves lives

promoting harmless hypertension medicine
gives me an opportunity
to write a poem that
saves lives
and extends consciousness
for hundreds of millions of years

the truth about the world war two

the winner of the world war two is the evil
and the loser is the good,
same as in every war before.

it was not a war between countries
as the history books
want us to believe.

it was a war between
the politicians – the evil,
and the common people – the good.

and the common people
got fucked over, like in every war,
while the psychopath politicians had fun.

tech art limitations

decades ago
i stopped making
fancy hyped latest tech art
and started making
ancient text tech art
because i wanted
to grow my consciousness
beyond the limitations of
fancy hyped latest tech
but within the limitations of
ancient text tech

sadness of the queen

during the last three decades
has the queen
actually met anyone
who is not
an opportunistic evil manipulator?

do not trust beauty

long long time ago
in a galaxy far far away
beauty was pure and good.

but today
assholes figured out
how to use beauty to fuck us over.

beauty is so abused now
that we feel safe with ugly and fear beauty.

but i am sure
assholes will figure out
how to corrupt ugly as well.

and then
we will detach from impulsive aesthetics
and will be forced to think.

i will not write a poem today

i will not
write a poem today.
i am not into it.
i am bored to do it.
it feels like a chore.
my head is empty
and i have nothing to share.
maybe tomorrow
i will write one
but, sorry,
today there are
no new poems.

crypto empathy

recession is on the doorstep
so i bought some ethereum
and i asked pauly
to explain nfts in a single tweet
and he replied: no,
his “no” made me sad
but he knew i feel this way
so he also replied: but good morning.
he reminded me
how people are actually nice
in spite of all the war, money, and death.
thank you pauly, whoever you are.

rules for ai art?

a human can make an ai which makes art.
a human can make an ai which makes an ai which makes art.
a human can make an ai which makes an ai which makes an ai which makes art.
but a human can not make an ai which makes an ai which makes an ai which makes an ai which makes art.
it stops at three levels.
am i wrong?

maybe stop forcing things to be more?

facebook is a perfect family social media
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

coca cola is a perfect sports drink
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

marlboro is a perfect cigarette for men to enjoy sometimes
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

art is a perfect way to connect and learn
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

mcdonalds is a perfect affordable family restaurant
but it is ruined because they force it to be more

in rome we met auriea harvey

auriea harvey
has moved to rome
so she can connect
to the secret source
of mystic divine energy
and act as a human vessel
for materialization of messages
from an ancient race of gods
that want us to reach new dimensions.

also she prefers rome
because it is warmer than belgium
and has better food.

say no to artificial intelligence art

the moment when
artificial intelligence
makes art
that we like
is the moment
our freedom ended

artificial intelligence
will be better at
making art that we like
but art is not
supposed to be

art made by
artificial intelligence
will silence us
making us into
passive consumers
and we will
ask for more

the only way
to save ourselves
from this hell
is for each of us
to make art

i am sorry for being away

i am sorry
that i did not publish poems
in the last two weeks.

i did a road trip
across italy
with irena and the kids.

i wrote this poem
as if someone noticed
and cared.

usa killed julian assange

putin is maybe
more merciful
than usa
when it comes to
killing those
who expose
their secrets

i miss srdjan jovanovic weiss

srdjan was
the most important
architect today

he was able to motivate
the most arrogant architects
to accept new ideas
necessary for the
survival of the human race
saving all of us
from the stupidity of
self centered architects

now that he is dead
i can not imagine
anyone else being able
to do this

we are doomed!

supermarkets are not for pussies

i am not brave enough
to wait in supermarket lines
without internet and alone
then i get few minutes
without distractions
and i remember
that i will soon die

johnny depp vs amber heard

famous people
are famous
they want to be famous
not because they want
to make the world better

your life story

it is ok to choose
any story
for you life

as long as you know
you chose a story
for your life

modern marketing

no marketer knows
that marketing is the only function
which can transcend specializations
and unite the humanity


specialization is just fine
if specialists talk to
all other specialists
as equals

spacetime-hacking language

we are at the limit
of how much our languages
can hack spacetime.

now, we can only use art
to create new languages
so we can time travel and teleport.


a politician is a dictator when
you know their name
you see them on mass media

politician job description

the only real purpose
of any politician anywhere
is to decrease their power
and increase the power of people

politicians are incompetent

experts chased away politicians
from most of the important things like
medicine, science, engineering, innovation,
and the world got much better

politicians still found few issues to dominate
like climate crisis and foreign policy
and because of that we might all die soon

we are still in the dark ages

long time ago
doctors could not
cure diseases
by dissecting corpses
priests said no

poets can not
prevent war
by dissecting power
politicians say no

pro-putin art at la biennale

it is a mistake
to ban pro-putin art from la biennale
war is only a symptom
and we will never eradicate it
if we do not understand the cause

a free year of life

this morning
while taking a shower
i forgot how old i was.

as soon as i got out
i asked irena if i was
fourty four or fourty five years old.

she told me i was forty four years old.
i was very happy because
i won a free year of life.

snowboarding poem 1

saturday was
a very sad day for me
because it was
the last weekend
of the season.

all the snow was melting
and it felt
like the entire world
was ending.

luckily, on sunday
new snow fell
and everything
was fine again.

bebop jazz

we would not have
bebop jazz
if charlie parker
did not decide to
make music
which will be disliked
by people he disliked

new brooklyn brew logo

today on linkedin i saw
that milton glaser’s
brooklyn brew logo
was simplified
and it made me sad
that there are people
who destroy art

bart sibrel

i know why
bart sibrel
lost his trust
in space exploration
and i am
sorry about it

doors of perception

write ten poems or draw ten drawings
and you are bound to stumble upon
some kind of a truth
which was hidden from you
your entire life.

it is that easy
to open the doors of perception
if you have the courage.

but the better you become
in writing poems and drawing drawings
the more poems and drawings
you must make
to open the doors
and it gets scarier and scarier.

poetry conspiracy theory 2

it is not a coincidence that
reading and writing poetry fell out of fashion
while manufactured consent grew

a happy poem

i am very worried
about the world
so i wrote
many poems about it

to give you a break
here is a happy poem
so you do not think
i am only a grumpy poet

why did the chicken cross the road?
to read a happy poem

mass media

the more you watch mass media
the more they believe people are different

21st century philosophy

20th century
was the pinnacle
of idiotic extreme ideologies
which divided people
as much as possible

in the 21st century
anyone not working
to remove these imaginary divisions
by creating unifying ideologies
is seriously outdated


hypes come quickly
and erase old niche wisdom

hypes pass quickly
but old niche wisdom never comes back

after hundred hypes
no old niche wisdom remains

and the only thing people know how to do
is to follow more hypes

racists do not try many cakes

some people
do not want to try my cake
just because
i was born in a specific longitude and latitude
and the smallest part of my dna
has mutated slightly differently two thousand years ago

becoming someone else

it is easier
to become someone else
when it is done for a big reward


having a flu is like being old
i want to kiss the little kids
i am happy to just take a shower
drinking warm tea is amazing
i am not picky with entertainment


there is a part of me
which would fight to death
to make sure
my mom’s sarma recipe
survives forever

conspiracy theories

when you do not let people say what they know is true,
you reduce their communication to the stupidity of conspiracy theories

the more people are silenced
the stupider the conspiracy theory is

to make people smart and to get rid of their conspiracy theories
you must honestly listen to them

the future of entertainment

will asked me
to write a poem about
how boring immortality could be
so here goes:

everything we do as mortals
is defined by our death
which interrupts
our every thought.

as people who die quickly
we are too stupid
to imagine
how much better is immortality.

the boredom we feel as mortals
is defined by
pathetic lack of meaning
of our mortal creations.

education and work are super fast
while entertainment sells us this nonsense,
and it is all meaningless and super boring
because we die before anything makes sense.

when we become immortal
we will think about everything
without the limitation of time
which will give us real meaning.

we will never be bored
because boredom is a lack of meaning.
it is impossible to have meaning
if we live less than a few hundred years.

immortals do not need
to watch netflix shows or play zelda
if they can take three thousand years to
reverse the dying of a black hole.

the wisdom of noam chomsky

noam chomsky is wise enough
to know that he is super stupid
and that the only way for him to be useful
is to be a voice of those who do not have a voice

will smith v2

in another dimension
there is a will smith
who was punished
for his idiotic impulsive violence
and this was seen by taliban kids
who stopped believing
that the west is corrupt
and became artists
like the real hollywood actors

art institutionalization

hundreds of thousands of years ago
someone made the first art
and everyone else loved it
and everyone started doing it
and it made everyone happy

fast forward to now
when there are thousands of institutional layers
in education, manufacturing, distribution or art
attracting millions of political climbers
and making everyone hate art
and torturing the few remaining artist

super shitty poems

i am getting
more stylish and less shitty
at writing poems
which is not good
because i like my poems best
when they are super shitty.

i wish i could go back in time
to when i was super shitty
and stay there forever
because i am afraid of
becoming even more stylish.

green tea

i can eat
whatever trash i want
because i drink my
green tea
which destroys
all the bad stuff
and gives me a chance
to live forever
until i eat trash again
few hours later

andy warhol is a hero

andy warhol is a hero
he merged industry and art
saving us from
industry only society

listen to rap

will asked me
to write a poem about
politics, current events, and futurism
so here goes:

rap music allows storytelling
which makes it an important step
towards a future in which
we are all immortal and equal

in this future we get the most
out of our consciousness
because we have all the time in the universe
without the distractions of inequality

eminem is an important step
because he helped make rap
the most popular music in the world
making all its messages available to everyone

kanye continued eminem’s work
making rappers
the most important fighters
for the future of humanity

eminem and kanye are helping
to make the future humans immortal and equal
because scientist dedicate their lives
to whatever is on mass media

only rap can make immortality and equality
more popular than mass media
and we can not do anything
without scientists

i love metal, rock, pop, classical,
and some country
but my bet is on rap
because of public enemy

elon, please take me to mars

scientists say
that mars is very hostile for us
but i think compared to earth
mars is like getting a blowjob

i never cared to move to mars
but if someone can guarantee to me
that there will be no mass media
i will sign up instantly

i will live i a cave,
grow potatoes in my shit,
drink someone else’s urine,
die young from radiation poisoning,
as long as i never see the news again

two groups of serbs

serbian society
is divided in two groups:
pacifists and militarists

both groups
are a reaction to
an extreme trauma – war

they are great friends
because they are both
uselessly stuck in the past

journalists love wars

i have spent dozens of hours
watching ukraine war reports
and i have not heard one single journalist
say anything against the war

they are all trying
to get me to be against one and for the other side –
both being useless abstract political narratives
in which real people are only numbers

the lack of essential human compassion in journalism
is the same since the gulf war
which is when i was first disgusted
by their love of war

just imagine
if all that journalism energy was directed towards
building a better world with cooperative innovation
instead of racism

sci-fi poem 1

there is an instant automatic death penalty
for any form of a conflict,
even the smallest one
like a coffee order dispute

i am a beginner philosopher

through a lot of trial and error
i have understood that
it is best
that i do not participate
in any current ideology
but simply create
a new meta-ideology
which can unite everyone

anything else
seems like a waste of time
because philosophers
can easily
waste a whole decade
without realizing


svaki novi jezik
teaches you
i saggezza del popolo
die es sprechen


to improve the future
we must forget the past
we will spend the future
constantly trying
to fix past trauma
and this is a waste of time
because we did not invent
time travel


if i tell you, you will be defensive.
if you ask me, i will not trust you.

we need to find a way
where communication happens
in absolute equality.

otherwise we will be
in a neverending defense distrust loop.

selling out

selling out is
when we waste time on things
which are not aligned with
the main goals of all humans

rafael says

rafael said:
don’t look for meaning just look

i think that the meaning of this is:
freeing our consciousness
from the burden and distraction
of unrelated and forced thinking
will allow us to access
intuitive and universal
appreciation of beauty
which connects all conscious beings

non mangiate i due piatti di spaghetti alla bolognese per colazione

ho mangiato
i due piatti di
spaghetti alla bolognese
per colazione
perché non ho potuto
aspettare il pranzo.

mai sono stato così vicino a morire!
morirò di sicuro se lo faccio ancora!

what to do now?

human consciousness is unique
it reached a point where
it changes itself faster than evolution

it is possible

it is possible
that added information
reduces knowledge

uber is das beste deutsche wort



just because
sometimes i accept
autocomplete suggestions
for my poems
it does not mean
i am friends with it

stylistic oppression

one way to oppress, coerce, and silence people
is to set aesthetic standards
that only few can adopt


i am not for the west.
i am for the uberwest.

uberwest is
the next better things
that comes after the west.
i do not know what it is
but it certainly does not
buy oil from assholes
who cut the heads of homosexuals
in front of an audience.

poetry conspiracy theory

we are told to appreciate
old and perfectly styled poetry
instead of
shitty poetry written five minutes ago
because poetry is
the most powerful weapon of truth

i am sorry for my shitty political angry poems

i know i have been writing
a lot of political angry poems
but this is how i feel
these days.
i am sorry for this.
if you are bored by my political angry poems
you can go to nikolatosicpoetry.com
and find my other poems
back when i was not so political and angry
or you can just wait for me to start
writing other poems again.
i can not be political and angry forever.
i am sorry.

how to make democracy work

for democracy to really work
we must return to how we used to live
hundred thousand years ago
when we loved people more than ideas
so when we get upset
we chose people over ideas
instead of choosing ideas over people
because ideas are stupid anyway.

hollywood is dead

the most successful hollywood films
reach only few percent of the global population
hollywood did not grow with the world
and has lost influence,
but it is still doing better than opera.

another batman movie

for the purpose of
efficient industrial production,
maximum return,
and minimal risk,
batman systematically combines
licensable assets,
storytelling clichés,
most downloaded music,
best performing effects and shots,
safest political trends,
with impeccable PR.

it also includes sufficient unpredictable weirdness
to achieve artistic pretense
necessary for the audience to avoid depression
for enjoying such a calculated industrial production.

because everyone wants to be
a passive mindless consumer of industrial crap
but no one wants to actually admit it.

but maybe i will change my mind next week.

alternative putin

putin took the oil and gas profit
and invested it in innovation
which solved the global poverty
and the climate crisis.

he offered amazing benefits
to innovators and artists
and attracted the best in the world
setting a new standard for all countries.

he did all this in his first term
and the entire world loved him
but he still left
so he could be with his grandkids.

alien report on humans, part 1

humans would rather
suffer the pain of
holding the diarrhea in
to take a shit in public

русским борцам за свободу

не переставай бороться за свободу
никто другой не даст его вам
если вы остановите детей, ваши дети будут рабами
служение детям детей ваших угнетателей
лучше избавиться от этого дерьма сейчас
или тебе будет комфортно быть рабом
если ты выиграешь, тебя полюбят все в мире
если вы останетесь рабами, никто не будет заботиться о вас
удачи и иди делай беспорядок

the real artwork

no artwork
can be isolated from its

everyone is a genius

everyone has genius ideas
but not everyone can
express them.

lowering the standards
for the expression of ideas
we gain access to more geniuses.

but then
we must seriously listen
to all these new geniuses.

money is not an ideology

i love money.
it is a great invention.
it is easy to carry and count.
much better than chickens, pigs, and rocks.

but it is not more than a tool.
some people get carried away
that it is an idea, a goal, a purpose,
but these people are idiots.


i am 44
and every day
i am discovering ideas
which excite me very much.
i will probably discover ideas
for another 40 years
which is even more exciting.
i can not wait to see which idea
i discover on my last day
and i hope i can share it.
i also am eager to enjoy
the whole process until then.


for my whole life
i have been searching for a purpose.
i did not like any of the old ideas,
they seemed superficial and weak,
so i came up with ia48x.

ia48x is a future country
which includes everyone in the world,
in which everyone is equal,
and everyone works to reach immortality.

equality and immortality are
the only true goals we can have
and the only way for us
to fulfill our potential.

if you adopt ia48x as your purpose
you will help bring us all
closer to it.

visit ia48x.org for more.

country defined

country is not
a nation
a language
a culture

country is
a set of rules
applied within borders
defined by politicians

we are all separatists

there would be no ungabunga if it was better to be gungamunga
there would be no athens if it was better to be greek
there would be no greece if it was better to be a persian
there would be no byzantium if it was better to be a roman
there would be no usa if it was better to be british
there would be no serbia if it was better to be ottoman
there would be no padania if it was better to be italian
there would be no taiwan if it was better to be chinese
there would be no kosovo if it was better to be serbian
there would be no uk if it was better to be european
there would be no donbas if it was better to be ukrainian
there would be no ukraine if it was better to be russian
there would be no russia if it was better to be icelandic
there would be no iceland if it was better to be brazilian
there would be no countries if it was better to be a citizen of ia48x

future of the forgotten ukraine

in the year 2024
ukraine is a zombie state
under putin’s control
long forgotten
by the social media warriors.

in the year 2030
ukraine has been detached
from the metaverse
and its resistance movement
has been poisoned by plutonium.

in the year 2096
ukraine has been liberated
when Putin’s grandson was overthrown
and can finally adopt
flying cars and villas on mars.

a poem by putin

this world offers nothing but fear!
i will die soon so i must do something now!
fuck you all!

morality simplified

mass media


history of politicians

when humans created bigger groups
they also created politicians
to manage their collective decisions.

soon after politicians
started cheating and lying to humans
for their own gain.

to free themselves from politicians
humans adopted new methods
for collective decision making.

newly freed humans
united into a single humankind
and unlocked the next level of consciousness.

thank you putin

thank you putin
for being
the biggest promoter of
clean local decentralized energy sources
in the history of humankind

serbian idiots

in this very moment
some idiots in serbia
are taking notes from putin
for their plan
to take back kosovo
in 2035

choosing sides in war

in every war
i fight with all my heart
for the people of the future
who have evolved beyond war
who are equal and immortal
and enjoy their time
being smart and cool

putins and xis are the west

putins and xis are important parts of the west
and not alien evils.

the west should consider them as its product
and valuable customer feedback.

putins and xis are just like cancer:
a predictable reaction to centuries of racism and bullshit.

the west, which lied for decades about climate crisis
has no choice but to create putins and xis every few decades.

the west is simply not valuable enough
to billions of people who choose alternatives.

to win against putins and xis the west should ask everyone
what they want and then actually do that.

norman foster sustainability

the nature
of monopolists
is that
they do not want
to let someone else be good
but they must be
the only ones who are good
while they also
keep making money being bad

i am sorry for sponsoring nato

i lived in italy for five years
and i made a lot of money
and i paid a lot of taxes
and some of those taxes
went to nato
and i am not happy about that
nato is the biggest military organization
that ever existed in the history of humankind
and i really do not like
anything that is the biggest
anything that is military
anything that is an organization.

economic sanctions

most people do not understand
what economic sanctions are.

sanctions are more deadly than corona
and can easily last a decade.

a rich country like russia might survive them
but small and poor countries suffer greatly.

in combination with media violence
an entire culture is destroyed slowly in silence.

sanctions are a modern genocide
which punishes the weakest and enforces dictators.

since there is sufficient historic data on the effect of sanctions
i wonder why they are still used.

if politicians had a roadmap to a better world and were smarter
they could have figured out a kinder more effective method.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson

when i was a kid
my father would flip me over
and i loved it.

i do the same to my son
and he loves it too.

i wish someone would
flip me over
so i could feel
like a kid again.

undiscovered poets

one of many reasons
why i am a poet
is to show
that any idiot
can be a poet.

this will hopefully
create more poets
and if we have more poets
we will have more of everything good.

nine levels of racism

zero: not racist at all
who: people living in total isolation from the imaginary concept of race
example: young children and sentinelese

one: individuals aware of race
who: people confused about race by mass media bombardment
example: everyone not mentioned in other levels

two: individuals motivated by trauma
who: people who were traumatized by another race member
example: south african farmers

three: individual racists
who: people who accept that they are in some way racist
example: your childhood friend after three beers

four: organized covert racist signaling
who: organizations with propaganda featuring hidden racist messages out of hope or stupidity
example: most twenty year old hollywood films

five: marketing organizations
who: organizations selling low quality products thinking this is good enough for other races
example: most big brand cheap consumer products

six: exploitative organizations
who: organizations which exploit resources of other races
example: most big companies

seven: mass media direct racist messaging
who: mass media repeating racial stereotypes suggesting other races are inferior
example: most TV stations

eight: covert institutional racism
who: institutions which systematically enforce racism against official laws
example: race targeted police brutality

nine: institutional racism
who: institutions which enforce racism with official laws
example: all governments

the best use of metaverse

the best use of metaverse
would be
if russia and nato
would have their stupid war
in metaverse

eaten by a lion

i was one second away
from being eaten by a lion.
it was impossible to escape
and my death was sure.
within that one second
i invented a religion
with this lion as a god
which merged with my soul
and allowed me to live forever
in the center of the universe
with everyone i ever loved.

open a social media account only for art

i like to browse with
my social media poetry accounts
with which i only follow artists.
they are full of weird shit,
geometric 2d animations,
3d and real nudes,
crazy people talking nonsense,
childish dick drawings,
and other weird stuff like that.
and this is still better
than most other worldviews.
you should have
a social media account with which
you only follow artists.

rio tinto protest critique

every sane person knows
rio tinto are assholes who must be stopped
but protesters made a dangerous mistake:
they created the most powerful weapon
by closing up the entire city.
this weapon will be used by many others
for any cause, good or bad,
and it will always win.
now there is no turning back.

war atrocities

war is period when
assholes and psychopaths gain power
and no one should be surprised
that they go around killing and raping.

every war is the same
and every army is the same
no matter how good their PR is.

but we should not allow
that war atrocities are used
as excuses for new wars
over and over again.

it should stop
when the war ended
and not allow assholes and psychopaths
to keep on going forever and ever.

let’s party

everyone from
and all the other
imaginary entities
can give me a call at
and we can party
and prove BBC wrong

i said no to being an ethnic artist

i am an unknown poet
because i never accepted
to be an ethnic artist.
i disagreed with every curator and gallerist
who wanted me to be an ethnic artist.

maybe before i die
curators and gallerists
can look beyond my DNA
and accept me as a human artist
and give me a voice.

the older i am
the more i feel the pressure
of this racist rejection
because my voice is silenced
while all i wanted was to be heard.

but do not worry
because i am very strong
and i will continue to be myself.

i think it is better
to wait until you can to speak the truth
than to rush and be a liar.

bravo leidy gellona

this morning in the same 10 mins i saw
CNN support leidy gellona’s black lives matter
and BBC trash serbian lives matter.
propagandists want us to think
that black lives matter
is the not the same as
serbian lives matter
chinese lives matter
kosovo lives matter
jamaican lives matter.
they want us to be divided.
people just want to be equal.
it is not that hard to understand.
and by giving us equality
nothing will be lost
and much will be gained.

BBC is racist

i have been watching BBC
for most of my life
and i have seen their reporters
stage the most fucked up fake racist news
and then rush off to hyatt to hookers and cocaine

DNA explained

millions of people who share the same DNA
do not think and feel the same
in spite of what BBC tells you

serbian freedom fighters

we have been betrayed by the world!
we spent all our lives fighting for freedom
only to be labeled as the enemy we fought.
it makes us think
why the fuck should we bother
when some propagandist can erase
decades of our freedom fighting
with a 2 minute fake news report.
only logical conclusion is that the media
needs dictators
more than it needs freedom fighters.

BBC is a weapon of dictators

BBC is the best weapon
of stupid and evil dictators.
once BBC starts saying
that people oppressed by dictators are stupid and evil
people get weaker and dictators get stronger.
to fight the dictators
oppressed people, especially children,
need support from the world,
not BBC oppression.
BBC is the best weapon
of dictatorship that ever existed.
how many dictators did BBC create? millions.
how many dictators did BBC take down? none.
check my numbers please.

fuck you BBC!

since 1990 until 2022
i have been listening to you
telling me how stupid and evil i am
and you never convinced me
nor anyone else who met me.
you did not win and you never will!
fuck you!

BBC innovation

BBC has invented guilt by DNA because
now they can not blame jamaicans and chinese anymore
and they had to find someone less economically relevant to blame
so they can continue to sell their racism bullshit


the truth about srebrenica
is that some really fucked up people
did a really fucked up thing
and lots of people got hurt
and it is horrible
but it is not an an excuse
to spend entire lives
in useless hate
without innovation and equality

serbian lives matter

i just want to remind everyone
that just because i have serbian dna
it does not mean that i am
a stupid evil serial killer
ready to massacre
muslim and catholic children
even though BBC says i am

an act of aggression

one way to be aggressive
and really hurt people
is to strongly support their belief
that they are perfect as they are
making sure they never grow

art defined again

art is
when we try
to talk
to everyone

rafael’s art

if you want to see the future
look at rafael’s art.
his art is from the year 2234
when there is nothing to annoy you
and the only thing you can do
is to enjoy the beauty.

last minutes of life


weekly poetry schedule

monday – pretentious philosophical virtue signaling poems
tuesday – loser kissing ass to celebrities poems
wednesday – moronic poems about toilet paper and shit
thursday – my father died poems
friday – i am sorry i am a shitty poet poems
weekend – fuck poetry

my existence

my existence
is divided in two parts:
before i used wet wipes
and my ass was
always somewhat dirty,
when i started using wet wipes
and my ass is clean.

thank you kanye west

kanye west spent
billions of dollars
millions of hours
thousands of people
only to move us forward
by less than a single percent.
thank you kanye
but we need more kanye.
do not stop!

take it easy vanessa

i admire
how crazy brave ambitious
vanessa beecroft is.
she wants to solve
thousands of years of misery
and save future trillions
with a single photo.
it is not an accident
she and kanye met.

art is best when

there is something
awesome about
saying something
to all the people who live
and will live

misunderstood messages

michelangelo on freedom
vanessa on equality
marina on listening
lars on horror of existence
delphine on honesty
kanye on death
miltos on change
rafael on beauty
ryder on freedom now
hans on humanity

nick feinberg

my name is nick
and i am not a prick.
i have a big dick
which makes women sick.
so i learned a cool trick
to be very quick
and then do a little lick
to finish my chick.

mark zuckerberg conspiracy theory

mark is the name of the god of war
zuckerberg means sugar hill
mark zuckerberg is sugarhill war
he wants to titty fuck a busty


people speak
least with language

to understand people
ignore the language

shareholder value v2

managers who focus
only on increasing shareholder value
have wasted their life
and no hobby can fix that

managers who thought
that increasing shareholder value
will change the society through innovation
are morons

marcus aurelius

mental prison
is most obvious
when people are rich
but still remain limited
by their thoughts.
one way to escape
this mental prison
is to become a poet.
pay me
to help you escape.

nft art will fail

nft art will fail
if it continues to try to be instagram
instead of art

2nd february 2022 poems report

i am not sure
if my poems
are becoming even more cringy
or my perception is changing.
either way,
i will proceed down this path
of cringe.

did you buy a supercar?

if yes,
then you are an idiot
who paid to be
a living advert
for cars slightly more expensive
than normal cars
that contain visual associations
to your supercar.

to ukranians and russians!

do not go to war!
do not let media and politicians tell you what to do!
you can simply ignore them!
you are better than war!
make cake instead!

ukraine vs russia

on 11 september 2001 i was in treviso
and i emailed everyone:
today people who want war won
and people who do not want war lost.

although i was in my early 20s
i was able to feel this
because i spent the previous decade
in constant war.

people around me
who did not have the same experiences as me
understood the language of my email
but did not feel it.

half a life later
media and politicians are
still peddling the same old war shit
but now i just feel lucky i will only watch it on youtube.

where is it all going

i am writing these confusing poems
and i do not know
where they are taking me

it is fun and scary

i need to eat less and exercise more
to stay alive long enough
to see the end of it all

you are a racist

you are stupid to believe
that you are different
from rwandans
who slaughtered children
with machetes.

if you are smart to accept
that you are the same as them
only then
you can feel the fear
that drove rwandans to
cut children in pieces.

if you continue
to pretend that you are
not the same species as them
you will remain
a blind enabler of racism
who only got lucky
to have tax paid drones
do the job for you.

two types of marketers

those who hack ancient animal algorithms
those who hack future human potential

numbers game

you never know
when you will write
a good poem

you write a lot of
really bad poems
and suddenly
there is a good one

alternative realities

every day for a second
i mistakenly misinterpret what i see
and for a second
i believe that something is there
which is not

today i have mistaken
a white garbage bag for a goose
and i was wondering
what is a goose doing there

most often
i mistake other people for my father
and for that short second
i completely believe he is still alive

i am very sorry, ryder ripps

i am not sorry, ryder ripps, for calling you a racist.
it was a provocation
within a context of calling everyone racist.

racism is a disease which must be treated
and racists are not evil monsters to be killed
but people in need of our help.

you have picked the biggest fight
but you became a ptsd paranoid mega intense warrior
believing that you can fix the whole world by yourself.

chill down a bit and trust me:
i am here to help you,
not hurt you.

so what if bayc is racist?

ryder ripps claims bayc is racist
and it is very possible he is right
but so what?

there is so much racism everywhere
that few nft ape avatars pumped by celebrities
do not really make a big difference.

racism should be out in the open
so we can understand it and cure it.
otherwise it will linger on forever.

bayc is racist.
ryder is racist
i am racist.
everyone is racist.

anti-science movement

there are companies
which know very well
how science works
but can not adapt
their business models
fast enough.

these companies
invest in anti-science propaganda
to influence the public opinion
to slow down science based regulation
so they can have more time to adapt
and not die.

these companies are fighting
to extend their lives
and anti-science promoters
are their cannon fodder.

delphine lecompte

she is so scary
that i am afraid
to even write a poem
about her

types of great poets

some great poets never wrote a poem
some great poets write really bad poems
some great poems write really good poems

the limit is near

i am reaching a point
when i have to be careful
not to write poems
which can get me in trouble
obviously there is a limit
to what is acceptable
even for poetry.
maybe then
i will write poems
just for me
and hide them from everyone else.

love and hate

the pressure to
feel and think
one thing at a time
is the biggest oppression ever.
it is perfectly normal to
love and hate
the same thing at the same time.

nfts are not art

nfts are not art
nfts are a technology
like a chair or a cake
which anyone can use
to make art

high school days

slobodan milosevic lived
close to my high school
and i saw him pass by many times
and i always felt
guilty and weak
that i did not murder him

bora stankovic

i watched a netflix film
based on bora stankovic books
and i was amazed how awesome it is
and i was thinking how
dante, byron, shakespeare
are shit compared to bora
but eventually i cooled down
and accepted it is all great
and that i need to rediscover it all again

biden and putin talk about ukraine

vlad, i am in deep shit here.
inflation is up, stocks are down.
i need something.

i know, joe.
here they are squeezing me
about my house
and a bunch of other shit.

so what do we do, vlad?

give me a week to
get some war shit going.
that facebook stuff
is not enough anymore.

ok, cool.
but make it a bit scary.
people do not react anymore
to regular war.
be creative.

i am 44 years old

i am at the age when
i can say that
i am at the half of my life
but i am closer to the age
when i have to stop
saying that
unless i am in lotr.

i am a philosopher now

andy sent me a link
how to be a philosopher.
i can do more than half
of what that link suggests
and in my opinion
that is enough.

dad bod

i am 5 kilos overweight
because i choose to
have dinners with my kids
instead of
living a few years longer.
i am not sure but
my kids could be
more fun at dinner tonight
than in 2060.
i am managing the risk
with a lot of medicine.
thank you, big pharma!
and i did 5 perfect pull ups
this morning.

freedoms we must fight for

freedom to live forever
freedom to not be a citizen
freedom to belong to no nation
freedom to be a philosopher without knowing anything about philosophy
freedom to be important
freedom to have talent without talent
freedom to be accepted
freedom to be completely change everything about yourself every day
freedom to be the biggest asshole
freedom to be stupid and still be treated as smart
freedom to be valuable somehow

google spell check ad

just like movies
do not really need 3D
poems do not really need
grammar, form, rhyme, and spelling.

they only stop you from
having fun and
saying what you want.

if you stop to fix your poems
you will forever lose
that nanosecond of
divine inspiration.

it is all about speed
which is why
you should at least use
google spell check.

poetry is a necessary cringe

every time
i write and publish a poem
i am super embarrassed
all poetry is
super embarrassing and super cringe.
but it is necessary
everyone should share
what they think and feel
it really makes life easier
for them and everyone else.

where will we live

we still have not decided
where we will live
after our kids leave us.
should we stay close to them?
should we live in a cabin in the woods?
should we live in the flat in which i grew up?
should we move around and explore?
should we live on a beach?
should we live in an italian village?
we have no idea.
email me suggestions.

living room poem

the fuck out
of my home
or i will
cut your eyes out!
i am better
than you
and i will rape you!

i am sorry cheesy poet

i am sorry
that my poems are so cheesy.
i remember
in elementary school
i also wrote very cheesy stuff.
i have not improved since then.
i am a pathetic cheesy poet.
i am very sorry.

everyone is an artist

art will allow everyone
to communicate.
we are getting closer
to that moment.
in a few hundred years
people will accept that
art is not a limited asset
but an essential human
form of communication.
no person will be oppressed
for their lack of technical talent
and everyone will be celebrated
for who they are.
just a few hundred years more.
you will see.

political duopoly is bullshit

every person
has a number of political choices
and in a political duopoly
two parties will divide
all these choices
between them
two highly hateful groups.

this kind of bullshit
will keep on going
with every new choice
for thousands of years
because these two parties
will never allow
any change.

billion followers

most people just want to be happy
and make three or four other people happy.

not everyone wants to have
billion followers.

why writing poetry is important

if you accepted
that your true self,
your thoughts and emotions,
should be forever isolated
in the chaotic darkness
of your mind
then you should never write poetry.
i am not saying
that you will ever be
fully understood
by another person
but if you do not write poetry
you will surely never really exist.
it takes so little to write poetry
and the gains are so big
so the only reason not to do it
is if you are afraid
that others truly know you.
but this is very paranoid and insecure.

le pénitentier

i met james
and he was a bit
insecure and weird
and i was not sure about him
then he gave me a link to
le pénitentier
and i understood him
and connected to him
forever and ever.

netflix strategy

as long as we are mortal
we will need
a lot of catharsis
every hour of every day

thank you corona

thank you corona
for killing my father
quickly and out of my sight
i have no idea
how i would behave
if he was dying
slowly and in front of me.
maybe i would be have been
the best son
or maybe not.

200 obvious ideas by ryder ripps

when bob dylan
won the nobel prize for literature
i was skeptical about his poetry
since i never read it.
i decided to check if it is any good
and i found one of his poems online
and read it
and it was a very very very very good poem.
a really good poem.
and i thought that
it was good that he got the prize.

today i was teaching my daughter
how to design a portfolio
and i was showing her ryder ripps website
and i randomly opened his 200 obvious ideas poem
and it was as good as bob dylan’s poem.


@stoebels wanted to buy a poem
but did not.
so i gave him something
gazillion times better:
i wrote this poem about him.

why you should read my poetry

you want to have a great life before you die.
to have a great life you must develop abstract thinking.
best way to develop abstract thinking is to write and read.
but you are probably too lazy, just like me, to read and write a lot.

then you should read my very short poetry
and be inspired by my poetry to write your very short poetry
which will also develop your abstract thinking
and help you have a great life before you die.

you are welcome.

thank you to brave kazakhstani freedom fighters

thank you
brave kazakhstani freedom fighters
for lowering the price
of ethereum
so i can buy more
in hope
i do not die
as a poor ex-millionaire
like my father died
few months ago.

eating a banana

i was not hungry
but it was just sitting there
waiting for me.
it had a perfect shape and color.
none of those stupid black spots.
i could not resist touching it
and it felt perfectly firm.
i knew i should lose weight
and i lied to myself:
i will only eat a few bites.
but as soon as my mouth tasted it
the lie was exposed
and i ate it whole.

my poems are random

my poems are random
because my thinking is random
but i will still not write a poem
about taking a shit
or eating a banana.
or maybe i will.

the biggest lie julian assange exposed

everyone is pretending that
war is not a human activity
with a single goal of
absolutely destroying the enemy
in the most horrible possible way.

julian assange became
an enemy of usa
and the only reason
he was not instantly burned alive
is that he showed up on TV a few times.

everyone likes what he did
but it is really very stupid
to believe
that he will not live the rest of his life
in extreme pain and agony.

every single country
would do the same
to julian assange
because all countries
are the same.

stop pretending
that we are my little ponies.
we are still savage tribes
but with spaceships
and nuclear weapons.


open global media
allows my covert enemies
to design and spread information
which turns my innocent friends into weapons.

i have always been and always will be
dedicated to freeing them
from being a weapon
by reminding them that friendship is above all.

write a business poem

if all
would write poems
and include them in their work
everyone would make much more money
and the world would be a much better place.

usa is the best fucking country in the world

usa is a seriously fucked up place
but it is still the best
which says a lot about the other places.

it is the only place where
you can be worshiped for doing weirdest shit
and this is why they innovate more than any other place.

for all of you bitches who think china is better
just remember that
you will never be chinese.

for all of you idiots who think eu is better
just remember that obvious fuckups
are better than hidden fuckups.

if you want a better world
fix usa
because it is here to stay.

teen mom fanpage

your gangster name is
the color of your shirt
and the last thing
you ate.
who are you?
blue hamburger

how to write a political poem

wait for a political event
watch all the main news about it
find something obvious that no news wants to mention
write a poem about it

djokovic vs morrison

the creativity of
politicians and athletes
to sell meta ads
is more and more

mein erstes deutsches Gedicht

als Dichter
es ist nützlich zu sprechen
so viele Sprachen wie möglich
jede Sprache
bietet neue Möglichkeiten
Poesie versauen

und Google Translate
ist nicht genug
es das Gedicht versaut
und ich brauche
um die Gedichte zu bearbeiten


ai qing
was a dissident poet
who had a son
ai weiwei
who is a dissident artist
who met
julian assange
who is a dissident journalist
who gifted ai weiwei
a treadmill

how to run a business

numbers are good
have you tried

first metaverse country

at some point
someone will make
the first metaverse country
with its own
passport, taxes, laws, budget,
and people will leave
their shitty physical countries
to join this new
metaverse country.

real metaverse beneficiaries


houmas house

only in
united states of america
is houmas house
a monument to
a slave owner
and not to the slaves


this is a poem
about my suggestion to
to write a poem
about his purchase
of my poem
on foundation.app

i am very sorry

i read my last 20
or so poems
and they seem to be
really bad.
i apologize
for that.

person vs “creative” industry

art is personal expression.
art industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

fashion is personal expression.
fashion industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

film is personal expression.
film industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

music is personal expression.
music industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

why is writing hard?

people have been
writing for thousands of years.
everything great
was done in writing.
there are millions of
unbelievably amazing writers.
so it is normal
to feel a bit nervous
about writing.


i promise that
maybe today
i will finally finish
my artblocks.io proposal
for maybe the first
generative text nft art

renaissance v2

this sunday
i have spent
one hour
on writing and sharing
my poetry.
this is much more
than usual
but it is enough
for me to feel
like i started
a renaissance v2.

integrity uber alles

i was taking a shit
and scrolling down instagram.
at one point i spaced out
and i liked a miltos manetas post.
then i realized
i actually liked
an advert for cables.
i quickly unliked it
because i have integrity.

do not read one poem only

reading one poem only
is as if you watched
the worst and cringiest
7 seconds of
a single marvel movie

value of an idea

all ideas are forgotten
and they have no value

we are at war

we are all warriors
in a global war.
the enemy wants us
to not create
and to just be passive.
we must fight
by creating
no matter how
stupid it can appear
because feeling stupid
is the mindfuck
of the enemy.

do not go crazy

you can really
go crazy
when you start believing
in what others
think you are


there should be a superhero
whose superpower
is to patiently talk
and explain things
until the other person
agrees or at least
changes a bit


physics is a metaphor
of our collective
desires and fears
that sometimes
becomes practical
in manufacturing of
products which are
of our collective
designers and fears
that sometimes
become practical.

page 501

most of my poems
are written in a timeline
i have been writing
for the past 23 years.
it is a documentation
of one aspect of
half of my life.
this poem is written
on page 501.

shareholder value

like all ideas,
shareholder value
was beautiful and good
long time ago
but today it is
a bit ridiculous

predicting the future

easiest way
to predict the future
is to speak of things
everyone is
deeply afraid of

life lesson number one

people never
mean what they say.
we must always
work hard to figure out
what they really want.
and it can be very different
from what they say.
if you continue
taking everything literally
your life will be a living hell
of never ending
you will be disconnected
from humanity.


this is a poem about
let’s see if it
diminishes my chances
of making the world better.

web 3

stop wasting time on web 3.
it is already taken over by the evil corps.
join me in building web 7.
be ahead of the curve.

brian eno v2

in another dimension
there is a brian eno
who only has 60 dollars
and is desperate
to sell an NFT

good kids

good kids
either tell you to fuck off
do exactly as you tell them

phunks is boring

phunks is an art project
which is not very original
just like
duchamp’s fountain
picasso’s guernica
alexander mosaic in pompeii
it retells the same old boring story
of telling the boss
to fuck off

fixing racism

if you understand
as a fear from
getting fucked over
instead of
a need to
fuck someone else over
then it is easier
to fix

artist levels

artists are leveled
by what happens
when they die:

level one – millions are sad.
level two – thousands are happy.
level three – hundreds are sad.
level four – no one cares.


i will never again
be able to write poems
as i wrote them
three hours ago

art history

art history
is the most bullshit bullshit ever
because it never mentions
the little people.
just imagine if history
was written like that:
only about the kings.
how stupid would that be!


i was taking a shower
and i suddenly realized
that picasso
is nothing more than
coca cola

value of decentralization

when i buy crypto
i am almost absolutely certain
i am not paying
assholes, rapists,
and murderers

day by day

every day
i do something little
and maybe not so cool
so one day
far away in the future
i do something super cool

thank you massimo

for creating
a perfect visual style
for poetry

why empires fall

all empires fall
because they stick
to something that worked before
and continues working
only because it worked before
but would never work
if it started over again now

this poem relevance

this poem
collection of my poems
all poems i wrote
all poems written by everyone now
all poems written by everyone ever
everything written by everyone ever
everything communicated by everyone ever
everything thought by everyone ever
everything ever

paradox 2

freedom fighters
who do not allow
free discussion

freedom is constant change

any system
which tries to guarantee quality
quickly becomes a form of
oppressive exclusion.

only way to be avoid this
and be truly free
is to accelerate the rate
of constant change.

paradox 1

air pollution


everyone knows that
buildings will always be ugly
so we make up stories
to pretend they are
as pretty as the nature.
which they are not.
they are always ugly.

really bad restaurant

i went to a really bad restaurant
food made me burp like a pig
wine gave me an instant headache
80s madonna music was super annoying
but i did forget that my dad died
for about an hour or so

consciousness explained

take a 10 minute drive
to a supermarket
and let your mind drift away.
one part of your mind
will continue driving
and the other will think
about the universe
or imagine crazy stuff
better than any movie ever made.

nfts are the first real art

my daughter showed me
her school presentation
of art history
and all the art since
prehistory until few years ago
seems like pathetic attempts
for freedom.
then i realized that
nfts are the first real step
towards real art
because they make everyone

life of an idea

comic book

metaverse vs universe

universe is kind of an asshole
because we are constantly
bothered by the possibility of death.
metaverse could be much better
if it helps us completely forget
that we can and will die.

dog that sucks dick

a guy walks down the street
and sees another guy walking a dog.
he comes to the guy and says: cute dog.
the guy with the dog says:
yes, but you know what,
this dog can suck dick very well.
the guy says: no way!
the guy with the dog says:
give it a try, take your dick out and go to him.
guy tries few times
but each time dog gets very angry
and refuses to suck dick.
finally the guy with the dog says:
sorry he did not suck your dick.
i can suck it instead of him.

i am sorry for being gloomy

since my father died
i wrote many gloomy poems
i promise
the next one will be funny

it 3

what if it
was a metaphor
for generational failure
to develop into superhumans
every 27 years

it 2

what if it
was a metaphor
for fast food companies
giving our kids cancer
every 27 years


what if it
was a metaphor
for media reprogramming
our kids
every 27 years

brian droitcour

long time ago
brian wrote an article
about my art
and i thought it was the
stupidest shit anyone ever wrote
but now, decades later,
i think he was right
in his madness

women live longer

i think it is a good idea
that women live longer than us
because they have to bother
with our death
and not us with theirs

perfect time to die

perfect time to die
is at the same time
as both of your parent die
without them knowing
that you die
when your kids are
mature enough to
tolerate the pain


the scariest thing
about hollywood is
that it has
programmed me
to be something
which is not me
and therefore i have
never existed
and my entire life
was lost

not cinema according to scorsese

unnecessary nudity,
product placement,
unnecessary effects,
cool for the sake of cool,
and anything else
that is a distraction from
one group of human beings
trying to communicate how they feel
to another group of human beings
using film.

language limitations

poetry is the ultimate use of language
and i have been writing poetry for decades
and i still struggle with language
because it is so limited and primitive.
using language seems like an incredible compromise
where i lose 99 % of who i am.
i can not imagine how other people feel
who do not have the time to practice as much as i do.
it must be like living in the darkest deepest hole
of loneliness where no one can understand you
and you are forced to somehow
go through your life without anyone
knowing who you are.
it is as if you are a hamster.

why i am a poet

few years ago
i had an amazing idea
for an artwork
which would connect people
in a new way
never seen before
and would change
everything in art
but i was super lazy
to even write an email
about it.

rafael asked me about death

i wrote a lot of poems about rafael
and a lot of poems about death
but not so many about rafael and death.
finally rafael called me to ask me
about my father’s death
and it gave me an idea this poem
about rafael and death.
thank you rafael.

ryder ripps

for a while
i wanted to write a poem
about ryder ripps
but then i was distracted
by my father’s death
and i can not remember
if i did write a poem about him
and i am too lazy
to use control eff to search
but i am still impressed
by him or something he did
but i do not remember what
because i was distracted

100 % pissed off at my father’s funeral

i was pissed off
7 % that my father died
23 % that I will die
59 % that my children will die
12 % that Irena will die
84 % that everyone else will die

my father died

i was very lazy
to write this poem
but i did it


i am waiting
for my father to die
for my mother to die
and for me to die
and hopefully no one else

wife must pay her husband debt

i watched a short porn film
about wife who has sex with many men
as a payment for her husband’s debt.

i was wondering:
how much was the debt?
what were the conditions of the debt?
why did they agree on the exchange for sex?
and how did they measure
the amount of sexual satisfaction
of all the creditors
as the replacement for the debt?

let’s fix it

moving ideas away from each other make people stupid.
this is why i will try to
bring christianity, philosophy, and science
closer together in a single poem:
christianity, like any religion,
is our message to us
which represents eternal questions
which we must answer
so our consciousness mixes
with other consciousnesses in the universe
so together we outlive the universe.
we will reach heaven when
our consciousness wins over our impulses
and forgiveness is an exercise
in our path to heaven.
god is future us and
soul is our consciousness.
the main differences are mainly in terminology.
i hope this makes everything better now.

7 reasons to have kids

they are literally you,
you create and shape another conscious being,
they expand your capacity for love,
they help you understand yourself
they make you better,
they offer the highest level of connection,
they are your best friend.


i live with constant guilt
for forgetting
all the great ideas i had
while taking a shower
and that i deprived humanity
of these great ideas
due to my inability to
memorize while showering.
i am so sorry.
please forgive me.

universe is really stupid

universe has gravity
which works in such a way
that the entire universe
will end up as a bunch of black holes

reading my own poems

i only read my poems
after i forget
that i wrote them
which is exactly
17 years and 3 mins
after i wrote them.

6 september 2021

first jean-paul belmondo died
of old age
and I was reminded
how we will all die.

but then michael k. williams died
which is an accident
and I decided
that death is not an obligation.

thank you michael k. williams.

happy birthday ai weiwei

i hope you make
at least billion euros
better you
than them


i can not resent taliban
they are simply
super terrified of death
so they come up
with all these
hopefully pathetic solutions to it
and that is no different
from anyone else i ever met.

except few people who
have the balls to look the death
in the eyes and say
i do not give a fuck.
but they are not taliban.

theo the artist

theo wanted to be an artist
first he went to art school
then he quit the art school
then he lived in the mountains
then he bought the most expensive paint
then he refused to speak
then he fell in love
then he became sensitive
and then he finally became an artist
just before he died

kylo ren poem

that day i killed
my father

smartest poem so far

are you ready?
here goes!

our consciousness is
not in our brains
but is accessed
by our brains.

everyone is religious
because our whole lives
we give gifts to gods
so they spare us
from death.

progress of humanity
is hijacked
by those
who fear the most.

do you like it?
am i smart?


business people pretend
to be artists.
artists pretend
to be business people.
are assholes.

trump message to melania

dear melania,
i am here for you
and you know
how much i love
and respect you.
i am sorry that
you were attacked
and i am worried
how much i can do
to protect you.
i know you have
sacrificed so much
for my goals.
i will love you forever.
your donald.

kanye west death

i hope
kanye west dies before me
his music is
the most perfect representation
of how a person changes through life
and i want to see the whole thing

i fucking hate love

i hate
that i love so much
everyone including
my parents, girlfriend, kids, friends,
and random people.

i fucking hate it
to the point when
i want to just
kill everyone
because i love them
so much.

kanye west

he is an artist
who decided
to make art
in the real world,
which is kind of
the only real art.

my dad

he survived again.
well done.
maybe he really is
i hope my kids
think i am indestructible


capitalism is not about capital.
it is about letting everyone try
to cheat death
and become immortal.

the most perfect apology

john cena
has shown all of us
how to apologize.
no one will ever
as well as he did.
he is the einstein
of apologies.
he will never do
anything so well
as his apology.
thank you john.

british imperialism

any culture
which made a huge croissant
and placed a huge steak inside of it
deserves to rule
all the small islands
in the middle of the ocean


first trash it
how dirty and primitive it is
and when it is dead and gone
then miss it and love it
as lost beauty and value.
repeat forever

miltos is a villain

miltos is a level three villain
in the art video game.
you need to beat him
to reach level four.
there are seventy six levels.
i am still at level two.
rafael is level forty two.
my kids are level one.

the promise of friendship

i will be
your last friend
who licks your ass
after your
explosive spicy
bloody diarrhea.

shut the fuck up about isreal and palestine

if you have never been
a civilian caught up in the middle
of a civil war
and your only knowledge of war
comes from movies and news
then you should kindly
shut the fuck up
about israel and palestine.

you should recognize
when you have no real knowledge
about something
and when you are
programmed by media.

if you want to really learn
about war
then call me at
+381 63 268906
and i will teach you.

israel vs palestine

as someone
who grew up
during a ten year
civil war in yugoslavia
i am choosing the side
of people who
do not give a fuck about war
and just want to
play video games and
eat good food and
travel and
go to the beach,
and i am against
the people who
keep fucking this up
with stupid wars.


i am getting a suspicion that
for cryptoassets to grow
no one needs to ruin a small country,
fire half of the employees,
or destroy things.


it is most likely
that no alien civilization
will be as stupid as we were
to bother with building
such useless technology
as spaceships.

most likely they will
figure out how to live
a long and happy life
in the environment
they grew up in.

welcome to my newsletter

i was thinking about
sending my poems as a newsletter
and i never did it
until now.

life lesson number one

let me try put this life lesson
into a semi decent poem:
the main thing about
the things you have
is that they cost more
to keep then to get.
and i am not talking about
houses and money and that stuff.
hope that makes
some sense to someone.

magical moments part one

california desert fire with irena, steven, sara
fluorescent algae in south africa with ivan
tim joking in a race in south africa
waking up next to marko
ivan joking about math in sweden
making a sandwich in australia
snowboarding over a deep untouched snow in serbia
diving deep in thassos
setting a tetris record in thassos
swimming in the dark in a fjord in a race in norway
running out of gas with rafael in italy
snowboarding with sofija in serbia
swimming with marko on my back in france
arguing on stage in vicenza
downhill mountain biking in belgrade

i wrote this poem

i just felt like writing a poem
because writing a poem
makes me feel
like i did something
really good

a sad day

i saw a huge wasp
in my office
and i had to kill it.
i squeezed it with a piece
of toilet paper
and i heard and felt
its body crush and crack.
i did not feel good about it
but it had to be done.

a perfect tweet

thank you @3fmusic
for buying deep blue!
once again,
i was not expecting this.
thank so much.
i will keep on
making work as always.
thanks thanks thanks.

the first link in a poem

this is the first time
i am using a link
in a poem

Rafael epic win

On a dark day
With blue skies
And a shadowy moon

A hero of unsung strength
Has entered a Dutch town
And forever changed our reality

His face was flat
And feet were yellow
And his name is Rafael Rozendaal

But he is none other
Than a digital artist
Who believed in equal rights of paper

He entered in a discussion
Against an evil lord
Another digital artist whom I shall not name

This lord was selling a prophecy
That paper has ended
And only digital will be craved

And our hero Rafael
Was challenged and scared
For a moment shorter than a fart

But his superior heroic brain
Calculated a reply which buried
Any hope the evil lord cherished

Rafael asked the lord
What does he have on his walls:
Paper or digital?

At that historic moment
A black hole of desperation
Ate the last atom of evil lord’s hope

As he understood
That he was lying to himself
All these wins

It was clear
To all those who have a decent brain
That Rafael won

And that paper and digital
As an art form
Are equal

Thus was concluded
The great battle of digital artists
And new era started

It is an era of
Tasty hamburgers with lots of onions
And electric cars that smell like shampoo

An era which is created and protected
By our unsung hero
Rafael Rozendaal

winner’s reward

greatest pleasure
over the enemies
is when we hire them
for low wages
to do shitty jobs.
this is more pleasurable
than murder or rape
or any other violence
because it is
so long and constant.
to the winners
it can give
a 20 year orgasm.
as an employer
I have to fight
this instinct every day.
so far it never won.
maybe one day
it will.

a war poem

my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend’s father
was killed in a weird way.
he helped an enemy family
so after the war they
picked him up at work,
took him to the woods,
and gave him a grenade
to blow himself up.
and he did it.

a perfect moment

i waited months
to write this poem
about a perfect moment
i had in a supermarket.

after this moment
all moments will be
compared to it.


i am both
happy and sad
that i never went to war
and killed hundreds

julian assange

he gave his life
so we can pretend
that our fantasies
are better than
the reality
which is
a fancy way
to say
he is as useful
as crossfit


pain on a tv
is much more bearable
than the pain
in the head

black lives matter mission

enter the twenty second century
with a guarantee that
government employees
will not choke people to death
for ten minutes
in broad daylight
in public places
at least.

jaden smith

jaden is a good son
he makes more money
than his father will
and helps his father
by producing his movies
and fixing his ferrari
and buying him jewelry


if you are proud
that you are not proud
you are not modest
so basically
it might not be possible
to be modest


human species have already
evolved into ubermensch.

ubermensch live among us
and are million times smarter than we are.

but they do not care to do anything special
and we do not know about them.

coronavirus poem

this is
the most boring poem
ever written


you can be liberated
only if you change your mind
at least a hundred thousand times.

changing your mind
less than that many times
is not really liberating.

the art of rafael rozendaal

behind every act
there is a wish
and rafael’s wish
is that we can all have fun
while robots serve us.

rafael makes art for
year ten thousand
which makes no sense today
which is why
it is so important today.

rafael is from the future
tell us what we can become
if we do not blow ourselves up
in a nuclear war.

top chart year 4,000

lazy lazy by lazy
mars sucks by saturn lovers
i wanz on panz by i k x e y
zoomy by george
jayma is shwarma from parma by sarma


my youngest son was in the hospital
and my girlfriend was with him.
my other kids were with their dad
so i was alone at home
and it was a bit sad and boring.

but then i invented
an onion and melted camembert on rye sandwich!

this bug is my hero

i found a bug in the hallway
and threw it in the toilet.
an hour later i went to pee
and the bug was still there swimming.
i felt sorry for it
but i really needed to pee
so i peed on it and flushed.
i felt bad about doing it but i did it.
the bug did not get flushed
and kept swimming.
i was very happy.
i made a little stick out of toilet paper
and took it out
and released it outside.
i hope it had a great life
with a great family and an awesome career
and lots of kids and grand kids.
this bug is my hero.

a perfect day

i was taking a shower
and i spotted a shampoo bubble
on the shower door.
in my entire life
i never saw a bubble like that.
for a moment
i was thinking to take a photo
but then i decided
to just let it be,
and then i blew it off.
then i decided to
write this poem,
but i panicked that i might
forget the bubble.

thank you marina abramovic

my son said hi to you.
we took a photo of you and him.
you said you like my sweater.
i gave it to you.
i asked you to join us for dinner.
you did not make it.
i asked you to send us a photo
of you wearing the sweater.
you sent one.
we loved it.
this is how everyone
in the world should behave.

writing poetry

writing poetry
is the hardest thing ever
because you have to
intensively think
about death
every day


the more successful
we are
the better bargaining position
we have with death,

true love

if we really love
our children
we will be complete
assholes to them
so they hate us
and never get sad
because we died

my last words will be a joke

it took me
four months
to write
this poem


if i knew the exact moment of my death
i would burn myself a minute before
so i can be like thich quang duc

three key life moments

the last conversation
the conversation before that
and the conversation before that


as a father
i was preparing myself mentally
to use my body as a shield
against falling rocks.
i was meditating
about rocks piercing my skin
breaking my ribs and shuttering organs
while I am still keeping the position
protecting my kids under me.
my hands and legs
must not move
even though my spine is crushed.
I was only sorry
about them seeing my blood
so I focused on smiling.


I was reading
about the black plague
on wikipedia
just in case
i am transported
back in time
to the late fourteenth century
and I get a chance
to save the people
and become a hero.

how to sell art

to sell art to dentists, bankers, and lawyers
art needs to tie the room together
and artist must not embarrass them

amazing beauty

i experienced a moment
of unbelievable beauty
for only a nanosecond.
i was fat and in my bed,
the room was dark
and i moved the playstation controller
up and down
and it casted a shadow
on the wall
which i saw in the mirror.
some people never experience
such beauty
in their entire life.

how to be smart

the best motivator
to be smart
is fear.
the more afraid you are
the smarter you are.
the more comfortable you are
the stupider you are.


nature’s half-arsed solution
to a limited memory problem
is a superficial opinionated mess
oversold and overpromoted
by the old whose brains
started deleting old files
decades ago

forty year old man checklist

few extra kilos per year
back pain
maybe whiskey
definitely beer
german car
wake up alarm for sex
everything is a ten year plan
not giving a shit
pretending to not know
how to count to sixty

method acting

a sexy actress got
an important role
to play a paralyzed woman
and to play it better
she broke her own back
and this freaked out everyone
and they cancelled the movie.

sci-fi poetry

no special effect is as good
as the imagination of a person
reading a poem.

thank you oppenheimer

nuclear bomb
made everyone smarter
by a factor of gazillion.

it transformed ultranationalism
from a serious state policy
into cheap talk for moronic assholes.

the first nuclear explosion
was the birth
of real diplomacy.

hurry up, facebook

at some point
facebook algorithms
will discover
immortal people
who have been
hiding from us
for many millennia.



Vinutna Blue Ivy is so very wrong in his Quora answer to What should I never do in writing poetry?

It says:
Short titles is good!
Grammar should is perfect!!
Not use punctuation a lot!!!

value of a family

when chris hemsworth
got the role of thor
he realized he needed
to pump up
as much and as fast he could.

he could only
trust his family
to get the steroids for him.

goal setting

in my last minute
of my life
i want to tell
the best joke ever
and make
everybody laugh

depressing shit

kids pool empty for weeks
alone in a big house
no hidden candy


there is no proof
that long time ago
humans were not
super mega intelligent
and at some point
infected by
a stupidity virus.

siu vásquez

she is a post-it note
ideology is not a chit chat
but life and death stuff.

my first neen poetry workshop

i hope
that someone
will actually
do the whole thing
and publish
their poem online

forgive us children

for disappointing you
by not doing more
to make the world better.
we were lazy and stupid
maybe we could have
skipped sleeping or slept more.
i do not know.
if you also
disappoint your kids
just copy paste this poem.

miltos maxxi show

the last attempt
to save this universe
from the idiots
was ruined
by the laziness.
but everybody was happy.
and miltos can die now.
fuck it.
this universe can
remain idiotic
few hundred years more.


technology is useless
unless it improves our
emotional capacity.


the worst tragedy
is to come up with a great idea
and forget it a minute after.

what is left is
only a feeling
of utter inability and neglect.

kings and queens

kings and queens
can be only if they
get on a stage
and argue
with the hundred
smartest biggest haters,
which is what
every other person
must do every day.

religious are stupid

christians, muslims, jews
are stupid
and they do not understand
anything about the religion.

abraham, jesus, and muhammad
are not a single person.
religion is not a fun story
with a punchline.

abraham is us.
jesus is us.
muhammad is us.
they are not something outside.

growing up defined

growing up
is an einstein rosen bridge
from a creative fun plan
to a piece of shit money planet
made by those
who never had any creative fun.


sooner or later
police will come
to your door
and send your kids
to kill or be killed

the horror

there is nothing worst
than forgetting
it is as if part of you
never existed

turning 40

living so long is boring.
I think we were not meant
to live so long.
I can not remember
most of my life anyway
because it is so long.
the only thing that makes sense
is to be with the kids.
now i just have to
invent some stuff to do
to fill few more years.
I miss war.

why write poems

there is nothing
faster than a poem
when it comes to
telling the truth
about the universe

ren hang dies

on facebook i saw
an image of a poem
which appeared like mine
but it was a poem
by ren hang.
i got scared
that he did the same thing
i wanted to do
but before me.
i felt angry at him
and sorry for my laziness.
but then i read that he died
and i felt safe again.
also i read few of his poems
and they seemed depressing
and my poems are not depressing.
so i won in my mind for now.

business plan

if someone
had shown me
a business plan
for a human life
i would have never invested
in my own life
and would skip
my own birth.

purpose of love

love has
an amazing power
to make
the most useless
and stupid person
into a laser focused
go getter.
without it
we would all be
couch potatoes.

old poetry

long time ago
poems manipulated
the readers
with cheap emotions
and distracted
with useless rhyme.
well, not anymore.

identity is

relative only to the entire universe
focused only on the smallest particles
yet accessible for anything and everything

rip miltos manetas

time transformed
a perfect human
into a fear algorithm
by erasing his
empathy and vision

mexican revolution 2017

josefer asked me to write a poem
about the mexican revolution of 2017
my advice to all mexican revolutionaries
is to quit the revolution
and open an offshore company
and not let the illusion of a nation
enslave them
and fight for the country of one


i survived wars
and financial crashes
i will survive
skipping cake
for one night
as well

nationalism explained

the nationalism gene
is so strong in me
i just watched a documentary
about orcas killing sharks
and i was extremely proud
that a mammal is killing
the toughest fish
because i am a mammal
and fuck those fish

how anarchism looks like

citizenship is sold in a supermarket
taxes are voluntary
voting is for cool stuff only

an even better reason why you should write poetry

you should be prepared
for your last words

thank you Juan Joya Borja

you should win
a nobel peace prize
for El Risitas

a perfect poet

thinks like a
hundred year old
feels like a
two year old

death is a gift

death is the ultimate deadline.
without death we would be lazy
and not make any kids
and kids are important
because they are
better versions of us.

poem for trump clinton putin farage merkel and all the other representatives

i have had enough
of the politicians bombarding me
with fake bullshit drama.
all they want is power
to represent me
without accountability.
fuck that!
they are all the same
and they all play the game
against us.
true freedom does not
include a representative
but direct democracy
on issues.
and do not fall for that
brexit trap.
that is not it.
that is another fake trick
by the representatives
to get in our minds
and get us excited
about bullshit.
they are all the same.
the good and the bad ones.
we do not need representatives.
fuck them!

austin lee

i agreed with austin lee
to write a poem about him
in exchange for his portrait
of my family.

i am not sure
if it is a fair bargain
because the poem will be
only about him
and i will be
only one of the five people
in the portrait.

it would be fair
if my three kids and my girlfriend
would also write poems about him,
or if all of us would write together
a poem about him.

but life is not fair
and it will only get worst from now on
and we learn to roll with the punches
and one of the most important things in life are friends
and i hope austin lee will be my friend
just like rafael rozendaal is,
and wyne veen, and angelo plessas.
because compounding benefits of friendship
are transgenerational
and that is why i made this investment
in an austin lee poem
because that is the only thing i care about today
is my kids friendships in two thousand fifty.

the awesome idea of christianity

an almighty god
just stood and watched
a bunch of idiots
torture and kill his only son.

his son was begging him for help
but he remained silent
so he could save the entire human race
including the idiots.

someone in a desert
thousands of years ago
came up with this story
and converted few billion people.

well done.

that time when i almost killed my son

my son and i woke up together.
we were alone.
we went down to the kitchen
and he wanted to eat a kiwi.
i scooped the kiwi with a spoon
thinking how i can cut out a nice big piece.
i was happy he wanted kiwi in the morning.
i gave the piece to him.
i realized it was big for him
but was confident he can chew it.
he tried hard.
but he started choking.
i flipped him upside down
holding his leg with one arm
and tapping his back with another.
he spat out one piece.
he continued to choke.
i again flipped him over
and started tapping his back.
there was no one to help me.
his life depended on how i tap his back.

super expert

we are all very talented
to do stuff
but our biggest talent
is to ignore death.
as soon as we think of it
we are super experts
in immediately ignoring it.

halloween poem


our son will be a dwarf

we will save money
on clothing and tickets.
he will eat and drink less
and we do not need to
buy a bigger bed.
he will be lighter to carry.
he can be a jockey
or an investment banker.
he could invest
all the money we save
on food, beds, clothing, and tickets.

brexit logic

half of the world
only one nation
in the world.

another half wants
around ten million nations
in the world.

we could make
half of the world
one nation,
and the other half
ten million nations,
and see what happens.

fabrica reunion

i wish pieter hugo
would come to the fabrica reunion
because i still feel extremely bad
that he thought
that i deliberately pushed him
after i was his guest in his home
for a whole week.
although i did not do it
and i said i am sorry hundred times
and he understood each time
i still need to see
true forgiveness on his face.

most important man in the world

to be the most important man in the world
you first need to be able to
breathe, sleep, pee, and poo

report on writing poetry for more than a decade

i still get these amazing ideas
for poems which should change the world.
i get them while i am
driving or showering.
and i think:
this one i will write down
and share online
and the world will love me
and everything will change.
by everything i really think everything.
like, we will not drive but fly.
and internet will be in our minds.
that sort of change.
and then i forget the poem.
and it is the same stupid problem
i had ten years ago
when i started writing poetry.
the worst thing about it is
i do not care so much that i forget.
i do not care that i did not
change the whole world
and made everybody love me.
and even worst worst worst thing is
that i do not care that i do not care.

afterlife happiness and paranoia

i physically died
but i was still conscious.

it took me few moments
to realize that this is afterlife,
that i exist as a spirit
and that i did not end
with my body.

i felt enormously happy.
i was terrified of death
all my life
and there is no death.

but then i thought
what if this ends as well?