1317 do my poems make you happy?
1316 i will be in los angeles
1315 trust issues
1314 empathy
1313 sci-fi poem 3
1312 history of power
1311 i am sorry for pathetic
1310 my answer to all war questions
1309 what is my age?
1308 european double negatives
1307 analysis of the USA political crisis
1306 genocide defined 2
1305 a scottish accent poem
1304 one god feeling
1303 end backpacks now! please
1302 what is your favorite movie?
1301 art is hard!
1300 hollywood hates humans
1299 hotel towels
1298 an interesting interest
1297 i am very very very sorry
1296 poems for friends
1295 truth about visas
1294 90 min only
1293 do you still believe
1292 product designers to the rescue
1291 consuming vs making
1290 boeing investing dilemma
1289 who not to join? part 2
1288 who not to join? part 1
1287 the only bad idea
1286 quizat haderach
1285 poems in serbian
1284 short term rentals expose racism
1283 12 years a slave
1282 first english, than the world
1281 i am again very sorry
1280 signs of centralization
1279 understand violence
1278 a fast food experience
1276 democracy is a scam
1275 shabalozia is free!
1274 investigative (real) journalists
1273 morality
1272 ai art
1271 thank you for ass cheeks
1270 virtual thinking
1269 school shootings and climate crisis
1268 i do not like books
1267 meaning is subjective
1266 some pets are slaves
1265 the stock market
1264 morality, rules, laws
1263 parliament is a scam
1262 tucker putin interview
1261 i am funny. not
1260 i want to be a mother
1259 google is a scam
1258 not a bathroom
1257 the truth about writing
1256 the future of poetry
1255 how to choose a movie
1254 clouds report 5 february 2024
1253 free palestine and israel
1252 duty
1251 eric schmidt does not care about ukraine
1250 silicon valley business tip
1249 eric schmidt’s killer drones
1248 thesis poem – crime is a metric or design
1247 genocide defined
1246 limits of ai
1245 independence scale
1244 you are an asshole if
1243 all of us know
1242 my social media addiction
1241 extreme compassion
1240 different life choices
1239 miracle
1238 i am sorry for the office
1237 languages i speak
1236 be ugly and obnoxious
1235 the first poem of 2024
1234 please donate for my 46th birthday
1233 universe with kids
1232 i am sorry for not fixing the world
1231 poem frequency
1230 i hate italy
1229 super smart
1228 innovationism manifesto 1
1227 saturday poem
1226 accidents do not repeat
1225 i wanted to write a poem
1224 underwear and socks
1223 i do not like hollywood
1222 find my secret book online
1221 career advice 1
1220 instagram inspiration
1219 worst situations for a risky fart
1218 cleaning teeth twice a day
1217 learn to believe
1216 metaphors are stupid
1215 politicians
1214 silicon valley
1213 how to never have bad things
1212 how to make the world better
1211 the truth about spies and tennis
1210 how i publish my poems
1209 lazy poem
1208 did we land on mars?
1207 happy 18th birthday sofija
1206 i forgive ye, i hope he forgives us
1205 corny but true
1204 japanese miniaturizing conspiracy
1203 purpose of art
1202 matthew perry
1201 communism and capitalism
1200 my future book
1199 how to manage rewarding
1198 i love the real war
1197 the truth about politicians
1196 no poem today
1195 art vs product
1194 not a poem about clouds
1193 not a poem about my friend
1192 smart phones and social media are awesome
1191 universe is ours
1190 how to end israel palestine conflict now
1189 really bad poems
1188 real estate and inflation
1187 do not blame religion
1186 fuck books
1185 single ideology lovers
1184 confusing poem
1183 israel vs palestine again
1182 the karen phenomenon
1181 sorry, i am racist
1180 balenciaga again
1179 i am starting to work for my first solo show
1178 why is art so important?
1177 really bad poems
1176 what should this poem be about?
1175 richard dawkins is wrong
1174 why are my poems so short?
1173 old person dilemma
1172 “laka” pesma za pamćenje
1171 i am italian
1170 it happened! v3
1169 it happened! v2
1168 it happened!
1167 ich habe einen traum
1166 leader defined
1165 actor vs celebrity
1164 make fun of stereotypes
1163 milano 2023
1162 the reason?
1161 are you a good writer?
1060 rafael’s large shape
1159 not everything is math
1158 no shame in dying
1157 we never fully die
1156 thank you, artists
1155 fuck grammar!
1154 my life mission
1153 death of hollywood
1152 definition of poetry
1151 my father
1150 the truth, again
1149 all ideologies and religions
1148 sex and passports
1147 i believe
1046 hollywood obsession with death
1045 relax
1044 long fun life?
1043 really!
1042 top 100 software companies
1041 a very important poem
1040 the importance of cinema
1039 more directors
1038 finding and losing god
1037 modernist anxiety
1036 easy relationships
1035 poems on social media
1034 do not be cool
1033 tomato
1032 everything is a story
1031 internet story 1: elon and massimo
1030 i will never
1029 i am very famous
1028 god does not speak
1027 the future of rap
1025 very lazy
1124 all i need is 20 minutes
1123 i will try
1122 i will resist
1121 math is very smart
1120 unabomber is dead
1119 do we need religious books?
1118 simon knows people
1117 reason
1116 art industry statistics
1115 i love my kids
1114 algorithms
1113 purpose of visualization
1112 some people
1110 life is very long
1109 i am a pacifist who loves war
1108 are movies good?
1107 sadness
1106 shubert’s ave maria
1105 i want a cloud poem
1104 death as magic
1103 children vs travel?
1102 is death the end?
1101 my favorite towel 2
1100 i am in thessaloniki, again
1099 how new york got its name
1098 ai effect on writing
1097 if i do not
1096 we make the language
1095 my favorite towel
1094 coca cola dilemma
1093 machine learning
1092 clouds again
1091 belgrade, 4 may 2023
1090 you can end school shootings
1089 lonely ideas
1088 the power of poetry
1087 i want more than 1000 years
1086 art industry
1085 jesus got scared
1084 the naivety of modernists
1083 money protects us
1082 soft socks
1081 are you a messiah?
1080 fatherhood
1079 compassion
1078 shitty art is ok, not art is not ok
1077 science vs religion
1076 power vs making stuff
1075 who designs ai?
1073 let’s meet in NYC
1072 all is meaningful
1071 men in skirts
1070 another jesus was here?
1069 today i will
1065 dead poets society is wrong
1064 the truth about lies
1063 all people are good
1062 do not give up on us
1061 referencing art
1060 meaning of life
1059 vanessa’s superpower
1058 how to fix the world
1057 the mystery of smoking
1056 cold baths
1055 sevdah requirements
1054 humiliation
1053 sunday 12 march 2023
1052 lost poem
1051 bible
1050 i was watching golf and…
1049 good timing
1048 quality of writing
1047 jordan peterson error 1
1046 while i drift into nihilism
1045 style
1044 artwork i never made
1043 meaning
1042 poem about poems
1041 another shitty poem
1040 feminism usefulness
1039 the cost of change
1036 say no to hyping!
1035 i am not a poet
1034 i might give up
1033 the error of the great
1032 a perfect poem
1031 the real challenge
1030 perfection disability
1029 not becoming an idiot
1028 how chatgpt works
1027 never be small
1026 thank you soldiers
1025 thank you henry rollins
1024 dictionary wars
1023 digital art
1022 it is ok to hate
1020 shitty poetry manifesto
1019 social pressure
1018 generalization is not smart
1017 snot happiness
1016 i forgot how to write poems
1015 99 % of energy
1014 superstition
1013 representative democracy
1012 imagination is dying
1011 generalization murders children
1010 iq score is racist
1009 adopt all ideologies in five minutes
1008 isolation is not luxury
1007 morality
1006 truth about my cloud poems
1005 socialism and capitalism
1004 erinnere mich
1003 repentance
1002 which tech liberate us?
1001 we are limited
1000 this is ok
999 i have a dream
998 this poem pisses me off
997 poetry is shit
996 embrace complexity
995 thank you celebrities
994 clones
993 pray for korea
992 a new poem
991 the new censorship
990 are you sick?
989 technology 2
988 challengers are no better
987 buddhist christian
986 why am i critical?
985 x games
984 i have beaten obesity
983 failure after failure
982 merry christmas
981 please donate for pavle
980 no poems about clouds
979 the genius of mozart
978 one of the saddest dinners ever
977 be in control
976 how to avoid wars
975 how to spot centralization
974 the lost west
973 pay least taxes possible
972 this is not an ai poem
971 the heart of snowboarding
970 global market prediction
969 global art production stats 2024
968 wisdom tutorial 5
967 wisdom tutorial 4
966 wisdom tutorial 3
965 purpose of war
964 hidden in plain sight
963 is life easier?
962 the limit of mercedes
961 did we destroy all art?
960 usa
959 simple history of big ideas
958 mysterious anger
957 fable about animals
956 what is not good?
955 balenciaga
954 complexity of language
953 wisdom tutorial 2
952 dominique young unique
951 self-enslavement
950 stories
949 wisdom tutorial 1
948 social media future
947 fear of common sense
946 understanding money
945 artists forget
944 a cloudless day
943 manhattan
942 my poor grammar
941 parent’s dilemma
940 true listener
939 tower of babel
938 are you a slave?
937 new shirt
936 principles
935 kamikaze design
934 consciousness levels
933 einstein is wrong
932 universe is on fire
931 power dynamics
930 there is always one more side to take
929 very sad
928 be careful
927 lost memories
926 bullshit makes us weak
925 leo will not save us
924 i am not special
923 recession is coming!
922 globalization
921 definition of exploitation
metaphor and irony
919 talk about ideas only
918 what is the name of evil?
917 liking helps
916 meaning wins over style
915 the new religion?
914 a road to god
913 marketing should be better
912 good and bad
911 your purpose
910 peacemaker, maybe
909 the real goal of ai
908 why be a shitty philosopher or a shitty poet
907 conflict and war are not natural
906 how to end racism
905 the truth about racism
904 i am sorry
903 all i want
902 how to be a hero
901 bullshit defined
900 do not be a fool
899 food is information
898 evolution of freedom
897 embrace your freedom
896 traditional values
895 are there absolute values?
894 entertainment is meaningless
893 celebrities will never be free
892 how strong are you?
891 friendship
890 emotional manipulation is fear and death
889 world full of philosophers is better
888 how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps
887 stupid warriors
886 we decided
885 real estate effect
884 crises eating system
883 the meaning crisis
882 kanye west is the new slobodan milosevic
881 more and more processes
880 sexual education poem 7
879 sexual education poem 6
878 fuck adobe
877 never forget
876 sexual education poem 5
875 sexual education poem 4
874 sexual education poem 3
873 sexual education poem 2
872 sexual education poem 1
871 three best serbian ideas so far
870 ranting artists
869 crazy
868 open evil
867 what’s the difference?
866 choose ye that you need?
865 thank you vietnam vets
864 sometimes
863 typical sunday
862 we are not a collective?
861 oscillating complexity
860 the goal of automation
859 three types of nationalism
858 the last sex
857 how to be a great writer
856 ideas and products
855 two types of people
854 reject superman, he is fear
853 how my ceo brain works
852 developing consciousness 2
851 developing consciousness 1
850 i am a great writer
849 methods that do not work
848 metamodernism on complexity
847 usa failure
846 say no to rhyme
845 i want the old chelsea
844 visual art
843 truth
842 vb93
841 evolution has stopped
840 what is and is not art
839 instagram
838 i hope i never become famous
837 not reporting rape
836 i am afraid of green people
835 the steve jobs trick
834 shitty short poems
833 relaxing poem
832 Italiano
831 Gedicht für die deutschen Führer
830 expand your consciousness
829 artificial intelligence is scary
828 supply and demand automation
827 ying and yang
826 giorgia meloni
825 i forgive will smith
824 tradition explained
823 metamodernism explained 3
822 these short poems
821 viking death
820 this world is still cruel :(
819 you do not care about money
818 do not visit belgrade
817 metamodernism explained 2
816 more truth about hollywood
815 stagnation means decline
814 the value of science
813 loss of humanity
812 say no to the russian draft
811 true art has no celebrities
810 i hope to fix the world
809 another poem about clouds
805 there is no word for death
804 always a soldier
803 russia and will smith
802 metamodernism is indirect
801 atheist poem
800 before i die
799 metamodernism explained
798 beckham crying for the queen
797 national anthems
796 redemption through metamodernism
795 secrets in our language
794 previous poem is for marko
793 Pesma za Marka
792 public “extreme” thinkers
791 metamodernism
790 shorter poems
789 there is no beauty
788 only some can be physicists
787 war crimes
786 nietzsche and kant are stupid
785 just hacking million years old emotions
784 one hour after
783 my art is still free
782 the failure of game of thrones
781 professional poets and philosophers
780 meeting kyle studstill
779 conflict between tradition and modernism
778 hitler’s penis
777 gandalf
776 super shitty poem 1
775 the death of david lynch
774 efficiency is not a value
773 chest pain and shortness of breath
772 sci-fi poem 2
771 ai poetry
770 how to be free
769 artificial intelligence
768 my gesture for che zara blomfield
767 what it takes
766 body
765 cash bribery is equality
764 crypto assets global conspiracy
763 complaining about the world
762 creative industries
761 i failed in not reacting
760 i will not react anymore
758 learning and trust struggle
757 shutting people up
756 thank you joshua james clancy
755 the freedom of poetry
754 how not to write poems
753 critical thinking poem – brushing teeth
752 my visual art
750 the new prince
749 when i become famous
748 i did not know what to write about
747 numbering my poems
746 a perfect poem which saves all people
745 hundred little germans
744 perfect management team
743 money does not matter
742 nelson mandela
741 rafael rozendaal art is great
740 today i became funny
739 looking at things
738 free yourself from everything
737 imagining our evil
736 i will stick with shitty poems
735 error
734 tourism
733 the truth about abortion
732 usa abortion ban
731 friends
730 lies
729 we do not need julian assange
728 the best way to be an artist
727 my shitty visual art
726 generational continuity
725 nostalgia
724 philosophers are liars
723 hunger for knowledge
722 cringe
721 leave the porsche owners alone!
720 salvador dali
719 diarrhea!
718 the fine line
717 children
716 wisdom is change, change is wisdom
715 i never lied to you
714 stages of life
713 gianni versace
712 another simpler poem about sicily
711 here is a simpler poem
710 i want to be a visual artist
709 jean-paul belmondo
708 future of media
707 belgrade clouds are gone
706 easiest way to help
705 the sick rose by william blake
704 nature is stupid
703 hollywood v2
702 numbers
701 manufacturing
700 belgrade clouds
698 prostitutes are super smart
697 search engine optimization
696 dior erl sweater embroidery
695 i am still not sure
694 30 seconds a day
693 johnny depp love poem
692 sheryl sandberg loses
691 how power is used
690 why poems matter
689 we have already evolved
688 the problem with power
687 nationalist childhood
686 depressing thing about nfts
685 robb elementary school shooting
684 i numbered my poems
words change the universe
thank you fiam
james bond song
philosophy innovation
i am a nice and smart poet
circle of truth
living in the present
creating other poets
my future function
fluid gender identity
i can not end child slavery
future of feminism
only three minutes of listening to those who suffer
nuclear bomb did not save us
levels of truth seeking
harmless hypertension medicine saves lives
the truth about the world war two
tech art limitations
sadness of the queen
do not trust beauty
i will not write a poem today
crypto empathy
rules for ai art?
maybe stop forcing things to be more?
in rome we met auriea harvey
say no to artificial intelligence art
i am sorry for being away
usa killed julian assange
i miss srdjan jovanovic weiss
supermarkets are not for pussies
johnny depp vs amber heard
your life story
modern marketing
spacetime-hacking language
politician job description
politicians are incompetent
we are still in the dark ages
pro-putin art at la biennale
a free year of life
snowboarding poem 1
bebop jazz
new brooklyn brew logo
bart sibrel
doors of perception
poetry conspiracy theory 2
a happy poem
mass media
21st century philosophy
racists do not try many cakes
becoming someone else
conspiracy theories
the future of entertainment
the wisdom of noam chomsky
will smith v2
art institutionalization
super shitty poems
green tea
andy warhol is a hero
listen to rap
elon, please take me to mars
two groups of serbs
journalists love wars
sci-fi poem 1
i am a beginner philosopher
selling out
rafael says
non mangiate i due piatti di spaghetti alla bolognese per colazione
what to do now?
it is possible
uber is das beste deutsche wort
stylistic oppression
poetry conspiracy theory
i am sorry for my shitty political angry poems
how to make democracy work
hollywood is dead
another batman movie
alternative putin
alien report on humans, part 1
русским борцам за свободу
the real artwork
everyone is a genius
money is not an ideology
country defined
we are all separatists
future of the forgotten ukraine
a poem by putin
morality simplified
history of politicians
thank you putin
serbian idiots
choosing sides in war
putins and xis are the west
norman foster sustainability
i am sorry for sponsoring nato
economic sanctions
Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson
undiscovered poets
nine levels of racism
the best use of metaverse
eaten by a lion
open a social media account only for art
rio tinto protest critique
war atrocities
let’s party
i said no to being an ethnic artist
bravo leidy gellona
BBC is racist
DNA explained
serbian freedom fighters
BBC is a weapon of dictators
fuck you BBC!
BBC innovation
serbian lives matter
an act of aggression
art defined again
rafael’s art
last minutes of life
weekly poetry schedule
my existence
thank you kanye west
take it easy vanessa
art is best when
misunderstood messages
nick feinberg
mark zuckerberg conspiracy theory
shareholder value v2
marcus aurelius
nft art will fail
2nd february 2022 poems report
did you buy a supercar?
to ukranians and russians!
ukraine vs russia
where is it all going
you are a racist
two types of marketers
numbers game
alternative realities
i am very sorry, ryder ripps
so what if bayc is racist?
anti-science movement
delphine lecompte
types of great poets
the limit is near
love and hate
nfts are not art
high school days
bora stankovic
biden and putin talk about ukraine
i am 44 years old
i am a philosopher now
dad bod
freedoms we must fight for
google spell check ad
poetry is a necessary cringe
where will we live
living room poem
i am sorry cheesy poet
everyone is an artist
political duopoly is bullshit
billion followers
why writing poetry is important
le pénitentier
netflix strategy
thank you corona
200 obvious ideas by ryder ripps
why you should read my poetry
thank you to brave kazakhstani freedom fighters
eating a banana
my poems are random
the biggest lie julian assange exposed
write a business poem
usa is the best fucking country in the world
teen mom fanpage
how to write a political poem
djokovic vs morrison
mein erstes deutsches Gedicht
how to run a business
first metaverse country
real metaverse beneficiaries
houmas house
i am very sorry
person vs “creative” industry
why is writing hard?
renaissance v2
integrity uber alles
do not read one poem only
value of an idea
we are at war
do not go crazy
page 501
shareholder value
predicting the future
life lesson number one
web 3
brian eno v2
good kids
phunks is boring
fixing racism
artist levels
art history
value of decentralization
day by day
thank you massimo
why empires fall
this poem relevance
paradox 2
freedom is constant change
paradox 1
really bad restaurant
consciousness explained
nfts are the first real art
life of an idea
metaverse vs universe
dog that sucks dick
i am sorry for being gloomy
it 3
it 2
brian droitcour
women live longer
perfect time to die
not cinema according to scorsese
language limitations
why i am a poet
rafael asked me about death
ryder ripps
100 % pissed off at my father’s funeral
my father died
wife must pay her husband debt
let’s fix it
7 reasons to have kids
universe is really stupid
reading my own poems
6 september 2021
happy birthday ai weiwei
theo the artist
kylo ren poem
smartest poem so far
trump message to melania
kanye west death
i fucking hate love
kanye west
my dad
the most perfect apology
british imperialism
miltos is a villain
the promise of friendship
shut the fuck up about isreal and palestine
israel vs palestine
welcome to my newsletter
life lesson number one
magical moments part one
i wrote this poem
a sad day
a perfect tweet
the first link in a poem
Rafael epic win
winner’s reward
a war poem
a perfect moment
julian assange
black lives matter mission
jaden smith
coronavirus poem
the art of rafael rozendaal
top chart year 4,000
this bug is my hero
a perfect day
thank you marina abramovic
writing poetry
true love
my last words will be a joke
three key life moments
how to sell art
amazing beauty
how to be smart
forty year old man checklist
method acting
sci-fi poetry
thank you oppenheimer
hurry up, facebook
Vinutna Blue Ivy is so very wrong in his Quora answer to What should I never do in writing poetry?
value of a family
goal setting
depressing shit
siu vásquez
my first neen poetry workshop
forgive us children
miltos maxxi show
kings and queens
religious are stupid
growing up defined
the horror
turning 40
why write poems
ren hang dies
business plan
purpose of love
old poetry
identity is
rip miltos manetas
mexican revolution 2017
nationalism explained
how anarchism looks like
an even better reason why you should write poetry
thank you Juan Joya Borja
a perfect poet
death is a gift
poem for trump clinton putin farage merkel and all the other representatives
austin lee
the awesome idea of christianity
that time when i almost killed my son
super expert
halloween poem
our son will be a dwarf
brexit logic
fabrica reunion
most important man in the world
report on writing poetry for more than a decade
afterlife happiness and paranoia
morning joy
my 40 days old son
charlie hebdo terrorist attack
three stupidest things about nature
boss of necklaces
the essence of loneliness
the curse of knowledge
one of the most beautiful moments in my life
i am very very very sorry
one more love poem
i am an expert in
take your head electronic
i am not doing it well
why war is just such shit
i hate my penis
poem about selling
problem with parents
the last poem i will ever write
loser nobody
life is not what i expected
five things you should know about me
love poem v2
i found an angry birds space bug
i found a wordpress bug
emotion is a luxury
extreme density of expression
as nikola mentioned
glass freaks me out
fhack de spel chek
political poem
another love poem
i need to get back on my horse
five reasons why husband cries for his dead wife
ale bodo
more by usher
rafael, you went far over limits
ultimate evil
italian twelve course meal
living with a partner
make a deal with god
how to write good poetry
drying off
wildest sex
the coolest guy on planet earth
everybody and everything wants my love
essence of advertising
poem about big shit
advice to rafael
alessio sartore
The scale of cool
t j flynn part two
rafael’s drawings
two word words
t j flynn goes to canada
i wrote a poem about yale q&a expectations
worst thing ever that can happen to you
you sir
what is love
why you should write poetry
stupid entertainment names
i am so smart
tractor in the yard
mountains and stars
advice to graeme for his birthday
knowledge sucks
why people hate science and love religion and media
die antwoord
cartoon graveyard
cats are smarter
perfect breakfast
i will not sell out cheap
make parents unhappy
make parents happy
john matuszak
mega grumpy
happy bday mr clarke
the first kiss
sudden death of friend’s younger brother
in awe of myself
a very good party is
another bullshit poem about my childhood
jesus christ
brian cassidy
kenneth aronson
bill gates
karf oolhu
neenstars mai fucked
lance armstrong bumber sticker poem
toilet paper
benefits of bad memory
thank you mr. death
the truth
this is the best shirt ever
death again
the burp of truth
happy birthday miltos
at any point in my life
brushing teeth
funny poem
the way poetry was 100 years ago
miltos manetas
im really into it
rafael rozendaal
my best poem so far
training for my parents’ death
lets go to war