1314 empathy

there are people
who will crash their car
into you
just for fun
and they will laugh
while you try to kill them
with a dull knife.

some of us know
why these people do this.

1298 an interesting interest

sometimes i wonder
how famous and powerful wipe their asses.
do they do it the same way i do?
they must!
long gone are the days
when they hired people to wipe their asses.
enlightenment ended that job opportunity.
do they use wet wipes?
are they special expensive wet wipes?
do they stick their finger a little bit inside
to scoop it up?
or do they just gently fly over?
if you are famous and powerful
please call me to tell me
how you wipe your ass.
my phone is +38163268906.

1293 do you still believe

do you still believe
advertising, news, politics,
and that products are made
by people who care about you?
if you do, please call me
at +38163268906.

1283 12 years a slave

12 years a slave is
the most unrealistic movie ever
no one working on that movie
was able to imagine
how people actually behave
in such situations

1279 understand violence

violence is just a way
for some people to learn more
about others and themselves

1270 virtual thinking

when we are far
from doing things with hands
or people who do things with hands
then we start having
crazy virtual impractical ideas
which can easily kill billions

1259 google is a scam

only a fraction of google ads
are properly targeted
and they know it.

google ads could reach
people with the matching interests
but then google would make less money.

google makes most of its money
by showing ads to people
who have no interest to buy.

this is their business model.
google could have solved targeting
ages ago, but they would be poorer.

1252 duty

all knowledge
will be weaponized
and used to hurt people
so it is our duty to make
good uses of knowledge
so the bad vs good
is balanced out

1251 eric schmidt does not care about ukraine

i honestly do not think
that people
like eric schmidt
care about ukraine.

these people always wanted
to make killer drones
or some other crazy scary
murder machine.

they just waited
for the right excuse
and media atmosphere
to express themselves.

1250 silicon valley business tip

once eric schmidt’s
killer drones
blow up millions of people
without damaging
real estate and infrastructure
someone will need to clean up
all the blood and guts
and this is a great opportunity
for the next stealth
silicon valley ai genius

1248 thesis poem – crime is a metric or design

the more people are pressured
by a poorly designed inflexible system
the more crime there will be.

so there are no
naturally bad people aka criminals
but only poorly designed systems
which create criminals
out of naturally good people.

designers of systems
(and everything designed is a system)
should be careful
not to make good people into criminals
by making design errors.

bad person aka criminal
is a good person who does not fit
the design of a system
and the system does not want
to listen and adjust to them.

1244 you are an asshole if

you are an asshole
if you are making media content
which decreases smart cooperation
by promoting irrationality and division,
and if you believe people
should just shut up and buy.

1229 super smart

i am just guessing
that being super smart
is to overcome the suffering
caused by compassion
for everyone who ever lived
resulting from being super smart.

so super smart people
must be super smart enough
to save themselves
from their super smartness.

1226 accidents do not repeat

all politicians dream
of managing foreign policy
because this is one thing
where little people
can not tell them what to do.

all foreign policy
always ends up killing children.
not one or two,
but hundreds and thousands,
and tens of thousands of children.

and there is zero money
invested in advancing democracy
but there are trillions invested
in weapons that always end up
killing children.

1221 career advice 1

there are two types of people:
those who believe
only few are ubermensch
and everyone else
is not and never will be,
and those who believe
everyone is or will be
an ubermensch.

never work for the first type.
give everything you can
to the second type.

1220 instagram inspiration

was inspired by
the movie pretty woman
to connect hookers
to people with money
with a tiny promise
of conservative happiness

1185 single ideology lovers

a reminder
to all those who hope
that a single ideology
can answer all the questions:

it is impossible for
a handful of people
to solve all the problems
of all the people
who will live until the end of time.

1180 balenciaga again

poor people used to use fashion
to look rich
and hide they are poor

now rich people use balenciaga
to look poor
but still show they are rich

1173 old person dilemma

like all old people
i know that the world
is getting shittier.

and if everyone
just listened to me
everything would be better.

i also know
this is not true,
but i have no alternative.

1170 it happened! v3

and just like that
i am now
a fat guy
who gives advice to
skinny people

1168 it happened!

and just like that
i am now
an old guy
who gives advice to
young people

1166 leader defined

leader does
what people
tell them to do

1155 fuck grammar!

do not let academics, teachers,
business people, and others
take the language from you.
use the language any way you want.

you make the rules, not them.
language is made
by all people for all people.
it can never be controlled by few.

1154 my life mission

i know exactly
what my life mission is:
it is to save billions of people
from stupidity.
i just did not figure out
how to do it… yet.

1150 the truth, again

our feelings and inspiration
are the only truth
and none of our languages
can share it.

we will never know
the truth of other people
and all we will only know
our own truth.

words like god and love
are just simple lies
that do not come close
to sharing the truth.

1040 the importance of cinema

it is very important
that we know
that there are people
whom we never met
who like
the same weird scenes
as we do.

1116 art industry statistics

in a world of 8 billion people
all art is made by few thousand people
for few hundred people

1112 some people

some people are
peaceful terrorists
spies for nonexistent enemies
priests of undiscovered religions

1107 sadness

all people feel sad
when the things they know
are not understood by others.
we are made like this
so we would teach each other.
enjoy it.
have a great weekend!

1083 money protects us

without money
people would just do
bad stuff
without the limitation
of a price tag

1075 who designs ai?

some people believe
that empathy reduces growth.
hopefully, these people
are not designing ai.

1065 dead poets society is wrong

dead poets society is wrong
for glorifying only a few
dead poets.

most people today
know less than ten poets
of which most are dead.

a better film would be living poets society
which glorifies millions of poets
living amongst us.

1063 all people are good

all people are good
but not all people
have information
they need to act good

1042 poem about poems

i like to write poems
about poems
because not many people
can do something
about that something
so it is special

1039 the cost of change

10,000 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
10 people
using 1 unit of energy
to make a change for all of us

1,000 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
1,000 people
using 100 units of energy
to make a change for all of us

100 years ago
a different thinker had to convince
10,000 people
using 1,000 units of energy
to make a change for all of us

a different thinker has to convince
100 million people
using 10 million units of energy
to make a change for all of us

1012 imagination is dying

there are fewer and fewer people
who can masturbate
using imagination only

1010 iq score is racist

iq scores generalize us
with a single insignificant trait
similar to skin color, age, nationality.

we need to stop
classifying billions of people
using reductive binary tests.

we need to accept
that every human is a genius
from whom we can all learn.

1008 isolation is not luxury

i am confused
why in many cultures
isolation is sold as luxury.

since when it is a goal
to be as far away as possible
from other human beings?

when you get richer
you should be surrounded
by more people, not be alone.

971 the heart of snowboarding

the heart of snowboarding
is not a difficult jump
that looks cool on a screen
and is necessary
to sell you the new stuff.

the heart of snowboarding
is a slow easy glide
over a soft powder
on a local mountain
with people who love it too.

969 global art production stats 2024

54 % of art is made by kids
36 % of art is made by retired people
17 % of art is made as a form of therapy
12 % of art is made as interior decoration
0.3 % of art is made as commercial promotion
0.1 % of art is made as asset allocation
0.03 % of art is made as tool for social change

968 wisdom tutorial 5

ideologies and religions
allow us
to share perspectives
with billions of people
building our collective.

but they stop being useful
if they are monopolizing
our consciousness
by trying to be more than
just one of many perspectives.

962 the limit of mercedes

there is a limit
to what mercedes can do
for eight billion people
but instead of
respecting that limit
managers started making
worse cars that cost more

954 complexity of language

every word
is spoked by one person
to at least three people:
one other person, themselves, the world.

every word
can have thousands of meaning
but always has at least four meanings:
what the speaker intended to say,
what the speaker revealed accidentally,
what the listener intended to hear,
what the listener revealed accidentally.

946 understanding money

money is an invention
that facilitated
universal and unlimited
collaboration between
all people.

it is not a goal
but a tool for us
to work together.

935 kamikaze design

i have reached
the ninth level of design –
the kamikaze level –
designing products
which can change the world
but do not change it
and instead change few people
who might design products
which change the world.

i can still reach
the tenth level of design,
the god level –
designing products
which change the world.

931 power dynamics

describing power dynamics
is harder than ever before
because power has become
extremely complex and covert.

people who have power
do not know they have it
because they are protected
from changes.

people who have no power
know very well
what power is and who has it
but can not make changes.

930 there is always one more side to take

in business i support the customers.
in a divorce i support the children.
in a war i support all civilians.
in a boxing match i support sport purity.
in a political election i support the people.

929 very sad

sometimes i meet people
who are fully dedicated to something
yet they are completely useless.
i hope i am not one of them.

921 definition of exploitation

talking about problems
without fixing them
kills people

913 marketing should be better

humanity is being destroyed
by people who know our source code
and instead of helping us
have exploited it for profit

912 good and bad

we can never say:
people are good or bad.
we can always say:
ideas are good or bad.

882 kanye west is the new slobodan milosevic

kanye west is a racist antisemite.
he is a product of a system
which promotes
uneducated out of control people
above thousands of years
of science and tradition.
he is the new slobodan milosevic.

881 more and more processes

our lives are controlled by processes
designed by people
who do not care about us.

education, credits, careers, real estate
are designed to increase numbers
and decrease consciousness.

severe punishments
for choices outside these processes
create future slave generations.

first step of the resistance
is to understand that the loss of freedom
is greater than the loss process benefits.

876 sexual education poem 5

fat and dirty people
enjoy sex more
than clean and fit people.
i tried both
but i could be wrong.

855 two types of people

when will i die?
how will i die?

853 how my ceo brain works

3.1 % about money
30 % about people
99 % about changing the world

836 i am afraid of green people

i was not afraid
of green people until they
became a political weapon

792 public “extreme” thinkers

always remember that
“extreme” public thinkers
tone down what people actually want

782 the failure of game of thrones

game of thrones started great
because martin solved the problem
tolkien failed to solve:
how to tell a story without
the idiotic binary good versus bad.

but the business people
took over and simplified the story into
the idiotic binary good versus bad
thinking they can make more money
and they bored us to death.

in part it is our fault
because we constantly forget
that our minds reject
the idiotic binary good vs bad
because it is a lie.

the truth is
that we never feel a single emotion
about anything.
for example, we admire, fear, and hate a tiger
at the same time.

no matter how much
business people want us to be
simple stupid buyers
the idiotic binary good vs bad
will always bore us to death.

all business people can do
is to monopolize human storytelling
and make all stories about
the idiotic binary good versus bad
so we are left without any other choice.

776 super shitty poem 1

i think therefore i am
is not correct
because if we do not talk
to other people
we do not exist.

if we do not fight
with other people
we do not exist.

774 efficiency is not a value

if doctors become more efficient
they start to hate patients

if politicians become more efficient
they start to hate citizens

if teachers become more efficient
they start to hate students

if artists become more efficient
they start to hate people

if designers become more efficient
they start to hate beauty

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

757 shutting people up

so many people
give up on saying what they think
because for them finding pretty words is too hard.

they are shamed
for being emotional and inarticulate
into being a voiceless.

this is one of the biggest tragedies
because their thoughts are not heard
by their family and friends.

we should work harder
on helping people to express themselves
in any way and style they can.

752 my visual art

few times in my life
i made visual art
and it was fun and beautiful
but it was too slow and too much hard work.

i chose to write poetry
because it is fast and easy
and i can often change my mind
and go through hundreds of ideas.

but finally i have found
a way to make visual art
and not be bored by the hard work.
i hope it works out.

visual art is cool
and my kids might like it
more than my poetry.
and i will meet new people.

746 a perfect poem which saves all people

as i said before
my goal is to write
a perfect poem which saves all people.

to achieve this
i must practice writing every day
and focus on the most abstract level
of the human experience.

most importantly
i must find the perfect moment
to write this poem
which is the last moment of my life
when i am still fit to write.

the biggest challenge is
to know when is
my last poetry writing moment
and capture it.

726 generational continuity

i think it is a great loss
that many people have been convinced
that the next generation
should not continue the work of the past generation.
as if working for some stupid public company
is a better life option than learning from your parents
and continuing their vision.

716 wisdom is change, change is wisdom

a common way to trap people
is to build a cage within a cage
so when they break out of the first cage
they will think they are free
while in fact they are still in the second cage.

actually you can build
thousands of cages inside each other
and most of the people will think they are free
after they break out from the first cage
and will not try to break out of the second one.

708 future of media

mass media is
few people telling millions of people
how things will be

social media is
few more people telling thousands of people
how things will be

future media will be
billions of people listening to billions of people
how things will be

johnny depp vs amber heard

famous people
are famous
they want to be famous
not because they want
to make the world better

politician job description

the only real purpose
of any politician anywhere
is to decrease their power
and increase the power of people

bebop jazz

we would not have
bebop jazz
if charlie parker
did not decide to
make music
which will be disliked
by people he disliked

mass media

the more you watch mass media
the more they believe people are different

21st century philosophy

20th century
was the pinnacle
of idiotic extreme ideologies
which divided people
as much as possible

in the 21st century
anyone not working
to remove these imaginary divisions
by creating unifying ideologies
is seriously outdated


hypes come quickly
and erase old niche wisdom

hypes pass quickly
but old niche wisdom never comes back

after hundred hypes
no old niche wisdom remains

and the only thing people know how to do
is to follow more hypes

racists do not try many cakes

some people
do not want to try my cake
just because
i was born in a specific longitude and latitude
and the smallest part of my dna
has mutated slightly differently two thousand years ago

conspiracy theories

when you do not let people say what they know is true,
you reduce their communication to the stupidity of conspiracy theories

the more people are silenced
the stupider the conspiracy theory is

to make people smart and to get rid of their conspiracy theories
you must honestly listen to them

stylistic oppression

one way to oppress, coerce, and silence people
is to set aesthetic standards
that only few can adopt

how to make democracy work

for democracy to really work
we must return to how we used to live
hundred thousand years ago
when we loved people more than ideas
so when we get upset
we chose people over ideas
instead of choosing ideas over people
because ideas are stupid anyway.

choosing sides in war

in every war
i fight with all my heart
for the people of the future
who have evolved beyond war
who are equal and immortal
and enjoy their time
being smart and cool

putins and xis are the west

putins and xis are important parts of the west
and not alien evils.

the west should consider them as its product
and valuable customer feedback.

putins and xis are just like cancer:
a predictable reaction to centuries of racism and bullshit.

the west, which lied for decades about climate crisis
has no choice but to create putins and xis every few decades.

the west is simply not valuable enough
to billions of people who choose alternatives.

to win against putins and xis the west should ask everyone
what they want and then actually do that.

BBC is a weapon of dictators

BBC is the best weapon
of stupid and evil dictators.
once BBC starts saying
that people oppressed by dictators are stupid and evil
people get weaker and dictators get stronger.
to fight the dictators
oppressed people, especially children,
need support from the world,
not BBC oppression.
BBC is the best weapon
of dictatorship that ever existed.
how many dictators did BBC create? millions.
how many dictators did BBC take down? none.
check my numbers please.


the truth about srebrenica
is that some really fucked up people
did a really fucked up thing
and lots of people got hurt
and it is horrible
but it is not an an excuse
to spend entire lives
in useless hate
without innovation and equality

an act of aggression

one way to be aggressive
and really hurt people
is to strongly support their belief
that they are perfect as they are
making sure they never grow

thank you kanye west

kanye west spent
billions of dollars
millions of hours
thousands of people
only to move us forward
by less than a single percent.
thank you kanye
but we need more kanye.
do not stop!

art is best when

there is something
awesome about
saying something
to all the people who live
and will live


people speak
least with language

to understand people
ignore the language

marcus aurelius

mental prison
is most obvious
when people are rich
but still remain limited
by their thoughts.
one way to escape
this mental prison
is to become a poet.
pay me
to help you escape.

billion followers

most people just want to be happy
and make three or four other people happy.

not everyone wants to have
billion followers.

art history

art history
is the most bullshit bullshit ever
because it never mentions
the little people.
just imagine if history
was written like that:
only about the kings.
how stupid would that be!

why i am a poet

few years ago
i had an amazing idea
for an artwork
which would connect people
in a new way
never seen before
and would change
everything in art
but i was super lazy
to even write an email
about it.


i can not resent taliban
they are simply
super terrified of death
so they come up
with all these
hopefully pathetic solutions to it
and that is no different
from anyone else i ever met.

except few people who
have the balls to look the death
in the eyes and say
i do not give a fuck.
but they are not taliban.

israel vs palestine

as someone
who grew up
during a ten year
civil war in yugoslavia
i am choosing the side
of people who
do not give a fuck about war
and just want to
play video games and
eat good food and
travel and
go to the beach,
and i am against
the people who
keep fucking this up
with stupid wars.


lonely people,
like geniuses
serial killers,
have little faith
in language
leave clues
which are jokes
irrelevant discoveries.

loser nobody

there are these people
who can do so little
and yet what they do
is so powerful
and meaningful
and fresh

and then
there are these people
who want to be
like these other people
but just can not cut it

and they spend
unbelievable amounts of energy
to achieve
absolutely nothing

and their whole lives
amount to shit and piss they excreted
and nothing else

life is not what i expected

all i wanted from life
was to sleep most of the day
eat ton of cakes and not get fat

and then comes all this stuff
with people getting sick
dieing and fighting

political poem

to increase my position as a poet
i must write a poem
which is essentially a political statement
motivating the people
against the oppressor

drying off

when i get out of the shower
i first wipe my face
and then my stomach
my ass and legs
while i do this i think
how much it sucks
i was not born
ten thousand years ago
when i could kill people and animals
with random rocks
how boring it is to live
today with all these pussies
with all the luxuries
and this pussy ass internet
i wish i was in cold nature
where i could kill with my hands
or be killed and eaten
that would be awesome
how did we come
from ancient bloodbaths and struggles to
unfriend on facebook?

mountains and stars

mountains and stars
are there all the time
i am too lazy to notice
their movement
people keep
convincing me
they do move
ok, ill believe it
mountains and stars

why people hate science and love religion and media

you are
totally useless
very soon
you will only be
a pile of smelly junk
people love you
only because they
love themselves
and cause they shit
their pants
when they remember
that they are also

if you ever invented
you do not even
have a clue how you
invented it
it just happened
and you have no control

if you ever did
anything good
it was only an
something that
could have easily have
happened to
anyone else

you do not
even suck
you are not
even that important
you are just
a stupid useless
chemical nanoevent
in otherwise
meaningless oblivion

benefits of bad memory

meeting new people all the time
not remembering your fuckups
believing you are charming
learning not to give a fuck
enjoying the moment
eating mcdonalds more often
looking positively towards future