1302 what is your favorite movie?

how can i be sure
that i was not programmed by media
to think a bad movie is good?

should a movie be celebrated
as the pinnacle of human endeavor
or is it just the result of competition control?

am i confused by other bad products
that make trillions
by manipulating media and politics?

and if i do not know
which movie is good or not
what else is not me?

1262 tucker putin interview

again we are tricked
into being passive observers
of a fake fight between politicians.

as long as we believe
one is bad and other is good
we will be their bitches.

they stage fake fights (like wwe)
to appear important and necessary
while fucking up everything else.

all politicians are bad
because they are not innovating
how to give us more power.

instead they only innovate
how to gain more power
with media, division, and war.

1252 duty

all knowledge
will be weaponized
and used to hurt people
so it is our duty to make
good uses of knowledge
so the bad vs good
is balanced out

1248 thesis poem – crime is a metric or design

the more people are pressured
by a poorly designed inflexible system
the more crime there will be.

so there are no
naturally bad people aka criminals
but only poorly designed systems
which create criminals
out of naturally good people.

designers of systems
(and everything designed is a system)
should be careful
not to make good people into criminals
by making design errors.

bad person aka criminal
is a good person who does not fit
the design of a system
and the system does not want
to listen and adjust to them.

1230 i hate italy

i hate italy because
it has too much good stuff
all over the place
and i must move around for years
to enjoy just a small part of it

1215 politicians

how many more children
do we need to kill
to prove
that outsourcing
collective decision making
to few elected politicians
is not a good idea

1213 how to never have bad things

all bad things
started as good things
which eventually became bad
because they lingered long enough
and nothing new and better
replaced them.

the only way
to never have bad things
is to always
quickly replace good things
with new good things.

1212 how to make the world better

do not let politicians tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let companies tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let media tell you
what is good and bad.
do not let books tell you
what is good and bad.

the only way to agree
with everyone else
is for everyone else
to follow their own wisdom
and all those individual wisdoms
will end up being the same.

trouble starts
when we try to convince others
to follow our wisdom.
there has never been proof
that this actually works.

1206 i forgive ye, i hope he forgives us

i forgive ye because
i do not think that what he said
is what he meant.

sometimes we should
not take words so literally
no matter how literal they appear to be.

and ye is a good opportunity to
practice not getting excited
about literal meanings.

i hope
ye forgives us all
for taking him so literally.

1196 no poem today

today would be
a good day
not to write a poem

1192 smart phones and social media are awesome

smart phones and social media
are the most wonderful innovations
that feed our need to connect and learn.

yes, the content is not so good now
but have trust our talents and our work
and give us time. we will make it great.

1161 are you a good writer?

you are a good writer
only when you know
that you will never
fully express yourself
with words,
that no one will ever know
who you are
and that you will never know
who anyone is.

1037 modernist anxiety

modernists got carried away
and deleted all the knowledge
about how to live a good life.

this made us all
very anxious about our future.

we have doctors and internet
but no idea
what we will do the next year.

1120 unabomber is dead

unabomber is
a great example
of how being good at math
really is not a guarantee
that one is good
at anything else

1108 are movies good?

when i was young
i cared if a movie is good.

when i was older
i cared if a director is good.

when i was even older
i cared if movie as a concept is good.

i wonder what i will care about
when i am even more older.

1106 shubert’s ave maria

yesterday all of my kids
loved schubert’s ave maria
and this made me feel
very confident about their future
because shubert’s ave maria
is not an easy music
for a kid to like.
it is also good that they like
metallica’s the call of ktulu.

1088 the power of poetry

if i do nothing all day
or i am an asshole all day
and i write at least one poem
and publish it online
then i believe
it was a good day

1082 soft socks

i was walking down the stairs
and i felt how my socks were soft
and i felt good

1063 all people are good

all people are good
but not all people
have information
they need to act good

1049 good timing

i am happy that i lived
in a time when
ancient cultures still existed
even as illusions

1048 quality of writing

quality of writing
has consistently improved
over millennia
but is till not
good enough

996 embrace complexity

you can hate and love
you can be smart and stupid
you can be evil and good
you can have fun and be bored
and everything in between
all of it together
at the same nanosecond
all the time.

do not simplify existence
just because language is limited.

956 what is not good?

beauty is not good
intelligence is not good
knowledge is not good
wisdom is not good
fame is not good
strength is not good
power is not good

922 globalization

globalization was created
to help the world develop
using the universal language
of money.

but without
a good idea behind it
it just ended up funding
a lot of really bad ideas.

915 the new religion?

religion was removed
because it is not good for business
but nothing replaced it

912 good and bad

we can never say:
people are good or bad.
we can always say:
ideas are good or bad.

908 why be a shitty philosopher or a shitty poet

in a world which is overly saturated
with extremely convincing content
you must develop your own thinking frameworks
in order to find your own version of good.

if you allow yourself to be passive,
your identity will dissolve.

write philosophy and poetry because it is easy
and even if it is shitty
you will still be stronger
and more independent, like me.

895 are there absolute values?

i would like that there are no
absolute values,
that everything is good.

but, unfortunately,
there is absolute good
and there is absolute bad.

886 we decided

global society decided
to not plan, prevent, and build
but to manufacture crises.

it is not a magical power
we can not control
but a precise design we made.

and this is a good thing
because it means
that we can redesign everything.

849 methods that do not work

right or left
stick or carrot
good or bad

823 metamodernism explained 3

just because something is
it does not mean it is any good

768 my gesture for che zara blomfield

my gesture for che zara blomfield
is a reminder for me and everyone else
that all people benefit from making art,
that there is no bad or good art,
and that art should decentralize all human communication.
i hope this gesture works out!

700 belgrade clouds

recently i started
looking at clouds
from time to time.

and i have noticed
that belgrade has
good looking clouds.

it could be
an undiscovered
tourism feature.

everyone is welcome
to visit me in belgrade
to watch the local clouds.

call me at +38163268906.

694 30 seconds a day

i am 90 percent sure
that looking at the clouds
for 30 seconds a day
is a good thing

the truth about the world war two

the winner of the world war two is the evil
and the loser is the good,
same as in every war before.

it was not a war between countries
as the history books
want us to believe.

it was a war between
the politicians – the evil,
and the common people – the good.

and the common people
got fucked over, like in every war,
while the psychopath politicians had fun.

norman foster sustainability

the nature
of monopolists
is that
they do not want
to let someone else be good
but they must be
the only ones who are good
while they also
keep making money being bad

undiscovered poets

one of many reasons
why i am a poet
is to show
that any idiot
can be a poet.

this will hopefully
create more poets
and if we have more poets
we will have more of everything good.

rio tinto protest critique

every sane person knows
rio tinto are assholes who must be stopped
but protesters made a dangerous mistake:
they created the most powerful weapon
by closing up the entire city.
this weapon will be used by many others
for any cause, good or bad,
and it will always win.
now there is no turning back.

numbers game

you never know
when you will write
a good poem

you write a lot of
really bad poems
and suddenly
there is a good one

types of great poets

some great poets never wrote a poem
some great poets write really bad poems
some great poems write really good poems

200 obvious ideas by ryder ripps

when bob dylan
won the nobel prize for literature
i was skeptical about his poetry
since i never read it.
i decided to check if it is any good
and i found one of his poems online
and read it
and it was a very very very very good poem.
a really good poem.
and i thought that
it was good that he got the prize.

today i was teaching my daughter
how to design a portfolio
and i was showing her ryder ripps website
and i randomly opened his 200 obvious ideas poem
and it was as good as bob dylan’s poem.

shareholder value

like all ideas,
shareholder value
was beautiful and good
long time ago
but today it is
a bit ridiculous

good kids

good kids
either tell you to fuck off
do exactly as you tell them

i wrote this poem

i just felt like writing a poem
because writing a poem
makes me feel
like i did something
really good

how to write good poetry

first you have to
take poetry seriously
second you have to
not worry how it sounds out loud
poetry is about silence
third you have to
make a point
pointless stuff just
does not work anymore
fourth you have to
be brutally honest
no more bullshit
no one needs it
good luck!

rafael’s drawings

as good
as my

why you should write poetry

it takes
only few seconds
to write a poem

no one can
really tell if its
good or bad

there is
a tiny chance
kids will have
those stupid
in school
about your poems

while musicians
and painters
need decades
to perfect their

you do not need
any education or training

the less you know
better your poetry
will be

you hardly need
to know how to spell
or even speak

if no one
has any clue
what your poems
are about
this is perfectly

yet poems are
so very cool

just so
very very cool

why people hate science and love religion and media

you are
totally useless
very soon
you will only be
a pile of smelly junk
people love you
only because they
love themselves
and cause they shit
their pants
when they remember
that they are also

if you ever invented
you do not even
have a clue how you
invented it
it just happened
and you have no control

if you ever did
anything good
it was only an
something that
could have easily have
happened to
anyone else

you do not
even suck
you are not
even that important
you are just
a stupid useless
chemical nanoevent
in otherwise
meaningless oblivion

the first kiss

is as good
as much as
the first sex sucks

this is the best shirt ever

this shirt is so fucking great
it is so good
i can just like shit myself
and it is too good
like warm and soft in my pants
that is how good this shirt is

im really into it

yeah im doing well
now im doing better
and im doing it so well
im faster and better
and im kicking ass
feels so good