1187 do not blame religion

it is easy
to blame religion
for a lot of political fuckups

but the truth is
that all ideologies
when given a monopoly power
will create hell on earth

1175 richard dawkins is wrong

richard dawkins believes
that people can go from
zero knowledge to science
without any intermediary steps
like religion, art, philosophy.
well, that is wrong.

1159 not everything is math

scientists and engineers
should stop making fun of
religion, philosophy, art
because without those three
science and engineering
would never exist.

religion, philosophy, art
are easy targets
they appear as nonsense
to anyone using math.
math simply does not allow
this kind of weird thinking.

1077 science vs religion

neither science nor religion
know everything
and what they know
is not directly useful
in our every day lives
so they should
take it a bit easier

915 the new religion?

religion was removed
because it is not good for business
but nothing replaced it

843 truth

religion, art, philosophy
there is no truth

eaten by a lion

i was one second away
from being eaten by a lion.
it was impossible to escape
and my death was sure.
within that one second
i invented a religion
with this lion as a god
which merged with my soul
and allowed me to live forever
in the center of the universe
with everyone i ever loved.


people speak
least with language

to understand people
ignore the language

religious are stupid

christians, muslims, jews
are stupid
and they do not understand
anything about the religion.

abraham, jesus, and muhammad
are not a single person.
religion is not a fun story
with a punchline.

abraham is us.
jesus is us.
muhammad is us.
they are not something outside.


i lack
only one thing
in my life:

why people hate science and love religion and media

you are
totally useless
very soon
you will only be
a pile of smelly junk
people love you
only because they
love themselves
and cause they shit
their pants
when they remember
that they are also

if you ever invented
you do not even
have a clue how you
invented it
it just happened
and you have no control

if you ever did
anything good
it was only an
something that
could have easily have
happened to
anyone else

you do not
even suck
you are not
even that important
you are just
a stupid useless
chemical nanoevent
in otherwise
meaningless oblivion