1267 meaning is subjective

women and men
have a different reason
why they watch videos
of women working out

1216 metaphors are stupid

i am not a fan of metaphors
hardly anyone gets them
and anyone assign
any meaning they want
and they are annoying
and anyone who uses metaphors
seems like a pretentious asshole.

just to be clear
when i say i am not a fan
i mean that i am not a ventilator.
a ventilator made of metaphors.

1191 universe is ours

when i look at the infinite void
of the universe
i do not feel small and meaningless.
i am not afraid of it.

i imagine how we will spread
to every part of it
and give it beauty and meaning.

1098 ai effect on writing

thanks to ai
writing 300 pages about something
that should be said in 3 sentences
will become obsolete.

number of empty words
and an ocean of useless data
will stop to be relevant
making meaning important again.

ai will finally end
the age of blah blah bullshit.

1072 all is meaningful

that everyone does
is guided by meaning
they see

1060 meaning of life

make errors all your life
and just before you die
teach others how to fix them

1043 meaning

i really do not care
what a word means
because it will be

1024 dictionary wars

it might be safer
to give a gun to a redneck
than to change the meaning
of the word milk.

983 failure after failure

we did horrible things
and god had enough of it
and drowned us.

then we built big things
without any meaning
just because we could.

and god punished us
by dividing us with
nations and languages.

then god sent his son
to teach us in arameic
and we killed him quickly.

we wrote his teaching in greek
and wrongly translated it
to all the other languages.

and ever since
we have been killing each other
over what he said.

966 wisdom tutorial 3

write words with less letters.
write sentences with less words.
write articles with less sentences.

this will focus your writing
on truth and meaning.

954 complexity of language

every word
is spoked by one person
to at least three people:
one other person, themselves, the world.

every word
can have thousands of meaning
but always has at least four meanings:
what the speaker intended to say,
what the speaker revealed accidentally,
what the listener intended to hear,
what the listener revealed accidentally.

916 meaning wins over style

few days ago
i wrote a poem in which
a complete word was missing
and i still shared it
and some people liked it

894 entertainment is meaningless

stop looking
for meaning in entertainment.
it is made for relaxation and fun,
not for development of consciousness.

nothing made to make millions quickly
will help you reach nirvana.
finding meaning is difficult,
not relaxing and fun.

there is nothing wrong with this.
you should relax and have fun.
but do not forget to
also take time to grow.

just do not be that stupid
to believe in personal growth
from watching
jokes, explosions, and porn.

883 the meaning crisis

the meaning crisis
will be exploited by brands
without any real meaning offered

736 i will stick with shitty poems

for a short moment
i had a daydream
how i will take weeks
to write a perfect poem
with lots of hidden meaning
and perfect rhythm and rhyme
but i quickly woke up and remembered
how i am too stupid and lazy for that

the future of entertainment

will asked me
to write a poem about
how boring immortality could be
so here goes:

everything we do as mortals
is defined by our death
which interrupts
our every thought.

as people who die quickly
we are too stupid
to imagine
how much better is immortality.

the boredom we feel as mortals
is defined by
pathetic lack of meaning
of our mortal creations.

education and work are super fast
while entertainment sells us this nonsense,
and it is all meaningless and super boring
because we die before anything makes sense.

when we become immortal
we will think about everything
without the limitation of time
which will give us real meaning.

we will never be bored
because boredom is a lack of meaning.
it is impossible to have meaning
if we live less than a few hundred years.

immortals do not need
to watch netflix shows or play zelda
if they can take three thousand years to
reverse the dying of a black hole.

rafael says

rafael said:
don’t look for meaning just look

i think that the meaning of this is:
freeing our consciousness
from the burden and distraction
of unrelated and forced thinking
will allow us to access
intuitive and universal
appreciation of beauty
which connects all conscious beings