872 sexual education poem 1

if a guy wants
to put a finger in your ass
this does not mean
he wants a finger up his ass.
you are welcome.

dog that sucks dick

a guy walks down the street
and sees another guy walking a dog.
he comes to the guy and says: cute dog.
the guy with the dog says:
yes, but you know what,
this dog can suck dick very well.
the guy says: no way!
the guy with the dog says:
give it a try, take your dick out and go to him.
guy tries few times
but each time dog gets very angry
and refuses to suck dick.
finally the guy with the dog says:
sorry he did not suck your dick.
i can suck it instead of him.

bill gates

that guy
wrote basic
one version of it
at least
with two other guys
thats cool
no matter what