1310 my answer to all war questions

i am a very empathetic person
and i empathize with everyone:
russians, ukrainians,
israelis, palestinians,
serbs, albanians,
christians, muslims,
americans, chinese.

everyone has a solid reason
for whatever they are doing
but at the end, out of all the groups,
i do favor kids
and i am not a fan of kids getting hurt.

1306 genocide defined 2

genocide is a legal term
invented to maintain an illusion
that there is also a polite war
because many companies on nasdaq
make money only from this polite war.

when we eventually understand
that all war is genocide, not just some of it,
and that all war should be banned,
and all participants should be prosecuted,
these companies would stop existing.

PS I own boeing stock.

1262 tucker putin interview

again we are tricked
into being passive observers
of a fake fight between politicians.

as long as we believe
one is bad and other is good
we will be their bitches.

they stage fake fights (like wwe)
to appear important and necessary
while fucking up everything else.

all politicians are bad
because they are not innovating
how to give us more power.

instead they only innovate
how to gain more power
with media, division, and war.

1198 i love the real war

i love the real war
the way it was thousands of years ago
when we fought for food and survival
and it was absolutely impossible
to reason with the enemy
and only the smartest won.

what you call war today is not war.
it is a fake mass media bullshit
built with incomplete idiotic ideologies
feeding on the weak and stupid.

when there is a real war – call me.
do not bother me over this new bullshit thing.

1109 i am a pacifist who loves war

long long time ago
wars made a lot of sense
because they were fought
for the real survival of our children.

wars make no sense
because they are fake
unnecessary clown tv bullshit.

i am very nostalgic
for the good old days of real wars
and i would love to die in sword battle
instead of a hospital bed.

but with sadness i accepted
we will never have a real war again
and i do not have the patience
to be in these fake clown tv wars.

i am not against real wars
which we all love and need
but i am against fake wars
which abuse our need for real war.

1055 sevdah requirements

fresh meat
few years old alcohol
decades old friends
centuries old war stories
millenia old traditions

965 purpose of war

when we are sick
but do not want medicine
we must go to war

930 there is always one more side to take

in business i support the customers.
in a divorce i support the children.
in a war i support all civilians.
in a boxing match i support sport purity.
in a political election i support the people.

907 conflict and war are not natural

conflict and war
are results of idiotic planning
and not of magical wisdom system

saying that conflict and war
are human nature
is saying that we will always be idiots

865 thank you vietnam vets

i would not have understood
the glory of war
without talking to vietnam vets

803 russia and will smith

the greatest error in every war
is that false reduction of human needs
to binary caricatures
preventing real listening
necessary for true human cooperation.
our true enemy is lack of understanding
of gradual damage caused by the silent change.

787 war crimes

saying that something specific
in a war is a crime
implies war is not a crime

the truth about the world war two

the winner of the world war two is the evil
and the loser is the good,
same as in every war before.

it was not a war between countries
as the history books
want us to believe.

it was a war between
the politicians – the evil,
and the common people – the good.

and the common people
got fucked over, like in every war,
while the psychopath politicians had fun.

crypto empathy

recession is on the doorstep
so i bought some ethereum
and i asked pauly
to explain nfts in a single tweet
and he replied: no,
his “no” made me sad
but he knew i feel this way
so he also replied: but good morning.
he reminded me
how people are actually nice
in spite of all the war, money, and death.
thank you pauly, whoever you are.

pro-putin art at la biennale

it is a mistake
to ban pro-putin art from la biennale
war is only a symptom
and we will never eradicate it
if we do not understand the cause

two groups of serbs

serbian society
is divided in two groups:
pacifists and militarists

both groups
are a reaction to
an extreme trauma – war

they are great friends
because they are both
uselessly stuck in the past

journalists love wars

i have spent dozens of hours
watching ukraine war reports
and i have not heard one single journalist
say anything against the war

they are all trying
to get me to be against one and for the other side –
both being useless abstract political narratives
in which real people are only numbers

the lack of essential human compassion in journalism
is the same since the gulf war
which is when i was first disgusted
by their love of war

just imagine
if all that journalism energy was directed towards
building a better world with cooperative innovation
instead of racism

morality simplified

mass media


choosing sides in war

in every war
i fight with all my heart
for the people of the future
who have evolved beyond war
who are equal and immortal
and enjoy their time
being smart and cool

the best use of metaverse

the best use of metaverse
would be
if russia and nato
would have their stupid war
in metaverse

war atrocities

war is period when
assholes and psychopaths gain power
and no one should be surprised
that they go around killing and raping.

every war is the same
and every army is the same
no matter how good their PR is.

but we should not allow
that war atrocities are used
as excuses for new wars
over and over again.

it should stop
when the war ended
and not allow assholes and psychopaths
to keep on going forever and ever.

mark zuckerberg conspiracy theory

mark is the name of the god of war
zuckerberg means sugar hill
mark zuckerberg is sugarhill war
he wants to titty fuck a busty

to ukranians and russians!

do not go to war!
do not let media and politicians tell you what to do!
you can simply ignore them!
you are better than war!
make cake instead!

ukraine vs russia

on 11 september 2001 i was in treviso
and i emailed everyone:
today people who want war won
and people who do not want war lost.

although i was in my early 20s
i was able to feel this
because i spent the previous decade
in constant war.

people around me
who did not have the same experiences as me
understood the language of my email
but did not feel it.

half a life later
media and politicians are
still peddling the same old war shit
but now i just feel lucky i will only watch it on youtube.

biden and putin talk about ukraine

vlad, i am in deep shit here.
inflation is up, stocks are down.
i need something.

i know, joe.
here they are squeezing me
about my house
and a bunch of other shit.

so what do we do, vlad?

give me a week to
get some war shit going.
that facebook stuff
is not enough anymore.

ok, cool.
but make it a bit scary.
people do not react anymore
to regular war.
be creative.

the biggest lie julian assange exposed

everyone is pretending that
war is not a human activity
with a single goal of
absolutely destroying the enemy
in the most horrible possible way.

julian assange became
an enemy of usa
and the only reason
he was not instantly burned alive
is that he showed up on TV a few times.

everyone likes what he did
but it is really very stupid
to believe
that he will not live the rest of his life
in extreme pain and agony.

every single country
would do the same
to julian assange
because all countries
are the same.

stop pretending
that we are my little ponies.
we are still savage tribes
but with spaceships
and nuclear weapons.

we are at war

we are all warriors
in a global war.
the enemy wants us
to not create
and to just be passive.
we must fight
by creating
no matter how
stupid it can appear
because feeling stupid
is the mindfuck
of the enemy.

shut the fuck up about isreal and palestine

if you have never been
a civilian caught up in the middle
of a civil war
and your only knowledge of war
comes from movies and news
then you should kindly
shut the fuck up
about israel and palestine.

you should recognize
when you have no real knowledge
about something
and when you are
programmed by media.

if you want to really learn
about war
then call me at
+381 63 268906
and i will teach you.

israel vs palestine

as someone
who grew up
during a ten year
civil war in yugoslavia
i am choosing the side
of people who
do not give a fuck about war
and just want to
play video games and
eat good food and
travel and
go to the beach,
and i am against
the people who
keep fucking this up
with stupid wars.

a war poem

my girlfriend’s ex boyfriend’s father
was killed in a weird way.
he helped an enemy family
so after the war they
picked him up at work,
took him to the woods,
and gave him a grenade
to blow himself up.
and he did it.


i am both
happy and sad
that i never went to war
and killed hundreds

turning 40

living so long is boring.
I think we were not meant
to live so long.
I can not remember
most of my life anyway
because it is so long.
the only thing that makes sense
is to be with the kids.
now i just have to
invent some stuff to do
to fill few more years.
I miss war.


i survived wars
and financial crashes
i will survive
skipping cake
for one night
as well

charlie hebdo terrorist attack

as someone who lived in a bombed city
i am aware of the frustration
modern warfare creates

after few months of being bombed
and called names on tv and online
anyone will get super pissed off

and for sure there is always someone
enterprising enough to capitalize on this emotion
and that is how you get this shitty terrorism

so essentially
terrorism is not about politics
but about losers trying to get some attention

why war is just such shit

i was browsing nonsense websites
for six hours
doing absolutely nothing useful
and thinking how i am wasting time

i somehow ended up listening
the animals’ house of the rising sun
and then it hit me
why war is just such shit

i felt an urge to share
this revelation
and i realized that the best way
is to write a poem

here goes

very smart people can easily
understand themselves and others
which helps them discover
nonviolent productive solutions

not very smart people
can not understand much
and they can not say the right things
and they end up communicating with violence

it takes a very smart person
to make everybody happy
for them it is easy
just like swimming is for champion swimmer

not very smart person
has problems figuring things out
and gets confused
and makes a mess

this is why war just such shit
because it is a product of morons
it is that simple
share this poem

lets go to war

theres nothing else to do
we are super bored
those people over there
do not like our food
lets kill them
we need more money
they have it
lets kill them and take it
its easier than
selling them shit
lets go to war
because it is fun
most people
are fucking terrified of war
but fuckem
it is fun for us