715 i never lied to you

my poems are better than
all i do is tell you the truth
and they don’t

692 sheryl sandberg loses

sheryl sandberg
is another example
of how we miss
the greatest opportunity
of our lives
to liberate everyone
with truth.

and so
we will continue
marching on
into the sea of bullshit.

circle of truth

for many years
i washed my penis
in the bathroom sink.

before you judge me
this is our third bathroom,
the smallest one,
in my office,
that mostly i use,
and i always wash it well
after i wash my penis in it.

but i still felt guilty
that i never told this
to irena.
i never lie and
i also never withhold
important truth.

i was under pressure
for years
and it was, in a small way,
damaging our relationship,
but i was waiting for
the right moment to tell her.

and one day,
after we have not been together
for a long time,
we had impulsive dirty sex
in that bathroom,
and it made perfect sense
that i wash my penis in the sink
in front of her
and i casually told her
that i do this sometimes,
and i felt so relieved
that i was able to share this with her,
and the horrible pressure
was finally gone.

now i have to figure out
how to tell the kids.

irena read this poem
and told me i already told her before.
but i forgot this.

i realized our kids will
read this poem.

my future function

one day
people will call me
to come over
and tell them
a truth about them

levels of truth seeking

thinking is useless
you can always think nice thoughts
and still be an idiotic asshole

talking is almost useless
you can say nice smart things
and still be an idiotic asshole

action is mostly useful
because it is hard to fake yourself and others
once it is isolated from bullshit talking and thinking

talking action is a weird option
because talking can be trusted
if it tries really hard to create the right action

the truth about the world war two

the winner of the world war two is the evil
and the loser is the good,
same as in every war before.

it was not a war between countries
as the history books
want us to believe.

it was a war between
the politicians – the evil,
and the common people – the good.

and the common people
got fucked over, like in every war,
while the psychopath politicians had fun.

doors of perception

write ten poems or draw ten drawings
and you are bound to stumble upon
some kind of a truth
which was hidden from you
your entire life.

it is that easy
to open the doors of perception
if you have the courage.

but the better you become
in writing poems and drawing drawings
the more poems and drawings
you must make
to open the doors
and it gets scarier and scarier.

poetry conspiracy theory

we are told to appreciate
old and perfectly styled poetry
instead of
shitty poetry written five minutes ago
because poetry is
the most powerful weapon of truth

i said no to being an ethnic artist

i am an unknown poet
because i never accepted
to be an ethnic artist.
i disagreed with every curator and gallerist
who wanted me to be an ethnic artist.

maybe before i die
curators and gallerists
can look beyond my DNA
and accept me as a human artist
and give me a voice.

the older i am
the more i feel the pressure
of this racist rejection
because my voice is silenced
while all i wanted was to be heard.

but do not worry
because i am very strong
and i will continue to be myself.

i think it is better
to wait until you can to speak the truth
than to rush and be a liar.


the truth about srebrenica
is that some really fucked up people
did a really fucked up thing
and lots of people got hurt
and it is horrible
but it is not an an excuse
to spend entire lives
in useless hate
without innovation and equality

why write poems

there is nothing
faster than a poem
when it comes to
telling the truth
about the universe

the truth

one day i will
expose the truth
and the whole world
will just crumble down
it will be so
super super cool

the burp of truth

it came from the depths of hell
straight into the universe of sound
i was scared but i stood my ground
unmoved by its awesome power
one burp to rule them all