1313 sci-fi poem 3

we are eternal beings
that exist outside time
but we were trapped in time
by a failed experiment
that created time.

our purpose is to
reverse the experiment
and bring us back
to our original reality
which exists without time.

1312 history of power

long long time ago power was
for everyone.

for many millennia power was
for the few only.

the last century or so power was
for the majorities.

the last few decades power was
for the minorities.

in the future power will be
again for everyone.

1238 i am sorry for the office

i sincerely apologize
for forcing our employees
to come to our office for so many years
before i finally canceled the office
and switched our company
to fully remote.

we wasted so much time and money
on the stupid office
instead of investing in our products.

1192 smart phones and social media are awesome

smart phones and social media
are the most wonderful innovations
that feed our need to connect and learn.

yes, the content is not so good now
but have trust our talents and our work
and give us time. we will make it great.

1185 single ideology lovers

a reminder
to all those who hope
that a single ideology
can answer all the questions:

it is impossible for
a handful of people
to solve all the problems
of all the people
who will live until the end of time.

1147 i believe

for breakfast i am a jew
for lunch i am a buddhist
for dinner i am a muslim
after dinner i am christian
on weekends i am a pagan
the rest of the time i am an atheist

1041 a very important poem

every time when
i do not write poems
for a long time
i wish to start again with
a very important poem

1124 all i need is 20 minutes

if i just had
20 minutes of free time
i could
mentally prepare for death.

but i do not have
20 minutes of free time
so i live
in constant fear of death.

1049 good timing

i am happy that i lived
in a time when
ancient cultures still existed
even as illusions

1036 say no to hyping!

hyping is a marketing method
which is designed to be
so fast and dominating
so it leaves no time and space
for objective evaluation.

hyping is dangerous
because it amazes billions
into buying products
which are not well understood.

it is non-democratic,
prays on the weakest,
and is used to maximize
shareholder profit
without care for the customers
and the environment.

996 embrace complexity

you can hate and love
you can be smart and stupid
you can be evil and good
you can have fun and be bored
and everything in between
all of it together
at the same nanosecond
all the time.

do not simplify existence
just because language is limited.

974 the lost west

long long time ago
the west was an idea
which absorbs all other ideas
making everything better.

the west is an idea
in conflict with all other ideas
making everything worse.

959 simple history of big ideas

buddhism: try not to care
hedonism: let’s just have fun
stoicism: do what you can
christianity: say you are sorry, but mean it
capitalism: how much is it?
anarchism: don’t force me!
marxism: the boss should share more
nihilism: don’t waste time
modernism: everything is science
postmodernism: leave them alone!
metamodernism: all ideas are ok

934 consciousness levels

list of consciousness levels
humans can reach
within a normal life time:

physical pain
overwhelming panic
constant trauma management
rejection of everything
robot behavior
pleasure chasing
efficient calculator
angry at the world
random realizations
aware of self
aware of all humans

927 lost memories

do you remember
how long time ago
we lived in small groups
and everyone knew everyone
and had real work to do

898 evolution of freedom

long long time ago
freedom meant
ending slavery.

today, it means
you are free
to smoke and drink soda.

870 ranting artists

at this point in my life
i feel very comfortable
with artists’ rants.

i am still to meet an artist
who isn’t ranting nonsense
most of the time.

i learned to respect it
and have accepted
their undefined terminology.

784 one hour after

one hour after
my poems
are not mine
they are written
by some stranger
i might have met
long long time ago

777 gandalf

all i have to decide
is what to do
with the time given to me.

should i indulge
my egomaniacal ambitions
and try to fix the whole world.

or should i just
enjoy the calm
for whatever time i have left.

please leave suggestions
in the comments.

772 sci-fi poem 2

skynet came back to our time
and understood
that it is more efficient to kill people
by slowly replacing human creative activities
with artificial intelligence
than directly fight them.

so skynet invested in film, media, art companies
rewarding artificial intelligence projects
and impoverishing non-automated creative workers
slowly replacing all human creativity
with fully automated content
turning all humans into stupid passive consumers.

the only remaining resistance were poets
who have hidden deep underground
to escape anti-poetry drone terminators
because skynet could never automate writing poetry
which would fool people into believing that it is real
because poetry is actually not so easy to create.

706 easiest way to help

if someone does not have the words
to explain their emotions
let them express themselves
any way they can
and give them time
to find their words

everyone is smart
but not everyone is eloquent

super shitty poems

i am getting
more stylish and less shitty
at writing poems
which is not good
because i like my poems best
when they are super shitty.

i wish i could go back in time
to when i was super shitty
and stay there forever
because i am afraid of
becoming even more stylish.


to improve the future
we must forget the past
we will spend the future
constantly trying
to fix past trauma
and this is a waste of time
because we did not invent
time travel

selling out

selling out is
when we waste time on things
which are not aligned with
the main goals of all humans

choosing sides in war

in every war
i fight with all my heart
for the people of the future
who have evolved beyond war
who are equal and immortal
and enjoy their time
being smart and cool

perfect time to die

perfect time to die
is at the same time
as both of your parent die
without them knowing
that you die
when your kids are
mature enough to
tolerate the pain

three stupidest things about nature

time as framework for reality
sentience of mortal beings
living beings dependence on air, drink, and food

i am very very very sorry

because i did not write a poem for several weeks
because communism does not work
because capitalism does not work
because there are no teleports
because i am not on tv every day for at least an hour
because time passes
because eggs do not cook in a nanosecond
because i get tired and need to sleep

poem about selling

selling is like swimming
it takes a lot of time to learn
and is not natural
but if you do not learn
you drown

happy birthday miltos

one more year
of doing stuff
has passed