1274 investigative (real) journalists

in a world in which
a lot of our decisions still depend
on centralized mass media
investigative (real) journalists,
are necessary as an alternative
to corporate and political bullshit.

otherwise, our decisions
will be poorly informed
and quality of life of everyone
will diminish.

1240 different life choices

i want twenty kids
i want one kid
i want a life partner without kids
i want a partner sometimes
i only want friends
i want to be alone
i do not want to live

1239 miracle

if you do not enjoy
the miracle of life
while you are alone
in a completely dark room
no amount of money
or anything
will make you happy

1214 silicon valley

silicon valley
is not anymore
a relentless machine
which produces
life changing innovation
for the entire world

it has became a door
which remains closed
for most of the innovators
and charges the few
for the privilege
of letting them through

1154 my life mission

i know exactly
what my life mission is:
it is to save billions of people
from stupidity.
i just did not figure out
how to do it… yet.

1044 long fun life?

it is strange that
i have lived so long and well
and if my life ends now
i will not complain,
but my life keeps getting
better and more fun
which confuses me.
i hope everyone
got the same deal.

1037 modernist anxiety

modernists got carried away
and deleted all the knowledge
about how to live a good life.

this made us all
very anxious about our future.

we have doctors and internet
but no idea
what we will do the next year.

1113 purpose of visualization

in the last
second of my life
i will imagine
a perfect future of my kids
so i die super happy

1110 life is very long

i have lived for 45 years
and it feels so very long
and i have done so much

1060 meaning of life

make errors all your life
and just before you die
teach others how to fix them

1050 i was watching golf and…

golf swing
golf shot
golf game
golf player
golf tournament

987 buddhist christian

nirvana and metanoia
can not be reached
in such a short life
filled with so many distractions

963 is life easier?

life now is harder than ever before.

technology did not make life easier.
technology made life harder.

life is easier with simple needs.
life is harder with complex needs.

958 mysterious anger

whole my life
i am angry about something.
now i am finally closer
to finding out what it is.

952 dominique young unique

please accept my apologies
for not making a product
which shares your wisdom
with the humanity
while providing you
with a comfortable family life

934 consciousness levels

list of consciousness levels
humans can reach
within a normal life time:

physical pain
overwhelming panic
constant trauma management
rejection of everything
robot behavior
pleasure chasing
efficient calculator
angry at the world
random realizations
aware of self
aware of all humans

928 be careful

be careful not to waste your life
thinking you are changing things
while you are only satisfying
the need for change
with your useless nonsense
which prevents real change.

the key to real change
is very specific
and takes decades to discover
and only few can discover it.

be careful because there is nothing
more scary than a wasted life.

917 liking helps

when i like
student architectural drawings
on reddit
i am giving these students
a confidence boost
for the rest of their lives.

no matter how hard their life is
they will always remember
the success they had on reddit
to which i contributed.

870 ranting artists

at this point in my life
i feel very comfortable
with artists’ rants.

i am still to meet an artist
who isn’t ranting nonsense
most of the time.

i learned to respect it
and have accepted
their undefined terminology.

858 the last sex

one day
i will have
the last sex of my life

773 chest pain and shortness of breath

there is nothing better
for figuring out life
than a bit of a random
chest pain and shortness of breath

752 my visual art

few times in my life
i made visual art
and it was fun and beautiful
but it was too slow and too much hard work.

i chose to write poetry
because it is fast and easy
and i can often change my mind
and go through hundreds of ideas.

but finally i have found
a way to make visual art
and not be bored by the hard work.
i hope it works out.

visual art is cool
and my kids might like it
more than my poetry.
and i will meet new people.

726 generational continuity

i think it is a great loss
that many people have been convinced
that the next generation
should not continue the work of the past generation.
as if working for some stupid public company
is a better life option than learning from your parents
and continuing their vision.

714 stages of life

this is an interesting place!
i figured out this place!
this place is ending soon!
i will enjoy this place just a bit more…

709 jean-paul belmondo

i was watching
a jean-paul belmondo
youtube video le professionnel
and it made me very sad
because it reminded me
of my father, his life, and the things he liked.

at the same time
i was in a weeks long discussion
with a friend
about what is feminine.

i asked her
if sadness is feminine
because she knows this
better than me.

if sadness is feminine
then watching a jean-paul belmondo video
is very feminine.

thank you fiam

today new age of history started!
we published the first
opportunity on
creating a connection between
designers of factory tools
factory workers who use them.
this is amazing!
this is the seventh best day in my life!
i am so proud!
now i can die happy!

your life story

it is ok to choose
any story
for you life

as long as you know
you chose a story
for your life

a free year of life

this morning
while taking a shower
i forgot how old i was.

as soon as i got out
i asked irena if i was
fourty four or fourty five years old.

she told me i was forty four years old.
i was very happy because
i won a free year of life.

BBC is racist

i have been watching BBC
for most of my life
and i have seen their reporters
stage the most fucked up fake racist news
and then rush off to hyatt to hookers and cocaine

last minutes of life


shareholder value v2

managers who focus
only on increasing shareholder value
have wasted their life
and no hobby can fix that

managers who thought
that increasing shareholder value
will change the society through innovation
are morons

i am 44 years old

i am at the age when
i can say that
i am at the half of my life
but i am closer to the age
when i have to stop
saying that
unless i am in lotr.

page 501

most of my poems
are written in a timeline
i have been writing
for the past 23 years.
it is a documentation
of one aspect of
half of my life.
this poem is written
on page 501.


the scariest thing
about hollywood is
that it has
programmed me
to be something
which is not me
and therefore i have
never existed
and my entire life
was lost

kanye west death

i hope
kanye west dies before me
his music is
the most perfect representation
of how a person changes through life
and i want to see the whole thing


it is most likely
that no alien civilization
will be as stupid as we were
to bother with building
such useless technology
as spaceships.

most likely they will
figure out how to live
a long and happy life
in the environment
they grew up in.

life lesson number one

let me try put this life lesson
into a semi decent poem:
the main thing about
the things you have
is that they cost more
to keep then to get.
and i am not talking about
houses and money and that stuff.
hope that makes
some sense to someone.

julian assange

he gave his life
so we can pretend
that our fantasies
are better than
the reality
which is
a fancy way
to say
he is as useful
as crossfit

this bug is my hero

i found a bug in the hallway
and threw it in the toilet.
an hour later i went to pee
and the bug was still there swimming.
i felt sorry for it
but i really needed to pee
so i peed on it and flushed.
i felt bad about doing it but i did it.
the bug did not get flushed
and kept swimming.
i was very happy.
i made a little stick out of toilet paper
and took it out
and released it outside.
i hope it had a great life
with a great family and an awesome career
and lots of kids and grand kids.
this bug is my hero.

three key life moments

the last conversation
the conversation before that
and the conversation before that

amazing beauty

i experienced a moment
of unbelievable beauty
for only a nanosecond.
i was fat and in my bed,
the room was dark
and i moved the playstation controller
up and down
and it casted a shadow
on the wall
which i saw in the mirror.
some people never experience
such beauty
in their entire life.

siu vásquez

she is a post-it note
ideology is not a chit chat
but life and death stuff.

turning 40

living so long is boring.
I think we were not meant
to live so long.
I can not remember
most of my life anyway
because it is so long.
the only thing that makes sense
is to be with the kids.
now i just have to
invent some stuff to do
to fill few more years.
I miss war.

business plan

if someone
had shown me
a business plan
for a human life
i would have never invested
in my own life
and would skip
my own birth.

life is not what i expected

all i wanted from life
was to sleep most of the day
eat ton of cakes and not get fat

and then comes all this stuff
with people getting sick
dieing and fighting

essence of advertising

i want emotion
i want life
i want to change everything
i want to be the chosen one
i want to succeed
i want to be loved
i want to love
i want to become
a nuclear weapon of love
i want to live forever
i will live forever
i will never die
and everybody will love me
every second of my neverending life
will be an extreme explosion
of wonderful emotions
time is nothing
love it everything
because i am buying
this toothbrush

advice to rafael

you are a
very smart
very hardworking
very talented
very dutch boy

this book shows
that very early
you have discovered
a working system

is it worth
your life
to this
or any system

or should you go
where no dutch boy
has gone before

i am so smart

i am so smart
i could just explode

i am so smart
i should never die
and if i ever die
every second of my life
should be studied by
million scientists

i am so smart
that i can only
talk to
dolphins and aliens

i am so smart
so gods envy me

i am so smart
if you smell my fart
you can learn
all the secrets
of the universe

thank you mr. death

for letting me live
so long
im already 30
that is already
way too much
a bit more would
be ok
but i am not
whatever you decide
is cool with me

at any point in my life

i would not like
to have my penis cut off
by a cigar cutter
to fall face down and
break my teeth on a rock
to insult someone so much
that they never speak to me again
to have lumbal punction
or to burry my children
while dying of
a very painful cancer
while my wife is cheating
on me with my best friend
who owes me money


i am 28 years old and
that is already more than enough
i guess its important not to
worry yourself about it too much