1252 duty

all knowledge
will be weaponized
and used to hurt people
so it is our duty to make
good uses of knowledge
so the bad vs good
is balanced out

1205 corny but true

as delegation of work
our knowledge of reality

we operate virtually
without being challenged
while we make millions suffer
without feeling bad about it

1175 richard dawkins is wrong

richard dawkins believes
that people can go from
zero knowledge to science
without any intermediary steps
like religion, art, philosophy.
well, that is wrong.

1037 modernist anxiety

modernists got carried away
and deleted all the knowledge
about how to live a good life.

this made us all
very anxious about our future.

we have doctors and internet
but no idea
what we will do the next year.

956 what is not good?

beauty is not good
intelligence is not good
knowledge is not good
wisdom is not good
fame is not good
strength is not good
power is not good

947 fear of common sense

some knowledge
became so specialized
that basic common sense
from a layperson
can disrupt it

939 tower of babel

a lot of knowledge
is inaccessible
because it is not
culturally translated

723 hunger for knowledge

the last black hole will disappear
and the universe will be completely empty
we are happy with what we know

718 the fine line

the fine line
coercion and acceptance,
loss of control and control,
aggressive and knowledge authority,
is always shifting
and in thousand years
contemporary humane carrying
will be considered pure evil

701 manufacturing

i am trying to avoid
socially and politically critical poems
but i just can not resist writing this one.

human race is able
to industrially manufacture anything
using factories and mass media.

we can manufacture any type of a person,
like an elite athlete or a murdering soldier,
but we are somehow running out of critical thinkers.

we could easily manufacture critical thinkers.
that knowledge exists for a century
and it is easier than manufacturing murdering soldiers.

but living on a planet full of critical thinkers
is to complex for us to imagine
so we are afraid of doing it.

but a planet full of stupid obedient people
appears safer and more comforting
no matter what kind of a mess they make.

687 nationalist childhood

we spent centuries
growing unique cultures
so we could share
their knowledge:

i grew up learning
about other cultures
thanks to these messengers:

bukowski from usa
mishima from japan
de sade from france
nietzsche from germany
d’annunzio from italy
freud from austria
jung from switzerland
blake from britain
kharms from russia

thank you!

it is possible

it is possible
that added information
reduces knowledge

shut the fuck up about isreal and palestine

if you have never been
a civilian caught up in the middle
of a civil war
and your only knowledge of war
comes from movies and news
then you should kindly
shut the fuck up
about israel and palestine.

you should recognize
when you have no real knowledge
about something
and when you are
programmed by media.

if you want to really learn
about war
then call me at
+381 63 268906
and i will teach you.

the curse of knowledge

the more i learn the more i realize
there is even more to learn

knowledge is unlimited
and i will never learn everything

it is an evil trick!

knowledge sucks

first and greatest
human invention
is death