there is a part of me
which would fight to death
to make sure
my mom’s sarma recipe
survives forever

super shitty poems

i am getting
more stylish and less shitty
at writing poems
which is not good
because i like my poems best
when they are super shitty.

i wish i could go back in time
to when i was super shitty
and stay there forever
because i am afraid of
becoming even more stylish.

green tea

i can eat
whatever trash i want
because i drink my
green tea
which destroys
all the bad stuff
and gives me a chance
to live forever
until i eat trash again
few hours later

i am sorry for my shitty political angry poems

i know i have been writing
a lot of political angry poems
but this is how i feel
these days.
i am sorry for this.
if you are bored by my political angry poems
you can go to
and find my other poems
back when i was not so political and angry
or you can just wait for me to start
writing other poems again.
i can not be political and angry forever.
i am sorry.

eaten by a lion

i was one second away
from being eaten by a lion.
it was impossible to escape
and my death was sure.
within that one second
i invented a religion
with this lion as a god
which merged with my soul
and allowed me to live forever
in the center of the universe
with everyone i ever loved.

war atrocities

war is period when
assholes and psychopaths gain power
and no one should be surprised
that they go around killing and raping.

every war is the same
and every army is the same
no matter how good their PR is.

but we should not allow
that war atrocities are used
as excuses for new wars
over and over again.

it should stop
when the war ended
and not allow assholes and psychopaths
to keep on going forever and ever.

le pénitentier

i met james
and he was a bit
insecure and weird
and i was not sure about him
then he gave me a link to
le pénitentier
and i understood him
and connected to him
forever and ever.

trump message to melania

dear melania,
i am here for you
and you know
how much i love
and respect you.
i am sorry that
you were attacked
and i am worried
how much i can do
to protect you.
i know you have
sacrificed so much
for my goals.
i will love you forever.
your donald.


first trash it
how dirty and primitive it is
and when it is dead and gone
then miss it and love it
as lost beauty and value.
repeat forever

essence of advertising

i want emotion
i want life
i want to change everything
i want to be the chosen one
i want to succeed
i want to be loved
i want to love
i want to become
a nuclear weapon of love
i want to live forever
i will live forever
i will never die
and everybody will love me
every second of my neverending life
will be an extreme explosion
of wonderful emotions
time is nothing
love it everything
because i am buying
this toothbrush