1276 democracy is a scam

the word democracy is meaningless,
and is used to centralize power
like never before in human history.

what we are told democracy is
has never existed,
and probably never will exist.

we need a new better idea.

1232 i am sorry for not fixing the world

i am sorry that i did not fix
the entire world
and made it a better place
for everyone already.

i will do my best to get it done
before i die
and if i do not make it
i will teach my kids
to teach their kids
to fix the world for everyone.

1213 how to never have bad things

all bad things
started as good things
which eventually became bad
because they lingered long enough
and nothing new and better
replaced them.

the only way
to never have bad things
is to always
quickly replace good things
with new good things.

1149 all ideologies and religions

all ideologies and religions
want us to do these three things:

fix the world,
help everyone,
be better now.

the only difference
is the language and imagery.

1039 more directors

shutter island
would be a better film
if dream scenes were directed
by david lynch,
instead of martin scorsese.

1034 do not be cool

all jesus wanted us to do
is to stop trying to be cool
you can either be cool
or be something better.

1099 how new york got its name

1000 years ago
york was old
but then it became new
and that is it.
this is a stupid poem.
i thought it would be better.
i am very sorry.

1095 my favorite towel

out of all the towels i have
one of them is my favorite
it is the right size
it is the right softness
and i like it very much
because it can make
my days better

1090 you can end school shootings

if you are working in an institution
try to listen to us a bit more
so we can work together
on making things better for everyone

1086 art industry

there is no art world.
there is an art industry.
and it is one of the best industries
because it is better to make art
than to make many other things.

1026 thank you soldiers

soldiers are
the biggest believers
in the better world
they risk their lives for it.

988 challengers are no better

challengers of the power
are power hungry powerless losers
pretending to be better

974 the lost west

long long time ago
the west was an idea
which absorbs all other ideas
making everything better.

the west is an idea
in conflict with all other ideas
making everything worse.

906 how to end racism

racism exists only because
no better idea is offered
to make racism useless

889 world full of philosophers is better

world would be a much better place
if everyone would complete my
“how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps”

874 sexual education poem 3

using butter, mustard, and bbq sauce
in sex
is better than
having no sex at all.

860 the goal of automation

the goal of all automation
is to allow development
of our consciousness.
it should not make us stupider
but smarter,
and by smarter i do not mean
better at paying bills.

773 chest pain and shortness of breath

there is nothing better
for figuring out life
than a bit of a random
chest pain and shortness of breath

737 imagining our evil

it is useful
to imagine all the evil stuff
we want to do
so we can understand
ourselves better.
dreaming of evil
does not mean we will do it.
we should not fear it.
it only means
that we did not process
that energy into something better.
obviously, do not do evil.
just imagine it.

733 the truth about abortion

is the most honest metric
for how awesome our society is
if mothers prefer
to kill their children
out of fear of them living in this world
then we are not doing so well.

the better the world mothers live in
the less abortions there will be.

724 philosophers are liars

the only thing philosophers want
is to have hundred million views on youtube
and that their book sells millions of copies.

they compete to own ideas
just like mcdonalds competes
to own the solution for a fast and a cheap meal.

to them ideas are products
to be branded with their names
and not the next step of consciousness and freedom.

they want to be far away from the stupid people
in hope to meet celebrities
and become a celebrity.

their argument is
that they use the system to change the system
but obviously they only change their bank accounts.

by becoming commercial bitches
they have ruined any remaining credibility philosophy had
and have left humanity in the mud of manufactured idiocy.

this is very different
from the responsibility we gave them:
to make the world better for us.

689 we have already evolved

we have already evolved
we are the next thing
no need to worry about it
just let it shine through
and all will be better
do not fight it

future of feminism

vanessa asked me to write about feminism
so here it goes:

gatherers were replaced by housewives,
housewives were replaced by feminists,
feminists were replaced by millions of fluid gender identities.

in the future
we will all be perfectly equal and free
and we will again be
gatherers, housewives, feminists, and millions of fluid gender identities.

but we will completely forget how to actually be
gatherers, housewives, feminists, and millions of fluid gender identities,
so we will simply invent new better versions of them.

johnny depp vs amber heard

famous people
are famous
they want to be famous
not because they want
to make the world better

politicians are incompetent

experts chased away politicians
from most of the important things like
medicine, science, engineering, innovation,
and the world got much better

politicians still found few issues to dominate
like climate crisis and foreign policy
and because of that we might all die soon

doors of perception

write ten poems or draw ten drawings
and you are bound to stumble upon
some kind of a truth
which was hidden from you
your entire life.

it is that easy
to open the doors of perception
if you have the courage.

but the better you become
in writing poems and drawing drawings
the more poems and drawings
you must make
to open the doors
and it gets scarier and scarier.

the future of entertainment

will asked me
to write a poem about
how boring immortality could be
so here goes:

everything we do as mortals
is defined by our death
which interrupts
our every thought.

as people who die quickly
we are too stupid
to imagine
how much better is immortality.

the boredom we feel as mortals
is defined by
pathetic lack of meaning
of our mortal creations.

education and work are super fast
while entertainment sells us this nonsense,
and it is all meaningless and super boring
because we die before anything makes sense.

when we become immortal
we will think about everything
without the limitation of time
which will give us real meaning.

we will never be bored
because boredom is a lack of meaning.
it is impossible to have meaning
if we live less than a few hundred years.

immortals do not need
to watch netflix shows or play zelda
if they can take three thousand years to
reverse the dying of a black hole.


i am not for the west.
i am for the uberwest.

uberwest is
the next better things
that comes after the west.
i do not know what it is
but it certainly does not
buy oil from assholes
who cut the heads of homosexuals
in front of an audience.

we are all separatists

there would be no ungabunga if it was better to be gungamunga
there would be no athens if it was better to be greek
there would be no greece if it was better to be a persian
there would be no byzantium if it was better to be a roman
there would be no usa if it was better to be british
there would be no serbia if it was better to be ottoman
there would be no padania if it was better to be italian
there would be no taiwan if it was better to be chinese
there would be no kosovo if it was better to be serbian
there would be no uk if it was better to be european
there would be no donbas if it was better to be ukrainian
there would be no ukraine if it was better to be russian
there would be no russia if it was better to be icelandic
there would be no iceland if it was better to be brazilian
there would be no countries if it was better to be a citizen of ia48x

open a social media account only for art

i like to browse with
my social media poetry accounts
with which i only follow artists.
they are full of weird shit,
geometric 2d animations,
3d and real nudes,
crazy people talking nonsense,
childish dick drawings,
and other weird stuff like that.
and this is still better
than most other worldviews.
you should have
a social media account with which
you only follow artists.

to ukranians and russians!

do not go to war!
do not let media and politicians tell you what to do!
you can simply ignore them!
you are better than war!
make cake instead!


this is a poem about
let’s see if it
diminishes my chances
of making the world better.

let’s fix it

moving ideas away from each other make people stupid.
this is why i will try to
bring christianity, philosophy, and science
closer together in a single poem:
christianity, like any religion,
is our message to us
which represents eternal questions
which we must answer
so our consciousness mixes
with other consciousnesses in the universe
so together we outlive the universe.
we will reach heaven when
our consciousness wins over our impulses
and forgiveness is an exercise
in our path to heaven.
god is future us and
soul is our consciousness.
the main differences are mainly in terminology.
i hope this makes everything better now.

forgive us children

for disappointing you
by not doing more
to make the world better.
we were lazy and stupid
maybe we could have
skipped sleeping or slept more.
i do not know.
if you also
disappoint your kids
just copy paste this poem.

in awe of myself

i am so awesome
and i enjoy myself so much
i think everybody should
just be amazed by me
cause im so superb
i will help others
feel this awe
and make the world
a better place

im really into it

yeah im doing well
now im doing better
and im doing it so well
im faster and better
and im kicking ass
feels so good