1236 be ugly and obnoxious

in spite of being
naturally pretty and charismatic
i work very hard
at being ugly and obnoxious
so when people
want to do something with me
i know it is because
i am the best at what i do
and not because
i am pretty and charismatic

1232 i am sorry for not fixing the world

i am sorry that i did not fix
the entire world
and made it a better place
for everyone already.

i will do my best to get it done
before i die
and if i do not make it
i will teach my kids
to teach their kids
to fix the world for everyone.

1156 thank you, artists

i want to thank
all the artist
who throughout the history
have tried to inspire us
to reach the mysterious goal
god has set for us.
thank you! you did your best!
it is not your fault
that we do not get it.

1027 the future of rap

it is year 2050
and public enemy
is still the best
rap thing ever

1118 simon knows people

simon was
an assistant cameraman
on a movie
edited by a wife
of a second best friend
of a producer
who saw al pacino
in los angeles
seven months ago

1076 power vs making stuff

experts in power
are not the best
at making stuff

experts in making stuff
are not the best
at gaining power

1069 today i will

today i will write
one of the best poems
i have ever written

923 recession is coming!

is the best way
to remove
all the bullshit
that piled up

859 three types of nationalism

we are the best
we are the worst
we offer some unique value

785 just hacking million years old emotions

it is questionable
how much of the world we built
is based on a huge error
of just hacking million years old emotions.

and it is possible
that everything is based on an error
and that this is not the only and the best outcome
because we are too fast for natural quality control.

728 the best way to be an artist

the best way to be an artist
is to make money
doing something which is not art
so when you make art
you are not influenced by the buyer.

one trick to escape being a bitch
is to be ironic about it
which is what artists tried to do
in the last hundred years
but then all your art is just irony.

another trick
is to simply become
an extremely evasive addict
and reduce your consciousness
to just wanting money.

the best use of metaverse

the best use of metaverse
would be
if russia and nato
would have their stupid war
in metaverse

art is best when

there is something
awesome about
saying something
to all the people who live
and will live

usa is the best fucking country in the world

usa is a seriously fucked up place
but it is still the best
which says a lot about the other places.

it is the only place where
you can be worshiped for doing weirdest shit
and this is why they innovate more than any other place.

for all of you bitches who think china is better
just remember that
you will never be chinese.

for all of you idiots who think eu is better
just remember that obvious fuckups
are better than hidden fuckups.

if you want a better world
fix usa
because it is here to stay.


you can live with them
and you cant live without them
they are your best friend
and your worst enemy
and one day i will be a parent too
which is so scary
and so far away