1219 worst situations for a risky fart

during sex,
especially while getting oral sex,
during your wedding ceremony,
any public speaking,
job interview,
when sharing a jacuzzi or a pool,
while giving a funeral speech,
parent teacher meeting,
while running a marathon,
and many more.

859 three types of nationalism

we are the best
we are the worst
we offer some unique value

754 how not to write poems

the worst way
to write a poem
is to try to write a poem.

you will either
wait for seven hours
to get a decent idea
or you will write
a shitty poem
like i just did.

do not read one poem only

reading one poem only
is as if you watched
the worst and cringiest
7 seconds of
a single marvel movie


you can live with them
and you cant live without them
they are your best friend
and your worst enemy
and one day i will be a parent too
which is so scary
and so far away