1044 long fun life?

it is strange that
i have lived so long and well
and if my life ends now
i will not complain,
but my life keeps getting
better and more fun
which confuses me.
i hope everyone
got the same deal.

1033 tomato

this poem
is trying to say
some very difficult things
and i really need
your help
in figuring it out,
so please read it well.

1031 internet story 1: elon and massimo

elon is very rich
and he likes massimo.
when massimo was sick
and needed money to get well
elon did not give him money
but he made a subscription feature
so massimo can make his own money.

733 the truth about abortion

is the most honest metric
for how awesome our society is
if mothers prefer
to kill their children
out of fear of them living in this world
then we are not doing so well.

the better the world mothers live in
the less abortions there will be.

i am not doing it well

just because
you like it

it does not mean
i do it well

it only means
that you like
what i do

which is
good enough for me

im really into it

yeah im doing well
now im doing better
and im doing it so well
im faster and better
and im kicking ass
feels so good