1002 which tech liberate us?

things presented as liberating tech
are often just another stupid useless product.

we already have enough tech
to liberate everyone but we do not do it.

we do not need new tech to liberate us.
we can be liberated by using old tech in a better way.

929 very sad

sometimes i meet people
who are fully dedicated to something
yet they are completely useless.
i hope i am not one of them.

928 be careful

be careful not to waste your life
thinking you are changing things
while you are only satisfying
the need for change
with your useless nonsense
which prevents real change.

the key to real change
is very specific
and takes decades to discover
and only few can discover it.

be careful because there is nothing
more scary than a wasted life.

906 how to end racism

racism exists only because
no better idea is offered
to make racism useless

786 nietzsche and kant are stupid

the main difference between
a real philosopher
an academic philosopher
is that the real philosopher
feels how stupid and useless
all previous philosophers are
and knows that he will be
equally stupid to future philosophers


the truth about srebrenica
is that some really fucked up people
did a really fucked up thing
and lots of people got hurt
and it is horrible
but it is not an an excuse
to spend entire lives
in useless hate
without innovation and equality


technology is useless
unless it improves our
emotional capacity.

purpose of love

love has
an amazing power
to make
the most useless
and stupid person
into a laser focused
go getter.
without it
we would all be
couch potatoes.

why people hate science and love religion and media

you are
totally useless
very soon
you will only be
a pile of smelly junk
people love you
only because they
love themselves
and cause they shit
their pants
when they remember
that they are also

if you ever invented
you do not even
have a clue how you
invented it
it just happened
and you have no control

if you ever did
anything good
it was only an
something that
could have easily have
happened to
anyone else

you do not
even suck
you are not
even that important
you are just
a stupid useless
chemical nanoevent
in otherwise
meaningless oblivion