1186 fuck books

just because you
read, own, write, quote a lot of books,
it does not mean you know shit.

books are just a fucking product
made to help you feel smarter than others.
they are a louis vuitton bag.

sure, writing a book
takes a lot of brain effort
but so does masturbating ten times a day.

smart people were much more useful
before books were invented.
they did not need 300 pages to be heard.

if you want to be smart
do not buy things
that make you feel smart.

1077 science vs religion

neither science nor religion
know everything
and what they know
is not directly useful
in our every day lives
so they should
take it a bit easier

968 wisdom tutorial 5

ideologies and religions
allow us
to share perspectives
with billions of people
building our collective.

but they stop being useful
if they are monopolizing
our consciousness
by trying to be more than
just one of many perspectives.

961 did we destroy all art?

there is a 63 % chance that we lost
all ability to understand and make art
and what we understand and make now
is not art but something else
much less useful

the wisdom of noam chomsky

noam chomsky is wise enough
to know that he is super stupid
and that the only way for him to be useful
is to be a voice of those who do not have a voice