1205 corny but true

as delegation of work
our knowledge of reality

we operate virtually
without being challenged
while we make millions suffer
without feeling bad about it

1173 old person dilemma

like all old people
i know that the world
is getting shittier.

and if everyone
just listened to me
everything would be better.

i also know
this is not true,
but i have no alternative.

940 true listener

true listener
equally listens
to the past
to the present
to the future

902 how to be a hero

everyone wants to be a hero
in the epic story of our lives.

if you find the truth you can be a true hero.
if you believe the lies you can be a false hero.

but you can never be a hero if you listen to bullshit.
bullshit took heroism away from our lives.

811 true art has no celebrities

true artists are invisible
because they are not competing
but only sharing


val asked me
to write a poem about the multiverse,
so here goes:

multiverse is a perfect example
how too much specialization
in a single communication format
creates a dogmatic tyranny
which misguides
the entire human race
from its true purpose
of immortality and equality.

conspiracy theories

when you do not let people say what they know is true,
you reduce their communication to the stupidity of conspiracy theories

the more people are silenced
the stupider the conspiracy theory is

to make people smart and to get rid of their conspiracy theories
you must honestly listen to them