1258 not a bathroom

if we talk
on the phone
and you hear an echo
i just want to make it clear
that i am not in a bathroom
sitting on a toilet

863 typical sunday

7 very large meals
90 mins on the toilet
playing decade old games
nothing to watch
writing random poems
lack of distraction from death
total inability to plan

this bug is my hero

i found a bug in the hallway
and threw it in the toilet.
an hour later i went to pee
and the bug was still there swimming.
i felt sorry for it
but i really needed to pee
so i peed on it and flushed.
i felt bad about doing it but i did it.
the bug did not get flushed
and kept swimming.
i was very happy.
i made a little stick out of toilet paper
and took it out
and released it outside.
i hope it had a great life
with a great family and an awesome career
and lots of kids and grand kids.
this bug is my hero.

toilet paper

whoever invented toilet paper is a genius
just imagine the world without it
there would be much more trees
and much less homosexuals