1311 i am sorry for pathetic

when i was a kid
i wrote a short story
and others told me
that it is quite pathetic
and it seems that
still today my writing
is a pathetic
and there is nothing
i can do about it.

1309 what is my age?

today i again forgot my age
and the whole day i was guessing
that i am 47 or 48.

finally i found a website
which calculated my age
and i was super happy
that it was only 46.

very nice that someone
made a website for us
who forget our age.

1294 90 min only

would a 90 min film
which follows someone
through a normal day
would be more interesting to us
than most of the expensive
hollywood films made today

1227 saturday poem

irena told me
i should
write a poem today.

i said: fuck that,
i will not write poems
on a saturday.

1196 no poem today

today would be
a good day
not to write a poem

1025 very lazy

i am very sorry
but today
i am too lazy
to write a poem

1122 i will resist

i will resist
and not write
a pretentious philosophical poem

1097 if i do not

if i do not
write a poem today
it will be a shitty day

1069 today i will

today i will write
one of the best poems
i have ever written

1065 dead poets society is wrong

dead poets society is wrong
for glorifying only a few
dead poets.

most people today
know less than ten poets
of which most are dead.

a better film would be living poets society
which glorifies millions of poets
living amongst us.

974 the lost west

long long time ago
the west was an idea
which absorbs all other ideas
making everything better.

the west is an idea
in conflict with all other ideas
making everything worse.

797 national anthems

for as long as i remember
i refused to stand up for national anthems
but today i am reconsidering it

thank you fiam

today new age of history started!
we published the first
opportunity on
creating a connection between
designers of factory tools
factory workers who use them.
this is amazing!
this is the seventh best day in my life!
i am so proud!
now i can die happy!

do not trust beauty

long long time ago
in a galaxy far far away
beauty was pure and good.

but today
assholes figured out
how to use beauty to fuck us over.

beauty is so abused now
that we feel safe with ugly and fear beauty.

but i am sure
assholes will figure out
how to corrupt ugly as well.

and then
we will detach from impulsive aesthetics
and will be forced to think.

i will not write a poem today

i will not
write a poem today.
i am not into it.
i am bored to do it.
it feels like a chore.
my head is empty
and i have nothing to share.
maybe tomorrow
i will write one
but, sorry,
today there are
no new poems.

i promise that
maybe today
i will finally finish
my proposal
for maybe the first
generative text nft art

jesus christ

if jesus christ was alive today
and he probably is
he would be working in a beach bar
somewhere far away from jerusalem
and he would go out with teenage tourist girls