1316 i will be in los angeles

i will be in los angeles
from 25th april until 4th may

i would love to meet you
and eat good food
and do a poetry reading

please message me at

1291 consuming vs making

reading books is boring
reading comics is boring
watching movies is boring
watching tv shows is boring
playing video games is boring
watching art is boring
eating food is boring
using apps is boring

making books, comics, movies,
tv shows, video games, art, food, apps
is awesome

poetry conspiracy theory 2

it is not a coincidence that
reading and writing poetry fell out of fashion
while manufactured consent grew

reading my own poems

i only read my poems
after i forget
that i wrote them
which is exactly
17 years and 3 mins
after i wrote them.

sci-fi poetry

no special effect is as good
as the imagination of a person
reading a poem.

training for my parents’ death

i have been eating well
lifting weights
doing long easy runs
reading up on the subject
gathering experiences
establishing contacts
i should be ready