741 rafael rozendaal art is great

i know rafael does not like
that people describe his art
but i think it is useful
to give it some context
because its value to humanity
can easily be missed.

rafael’s art transcends
any form of reality we are in
allowing our mind
to instantly go in another place,
and he does this
using only few simple shapes
in the most simple animation.

this allows us
to be something else
for few precious seconds
which is more than enough.

no one ever
in the history of humanity
was able to achieve so much
with so little.

maybe i sound like i did lsd
but i did not.

rafael says

rafael said:
don’t look for meaning just look

i think that the meaning of this is:
freeing our consciousness
from the burden and distraction
of unrelated and forced thinking
will allow us to access
intuitive and universal
appreciation of beauty
which connects all conscious beings

rafael’s art

if you want to see the future
look at rafael’s art.
his art is from the year 2234
when there is nothing to annoy you
and the only thing you can do
is to enjoy the beauty.

misunderstood messages

michelangelo on freedom
vanessa on equality
marina on listening
lars on horror of existence
delphine on honesty
kanye on death
miltos on change
rafael on beauty
ryder on freedom now
hans on humanity

miltos is a villain

miltos is a level three villain
in the art video game.
you need to beat him
to reach level four.
there are seventy six levels.
i am still at level two.
rafael is level forty two.
my kids are level one.

magical moments part one

california desert fire with irena, steven, sara
fluorescent algae in south africa with ivan
tim joking in a race in south africa
waking up next to marko
ivan joking about math in sweden
making a sandwich in australia
snowboarding over a deep untouched snow in serbia
diving deep in thassos
setting a tetris record in thassos
swimming in the dark in a fjord in a race in norway
running out of gas with rafael in italy
snowboarding with sofija in serbia
swimming with marko on my back in france
arguing on stage in vicenza
downhill mountain biking in belgrade

advice to rafael

you are a
very smart
very hardworking
very talented
very dutch boy

this book shows
that very early
you have discovered
a working system

is it worth
your life
to this
or any system

or should you go
where no dutch boy
has gone before

rafael’s drawings

as good
as my