1266 some pets are slaves

it is possible that some pets
do not love their owners
but are like slave prostitutes
who learned to pretend to love
so they would survive

1114 algorithms

it is possible
that all of the algorithms
that manage our lives
are based on something
very stupid – like abduction

1040 feminism usefulness

it is possible
that masculine dominance
its depriving us of feminine wisdom
necessary for the growth
of our consciousness

1034 i might give up

it is possible
that one day
i will just give up
on making stuff

21st century philosophy

20th century
was the pinnacle
of idiotic extreme ideologies
which divided people
as much as possible

in the 21st century
anyone not working
to remove these imaginary divisions
by creating unifying ideologies
is seriously outdated

it is possible

it is possible
that added information
reduces knowledge