889 world full of philosophers is better

world would be a much better place
if everyone would complete my
“how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps”

786 nietzsche and kant are stupid

the main difference between
a real philosopher
an academic philosopher
is that the real philosopher
feels how stupid and useless
all previous philosophers are
and knows that he will be
equally stupid to future philosophers

781 professional poets and philosophers

professional poets and philosophers
make as much as sense to me
as professional salad eaters and air breathers.

in the near future
there will be university degrees and global communities
for professional salad eaters and air breathers.

they will look down on anyone else
who does not have a PhD
in salad eating and air breathing.

and as these elites distance themselves
the stupid masses will get shittier and shittier
in salad eating and air breathing.

724 philosophers are liars

the only thing philosophers want
is to have hundred million views on youtube
and that their book sells millions of copies.

they compete to own ideas
just like mcdonalds competes
to own the solution for a fast and a cheap meal.

to them ideas are products
to be branded with their names
and not the next step of consciousness and freedom.

they want to be far away from the stupid people
in hope to meet celebrities
and become a celebrity.

their argument is
that they use the system to change the system
but obviously they only change their bank accounts.

by becoming commercial bitches
they have ruined any remaining credibility philosophy had
and have left humanity in the mud of manufactured idiocy.

this is very different
from the responsibility we gave them:
to make the world better for us.

i am a beginner philosopher

through a lot of trial and error
i have understood that
it is best
that i do not participate
in any current ideology
but simply create
a new meta-ideology
which can unite everyone

anything else
seems like a waste of time
because philosophers
can easily
waste a whole decade
without realizing