1234 please donate for my 46th birthday

today is my 46th birthday
and i am again
fundraising for my nephew pavle.

he has epidermolysis bullosa
and his parents are poor.

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any amount helps!
thank you!

1103 children vs travel?

some people
choose not to be parents
because the pain
of loving a child
is too much for them.

but when you ask them
they will tell you
that they prefer to travel.

941 parent’s dilemma

i wish i loved my kids so much
to treat them badly
so they would love me less
and be less sad when i die

824 tradition explained

tradition is when
kids are smart enough to know
when to trust their parents

726 generational continuity

i think it is a great loss
that many people have been convinced
that the next generation
should not continue the work of the past generation.
as if working for some stupid public company
is a better life option than learning from your parents
and continuing their vision.

685 robb elementary school shooting

while i have completely
given up on being upset
over murder of children
i have discovered
a new form of disgust
for the police
which was fucking around with parents
instead of sacrificing their lives
to save the children.

there is something the police can learn
from the parents begging for help.

there is something the police can learn
from john byng.

perfect time to die

perfect time to die
is at the same time
as both of your parent die
without them knowing
that you die
when your kids are
mature enough to
tolerate the pain

i fucking hate love

i hate
that i love so much
everyone including
my parents, girlfriend, kids, friends,
and random people.

i fucking hate it
to the point when
i want to just
kill everyone
because i love them
so much.

problem with parents

just when you get used to your parents
they die

everybody and everything wants my love

toys from childhood
taxi drivers

make parents unhappy

do not make kids
die as soon as you can
be unhealthy and weak
be unpredictable

make parents happy

make kids
do not die before them
appear healthy and strong
be predictable


you can live with them
and you cant live without them
they are your best friend
and your worst enemy
and one day i will be a parent too
which is so scary
and so far away

training for my parents’ death

i have been eating well
lifting weights
doing long easy runs
reading up on the subject
gathering experiences
establishing contacts
i should be ready