1149 all ideologies and religions

all ideologies and religions
want us to do these three things:

fix the world,
help everyone,
be better now.

the only difference
is the language and imagery.

misunderstood messages

michelangelo on freedom
vanessa on equality
marina on listening
lars on horror of existence
delphine on honesty
kanye on death
miltos on change
rafael on beauty
ryder on freedom now
hans on humanity

this poem relevance

this poem
collection of my poems
all poems i wrote
all poems written by everyone now
all poems written by everyone ever
everything written by everyone ever
everything communicated by everyone ever
everything thought by everyone ever
everything ever

t j flynn part two

where is t j flynn?
is he in canada?
is he in paraguay?
is he somewhere
in the middle?
to be or not to be
question is now