989 technology 2

daniel hale exposed
how military covered up
how military drones
mostly killed civilians

i already miss
the good old days
when your enemy would
cut your head off
with a dull rusty knife.
it was personal and humane.

i do not like this new trend
of drones killing your kids

who knows
what new horrors await us?

i am sorry for sponsoring nato

i lived in italy for five years
and i made a lot of money
and i paid a lot of taxes
and some of those taxes
went to nato
and i am not happy about that
nato is the biggest military organization
that ever existed in the history of humankind
and i really do not like
anything that is the biggest
anything that is military
anything that is an organization.

lets go to war

theres nothing else to do
we are super bored
those people over there
do not like our food
lets kill them
we need more money
they have it
lets kill them and take it
its easier than
selling them shit
lets go to war
because it is fun
most people
are fucking terrified of war
but fuckem
it is fun for us