1296 poems for friends

i write a poem for a friend
and someone else likes it
and i imagine
how that random person
is actually my friend
whom i did not meet yet

1073 let’s meet in NYC

i will me in NYC
from 7 until 13 april
and i would be happy
to meet someone new.
call me at +38163268906!

752 my visual art

few times in my life
i made visual art
and it was fun and beautiful
but it was too slow and too much hard work.

i chose to write poetry
because it is fast and easy
and i can often change my mind
and go through hundreds of ideas.

but finally i have found
a way to make visual art
and not be bored by the hard work.
i hope it works out.

visual art is cool
and my kids might like it
more than my poetry.
and i will meet new people.

712 another simpler poem about sicily

for a long time
it was my dream
to visit sicily.

finally i will do it
with irena and the kids
this july.

if you have any tips
or want to meet
email me at


i can not resent taliban
they are simply
super terrified of death
so they come up
with all these
hopefully pathetic solutions to it
and that is no different
from anyone else i ever met.

except few people who
have the balls to look the death
in the eyes and say
i do not give a fuck.
but they are not taliban.

brian cassidy

brian visited me and one day
we ate so much meat
rafael was there as well
it was so much that we all felt dizzy
as soon as i parked i fell down in the mud and trash
and fell asleep
rafael fell next to me
i dont know how brian could go around
and take photos but he did