1286 quizat haderach

frank herbert was a smart man
so i can only assume
that his message is
that even
the smartest and the most powerful
person in the universe
can end up
wasting time with politics
of doing something more useful

1151 my father

my father was a great man
i can not explain how
there is not enough space here
so just take my word for it

1052 lost poem

an old man wrote
the most powerful poem
in his head
just before he died

713 gianni versace

gianni versace
is the most italian man
to ever exist
in the future and in the past
and every man is
less italian than gianni

most important man in the world

to be the most important man in the world
you first need to be able to
breathe, sleep, pee, and poo

kenneth aronson

the only man
who sold
the hell
i know of

rafael rozendaal

a child in a man’s body
or a man in a child’s body
is the question now
but he has big ears
and is surely a fine lad