805 there is no word for death

death is not a word for death.
it is a word we use because
we are too afraid to be honest about it.

735 error

in a previous poem
i forgot to add a dot.

when i realized this
at first i was worried
but then i realized
that this is the proof
that i am spontaneous
and honest
so i stopped worrying.

733 the truth about abortion

is the most honest metric
for how awesome our society is
if mothers prefer
to kill their children
out of fear of them living in this world
then we are not doing so well.

the better the world mothers live in
the less abortions there will be.

how to write good poetry

first you have to
take poetry seriously
second you have to
not worry how it sounds out loud
poetry is about silence
third you have to
make a point
pointless stuff just
does not work anymore
fourth you have to
be brutally honest
no more bullshit
no one needs it
good luck!