say no to artificial intelligence art

the moment when
artificial intelligence
makes art
that we like
is the moment
our freedom ended

artificial intelligence
will be better at
making art that we like
but art is not
supposed to be

art made by
artificial intelligence
will silence us
making us into
passive consumers
and we will
ask for more

the only way
to save ourselves
from this hell
is for each of us
to make art

life lesson number one

people never
mean what they say.
we must always
work hard to figure out
what they really want.
and it can be very different
from what they say.
if you continue
taking everything literally
your life will be a living hell
of never ending
you will be disconnected
from humanity.

kenneth aronson

the only man
who sold
the hell
i know of

the burp of truth

it came from the depths of hell
straight into the universe of sound
i was scared but i stood my ground
unmoved by its awesome power
one burp to rule them all