1124 all i need is 20 minutes

if i just had
20 minutes of free time
i could
mentally prepare for death.

but i do not have
20 minutes of free time
so i live
in constant fear of death.

947 fear of common sense

some knowledge
became so specialized
that basic common sense
from a layperson
can disrupt it

911 your purpose

our individual purpose
is our collective purpose:
to develop consciousness.

to achieve this
we must first reach two goals:
immortality and equality.

consciousness can not develop
when we live short lives
in fear of each other.

890 emotional manipulation is fear and death

we have reached the pinnacle
of emotional manipulation
and have completely neglected
developing our consciousness.

this is why we are not able
to become immortal and equal,
but we live in fear of each other,
and die young and weak.

854 reject superman, he is fear

superman is the most
successful fear mongering
propaganda against technocracy

i disagree that we need
an alien to protect us
from scientists and engineers

i believe that
scientists and engineers
actually want to help us

do not trust beauty

long long time ago
in a galaxy far far away
beauty was pure and good.

but today
assholes figured out
how to use beauty to fuck us over.

beauty is so abused now
that we feel safe with ugly and fear beauty.

but i am sure
assholes will figure out
how to corrupt ugly as well.

and then
we will detach from impulsive aesthetics
and will be forced to think.

a poem by putin

this world offers nothing but fear!
i will die soon so i must do something now!
fuck you all!

smartest poem so far

are you ready?
here goes!

our consciousness is
not in our brains
but is accessed
by our brains.

everyone is religious
because our whole lives
we give gifts to gods
so they spare us
from death.

progress of humanity
is hijacked
by those
who fear the most.

do you like it?
am i smart?

how to be smart

the best motivator
to be smart
is fear.
the more afraid you are
the smarter you are.
the more comfortable you are
the stupider you are.

rip miltos manetas

time transformed
a perfect human
into a fear algorithm
by erasing his
empathy and vision

the burp of truth

it came from the depths of hell
straight into the universe of sound
i was scared but i stood my ground
unmoved by its awesome power
one burp to rule them all