1291 consuming vs making

reading books is boring
reading comics is boring
watching movies is boring
watching tv shows is boring
playing video games is boring
watching art is boring
eating food is boring
using apps is boring

making books, comics, movies,
tv shows, video games, art, food, apps
is awesome

884 crises eating system

with a system
that feeds on crisis
is that eventually
it eats all crises
and dies

781 professional poets and philosophers

professional poets and philosophers
make as much as sense to me
as professional salad eaters and air breathers.

in the near future
there will be university degrees and global communities
for professional salad eaters and air breathers.

they will look down on anyone else
who does not have a PhD
in salad eating and air breathing.

and as these elites distance themselves
the stupid masses will get shittier and shittier
in salad eating and air breathing.

eating a banana

i was not hungry
but it was just sitting there
waiting for me.
it had a perfect shape and color.
none of those stupid black spots.
i could not resist touching it
and it felt perfectly firm.
i knew i should lose weight
and i lied to myself:
i will only eat a few bites.
but as soon as my mouth tasted it
the lie was exposed
and i ate it whole.

another bullshit poem about my childhood

if you drive a cat
you have to learn not to
open the red cucumber
i was in the school
yoodle doo
ok and than it hit me
black is not back
and mice do not eat computers
at least not when
i transmit
you egomaniac
i hate you

the way poetry was 100 years ago

polka makes a lot of sense
when it is than
mustard is eating my brain
so now what
pokemon rules and dogs
do not care if cats
combined with cars
can go the distance
however if you are ever around
make sure potatos
are rotten
when you enter the castle of evil
forget the color of your underwear
sun is green only
when jupiter is on purple ice
rats are in my ass
colors are running away