1254 clouds report 5 february 2024

i have seen a lot of clouds
since my last clouds poem
written 19 october 2023.

some were isolated,
some were fast,
one looked like a hook,
all were very cool.

1194 not a poem about clouds

i just think how
poems about clouds
are stupid.

but then i see clouds
and remember
how cool they are,
but i still do not write
a poem about them.

1034 do not be cool

all jesus wanted us to do
is to stop trying to be cool
you can either be cool
or be something better.

1007 morality

on social media
i often do not like stuff
even though it looks cool
because i do not know
if they are the real experts
or someone average
taking away the attention
from the real experts

971 the heart of snowboarding

the heart of snowboarding
is not a difficult jump
that looks cool on a screen
and is necessary
to sell you the new stuff.

the heart of snowboarding
is a slow easy glide
over a soft powder
on a local mountain
with people who love it too.

780 meeting kyle studstill

kyle liked my poem on instagram.
then i saw on instagram that he wrote a poem similar to mine.
then we chatted on instagram.
then we spoke on zoom about all kinds of things.
this was a really cool experience.
thank you kyle.

727 my shitty visual art

it is a great challenge for me
to create visual art
because visual art has to be cool
and can not be cringe
because it must decorate
and present the collector
as powerful, smart, successful.
and all visual art i make
is ugly, stupid, cringe,
which is how i like it.

choosing sides in war

in every war
i fight with all my heart
for the people of the future
who have evolved beyond war
who are equal and immortal
and enjoy their time
being smart and cool

nick feinberg

my name is nick
and i am not a prick.
i have a big dick
which makes women sick.
so i learned a cool trick
to be very quick
and then do a little lick
to finish my chick.

day by day

every day
i do something little
and maybe not so cool
so one day
far away in the future
i do something super cool

not cinema according to scorsese

unnecessary nudity,
product placement,
unnecessary effects,
cool for the sake of cool,
and anything else
that is a distraction from
one group of human beings
trying to communicate how they feel
to another group of human beings
using film.

how anarchism looks like

citizenship is sold in a supermarket
taxes are voluntary
voting is for cool stuff only

The scale of cool

Very cool
Super cool
Mega cool
Ultra cool
Uber cool
Beyond cool
Forget cool
Just so cool

why you should write poetry

it takes
only few seconds
to write a poem

no one can
really tell if its
good or bad

there is
a tiny chance
kids will have
those stupid
in school
about your poems

while musicians
and painters
need decades
to perfect their

you do not need
any education or training

the less you know
better your poetry
will be

you hardly need
to know how to spell
or even speak

if no one
has any clue
what your poems
are about
this is perfectly

yet poems are
so very cool

just so
very very cool

bill gates

that guy
wrote basic
one version of it
at least
with two other guys
thats cool
no matter what

karf oolhu

i am
a fan
of him
lego stuff
for sure

lance armstrong bumber sticker poem

2 cool
2 b doped

thank you mr. death

for letting me live
so long
im already 30
that is already
way too much
a bit more would
be ok
but i am not
whatever you decide
is cool with me

the truth

one day i will
expose the truth
and the whole world
will just crumble down
it will be so
super super cool


sometimes its a clear day
and im just doing my usual stuff
and it comes to me
i just realize
how fucking cool metallica is