1241 extreme compassion

constantly feeling
extreme compassion
for everyone alive
is a little bit difficult.

1229 super smart

i am just guessing
that being super smart
is to overcome the suffering
caused by compassion
for everyone who ever lived
resulting from being super smart.

so super smart people
must be super smart enough
to save themselves
from their super smartness.

1079 compassion

the image of
my father’s dead body
reminds me that
everyone i see
will end up like that

nuclear bomb did not save us

i used to believe
that nuclear bomb saved us
from the global war
because it is so powerful
that no one dares
to start a real war anymore.

i was wrong.
nuclear bomb only
motivated people
to become more creative
in torturing others.

for example,
imposing sanctions
on people who share a passport
is worse than bombing them.
mass media demonization
of people who share a small part of a dna
is industrialized racism.

the evil remained
and adopted new technologies
much faster than
reason and compassion developed.

journalists love wars

i have spent dozens of hours
watching ukraine war reports
and i have not heard one single journalist
say anything against the war

they are all trying
to get me to be against one and for the other side –
both being useless abstract political narratives
in which real people are only numbers

the lack of essential human compassion in journalism
is the same since the gulf war
which is when i was first disgusted
by their love of war

just imagine
if all that journalism energy was directed towards
building a better world with cooperative innovation
instead of racism