1317 do my poems make you happy?

once your basic needs are satisfied
you can achieve happiness
simply by changing your opinion
and the best way to change
your opinion is to read
and the best thing to read
to change your opinion
is a short honest poem
and the best short honest poems
for changing your opinion
could be mine,
but they are not.

1282 first english, than the world

i started writing poetry in serbian
in a separate instagram account.
soon i will start writing poetry in italian.
and later maybe in german.

my ultimate goal is
that people from every culture
tell me that my poems are not poems,
but are actually basic sentences
with random line breaks.

835 the steve jobs trick

enter an industry
without basic consumer marketing
and add basic consumer marketing

bill gates

that guy
wrote basic
one version of it
at least
with two other guys
thats cool
no matter what