1282 first english, than the world

i started writing poetry in serbian
in a separate instagram account.
soon i will start writing poetry in italian.
and later maybe in german.

my ultimate goal is
that people from every culture
tell me that my poems are not poems,
but are actually basic sentences
with random line breaks.

1278 a fast food experience

i need something
i enjoyed that once
i want it
i crave it, it is awesome
it really need it
this is so tasty
this is amazing
i am so happy to be alive
something is not right
i am a bit sick
i need to go to the bathroom
i will never eat that again
why does that exist
i am ashamed
this world is hell

1243 all of us know

i know exactly
how to fix the world
to the last technical detail
making everyone happy.
it really is very very easy.

1232 i am sorry for not fixing the world

i am sorry that i did not fix
the entire world
and made it a better place
for everyone already.

i will do my best to get it done
before i die
and if i do not make it
i will teach my kids
to teach their kids
to fix the world for everyone.

1199 how to manage rewarding

do not be an egomaniac
who gives only 1 reward of 10,000 euro
but give 100 rewards of 100 euro.

also it is a bit stupid
to give 1,000 rewards of 10 euro
or 10 rewards of 1,000 eur.

and make sure to reward
everyone in the world
instead of just the people in your village.

1173 old person dilemma

like all old people
i know that the world
is getting shittier.

and if everyone
just listened to me
everything would be better.

i also know
this is not true,
but i have no alternative.

1149 all ideologies and religions

all ideologies and religions
want us to do these three things:

fix the world,
help everyone,
be better now.

the only difference
is the language and imagery.

1032 everything is a story

in a world
made of stories
the best way to live
is to tell
your own story

1116 art industry statistics

in a world of 8 billion people
all art is made by few thousand people
for few hundred people

1115 i love my kids

i love my kids
so much
that i want to change
the whole world
for them

1086 art industry

there is no art world.
there is an art industry.
and it is one of the best industries
because it is better to make art
than to make many other things.

1058 how to fix the world

accumulation of capital
is unavoidable and not a problem

centralization of power
is unavoidable and not a problem

lack of openness
is avoidable and the biggest problem

1027 never be small

refuse to be small,
refuse to be powerless,
refuse to be insignificant,
refuse to not be able
to make the entire world
the way you feel or think
it should be.

1026 thank you soldiers

soldiers are
the biggest believers
in the better world
they risk their lives for it.

954 complexity of language

every word
is spoked by one person
to at least three people:
one other person, themselves, the world.

every word
can have thousands of meaning
but always has at least four meanings:
what the speaker intended to say,
what the speaker revealed accidentally,
what the listener intended to hear,
what the listener revealed accidentally.

935 kamikaze design

i have reached
the ninth level of design –
the kamikaze level –
designing products
which can change the world
but do not change it
and instead change few people
who might design products
which change the world.

i can still reach
the tenth level of design,
the god level –
designing products
which change the world.

922 globalization

globalization was created
to help the world develop
using the universal language
of money.

but without
a good idea behind it
it just ended up funding
a lot of really bad ideas.

908 why be a shitty philosopher or a shitty poet

in a world which is overly saturated
with extremely convincing content
you must develop your own thinking frameworks
in order to find your own version of good.

if you allow yourself to be passive,
your identity will dissolve.

write philosophy and poetry because it is easy
and even if it is shitty
you will still be stronger
and more independent, like me.

889 world full of philosophers is better

world would be a much better place
if everyone would complete my
“how to be a philosopher in 4 easy steps”

869 crazy

non-binary person
will go crazy
in a binary world

856 ideas and products

ideas are great
products change the world

853 how my ceo brain works

3.1 % about money
30 % about people
99 % about changing the world

833 relaxing poem

sometimes i just want to relax
and not write about the world
and just write about clouds

820 this world is still cruel :(

it is still safer
to promote what you can offer
rather than bitch about you loss

810 i hope to fix the world

if i fix the whole world
i will fix it for me
and if that helps others – great!

777 gandalf

all i have to decide
is what to do
with the time given to me.

should i indulge
my egomaniacal ambitions
and try to fix the whole world.

or should i just
enjoy the calm
for whatever time i have left.

please leave suggestions
in the comments.

775 the death of david lynch

i often think
about the death of david lynch
how it will happen soon
and how after it
the world will never be the same
and although i love change
i will not like this change

764 crypto assets global conspiracy

crypto assets
is a global conspiracy
by people who do do not trust
anyone but each other
to move the value
of the crypto assets up and down
so they can survive in a world
accidentally designed to kill them.

763 complaining about the world

i do not want to sound
like a sad loser
but complaining about the world
is a decent way
to numb the personal struggle with mortality

756 thank you joshua james clancy

on instagram
you saw a poetry competition
offering ten thousand us dollars
and of all the poets in the world
you chose to tag me in the comment.

that made my day
and i hope this poem
makes your day,
or at least an hour.

being tagged by you
made me more happy
than winning that competition.

i would like to buy you a drink.
if you are in serbia or italy
give me a call at +381632689

733 the truth about abortion

is the most honest metric
for how awesome our society is
if mothers prefer
to kill their children
out of fear of them living in this world
then we are not doing so well.

the better the world mothers live in
the less abortions there will be.

724 philosophers are liars

the only thing philosophers want
is to have hundred million views on youtube
and that their book sells millions of copies.

they compete to own ideas
just like mcdonalds competes
to own the solution for a fast and a cheap meal.

to them ideas are products
to be branded with their names
and not the next step of consciousness and freedom.

they want to be far away from the stupid people
in hope to meet celebrities
and become a celebrity.

their argument is
that they use the system to change the system
but obviously they only change their bank accounts.

by becoming commercial bitches
they have ruined any remaining credibility philosophy had
and have left humanity in the mud of manufactured idiocy.

this is very different
from the responsibility we gave them:
to make the world better for us.

719 diarrhea!

i care
about the quality of my poems
as much as i care
about the quality of my diarrhea
which does not mean
that my poems
can not change the world.

697 search engine optimization

i write my poems
so they pop up on top of search results
but they never do
the whole world would explode

i am sure someone will say
that i do not know how to do seo poetry
but i am more inclined to believe
that poems can never be allowed
to be so important

the truth about the world war two

the winner of the world war two is the evil
and the loser is the good,
same as in every war before.

it was not a war between countries
as the history books
want us to believe.

it was a war between
the politicians – the evil,
and the common people – the good.

and the common people
got fucked over, like in every war,
while the psychopath politicians had fun.

johnny depp vs amber heard

famous people
are famous
they want to be famous
not because they want
to make the world better

politicians are incompetent

experts chased away politicians
from most of the important things like
medicine, science, engineering, innovation,
and the world got much better

politicians still found few issues to dominate
like climate crisis and foreign policy
and because of that we might all die soon

snowboarding poem 1

saturday was
a very sad day for me
because it was
the last weekend
of the season.

all the snow was melting
and it felt
like the entire world
was ending.

luckily, on sunday
new snow fell
and everything
was fine again.

a happy poem

i am very worried
about the world
so i wrote
many poems about it

to give you a break
here is a happy poem
so you do not think
i am only a grumpy poet

why did the chicken cross the road?
to read a happy poem

alternative putin

putin took the oil and gas profit
and invested it in innovation
which solved the global poverty
and the climate crisis.

he offered amazing benefits
to innovators and artists
and attracted the best in the world
setting a new standard for all countries.

he did all this in his first term
and the entire world loved him
but he still left
so he could be with his grandkids.

a poem by putin

this world offers nothing but fear!
i will die soon so i must do something now!
fuck you all!

write a business poem

if all
would write poems
and include them in their work
everyone would make much more money
and the world would be a much better place.


this is a poem about
let’s see if it
diminishes my chances
of making the world better.

kanye west

he is an artist
who decided
to make art
in the real world,
which is kind of
the only real art.

thank you marina abramovic

my son said hi to you.
we took a photo of you and him.
you said you like my sweater.
i gave it to you.
i asked you to join us for dinner.
you did not make it.
i asked you to send us a photo
of you wearing the sweater.
you sent one.
we loved it.
this is how everyone
in the world should behave.

forgive us children

for disappointing you
by not doing more
to make the world better.
we were lazy and stupid
maybe we could have
skipped sleeping or slept more.
i do not know.
if you also
disappoint your kids
just copy paste this poem.

brexit logic

half of the world
only one nation
in the world.

another half wants
around ten million nations
in the world.

we could make
half of the world
one nation,
and the other half
ten million nations,
and see what happens.

report on writing poetry for more than a decade

i still get these amazing ideas
for poems which should change the world.
i get them while i am
driving or showering.
and i think:
this one i will write down
and share online
and the world will love me
and everything will change.
by everything i really think everything.
like, we will not drive but fly.
and internet will be in our minds.
that sort of change.
and then i forget the poem.
and it is the same stupid problem
i had ten years ago
when i started writing poetry.
the worst thing about it is
i do not care so much that i forget.
i do not care that i did not
change the whole world
and made everybody love me.
and even worst worst worst thing is
that i do not care that i do not care.

in awe of myself

i am so awesome
and i enjoy myself so much
i think everybody should
just be amazed by me
cause im so superb
i will help others
feel this awe
and make the world
a better place

toilet paper

whoever invented toilet paper is a genius
just imagine the world without it
there would be much more trees
and much less homosexuals

the truth

one day i will
expose the truth
and the whole world
will just crumble down
it will be so
super super cool