722 cringe

in order to be fully free
it is necessary to go beyond the cringe
and to do that we need to reach maximum cringe.
irony does not work as good as cringe.
real wisdom is beyond cringe.

716 wisdom is change, change is wisdom

a common way to trap people
is to build a cage within a cage
so when they break out of the first cage
they will think they are free
while in fact they are still in the second cage.

actually you can build
thousands of cages inside each other
and most of the people will think they are free
after they break out from the first cage
and will not try to break out of the second one.


hypes come quickly
and erase old niche wisdom

hypes pass quickly
but old niche wisdom never comes back

after hundred hypes
no old niche wisdom remains

and the only thing people know how to do
is to follow more hypes


nature’s half-arsed solution
to a limited memory problem
is a superficial opinionated mess
oversold and overpromoted
by the old whose brains
started deleting old files
decades ago