thank you

thank you fiam

today new age of history started!
we published the first
opportunity on
creating a connection between
designers of factory tools
factory workers who use them.
this is amazing!
this is the seventh best day in my life!
i am so proud!
now i can die happy!

thank you putin

thank you putin
for being
the biggest promoter of
clean local decentralized energy sources
in the history of humankind

thank you kanye west

kanye west spent
billions of dollars
millions of hours
thousands of people
only to move us forward
by less than a single percent.
thank you kanye
but we need more kanye.
do not stop!

thank you to brave kazakhstani freedom fighters

thank you
brave kazakhstani freedom fighters
for lowering the price
of ethereum
so i can buy more
in hope
i do not die
as a poor ex-millionaire
like my father died
few months ago.

rafael asked me about death

i wrote a lot of poems about rafael
and a lot of poems about death
but not so many about rafael and death.
finally rafael called me to ask me
about my father’s death
and it gave me an idea this poem
about rafael and death.
thank you rafael.

6 september 2021

first jean-paul belmondo died
of old age
and I was reminded
how we will all die.

but then michael k. williams died
which is an accident
and I decided
that death is not an obligation.

thank you michael k. williams.

a perfect tweet

thank you @3fmusic
for buying deep blue!
once again,
i was not expecting this.
thank so much.
i will keep on
making work as always.
thanks thanks thanks.