1257 the truth about writing

i have no idea
how i write this stuff.
it just pops up!

i am more or less
just a reader.
like you!

1230 i hate italy

i hate italy because
it has too much good stuff
all over the place
and i must move around for years
to enjoy just a small part of it

1083 money protects us

without money
people would just do
bad stuff
without the limitation
of a price tag

1076 power vs making stuff

experts in power
are not the best
at making stuff

experts in making stuff
are not the best
at gaining power

1071 men in skirts

many men would like
to wear women’s clothing
but chose to focus
on more important stuff

1034 i might give up

it is possible
that one day
i will just give up
on making stuff

971 the heart of snowboarding

the heart of snowboarding
is not a difficult jump
that looks cool on a screen
and is necessary
to sell you the new stuff.

the heart of snowboarding
is a slow easy glide
over a soft powder
on a local mountain
with people who love it too.

i am sorry cheesy poet

i am sorry
that my poems are so cheesy.
i remember
in elementary school
i also wrote very cheesy stuff.
i have not improved since then.
i am a pathetic cheesy poet.
i am very sorry.

happy birthday miltos

one more year
of doing stuff
has passed


sometimes its a clear day
and im just doing my usual stuff
and it comes to me
i just realize
how fucking cool metallica is