1238 i am sorry for the office

i sincerely apologize
for forcing our employees
to come to our office for so many years
before i finally canceled the office
and switched our company
to fully remote.

we wasted so much time and money
on the stupid office
instead of investing in our products.

1231 poem frequency

i felt sorry
that i did not write
more poems this week
but then i realized
that when i am dead
no one will care
if i wrote one or hundred
poems in a week.

1208 did we land on mars?

i am not up to date
with news etc
so i am not sure
if we landed on mars
did we build cities there?
when is it safe to visit?
how are the prices?

1035 poems on social media

i really love
publishing poems
on all social media,
i love the likes and messages,
and i am sorry that
my poems are not
always awesome.

1025 very lazy

i am very sorry
but today
i am too lazy
to write a poem

1099 how new york got its name

1000 years ago
york was old
but then it became new
and that is it.
this is a stupid poem.
i thought it would be better.
i am very sorry.

959 simple history of big ideas

buddhism: try not to care
hedonism: let’s just have fun
stoicism: do what you can
christianity: say you are sorry, but mean it
capitalism: how much is it?
anarchism: don’t force me!
marxism: the boss should share more
nihilism: don’t waste time
modernism: everything is science
postmodernism: leave them alone!
metamodernism: all ideas are ok

904 i am sorry

i am sorry
for being too lazy to
write poems for a few days

798 beckham crying for the queen

i need to figure out why
i felt sorry with
beckham crying for the queen

i will not write a poem today

i will not
write a poem today.
i am not into it.
i am bored to do it.
it feels like a chore.
my head is empty
and i have nothing to share.
maybe tomorrow
i will write one
but, sorry,
today there are
no new poems.

i am sorry for being away

i am sorry
that i did not publish poems
in the last two weeks.

i did a road trip
across italy
with irena and the kids.

i wrote this poem
as if someone noticed
and cared.

bart sibrel

i know why
bart sibrel
lost his trust
in space exploration
and i am
sorry about it

i am sorry for sponsoring nato

i lived in italy for five years
and i made a lot of money
and i paid a lot of taxes
and some of those taxes
went to nato
and i am not happy about that
nato is the biggest military organization
that ever existed in the history of humankind
and i really do not like
anything that is the biggest
anything that is military
anything that is an organization.

i am sorry cheesy poet

i am sorry
that my poems are so cheesy.
i remember
in elementary school
i also wrote very cheesy stuff.
i have not improved since then.
i am a pathetic cheesy poet.
i am very sorry.

i am very sorry

i read my last 20
or so poems
and they seem to be
really bad.
i apologize
for that.

i am very very very sorry

because i did not write a poem for several weeks
because communism does not work
because capitalism does not work
because there are no teleports
because i am not on tv every day for at least an hour
because time passes
because eggs do not cook in a nanosecond
because i get tired and need to sleep


like being the only person
on a small sinking boat in january
in the middle of the ocean at night
and there are about fifty sharks
swimming around your sinking boat
and they are very hungry
and you have aids for ten years
and never told anyone
and you are sorry for so many things
but you can not apologize to anyone
because soon you will sink and
sharks will eat you