929 very sad

sometimes i meet people
who are fully dedicated to something
yet they are completely useless.
i hope i am not one of them.

721 leave the porsche owners alone!

if we laugh
at that the porsche owner
for compensating for something,
then we are also compensating for something,
and this poem is also compensating for something,
but what is that something?

702 numbers

the more we use numbers the less feminine we are.

if we continue this way we will all be masculine
and this will not be masculine as we know it today.

it will be a perverted fucked up masculine
because masculine without feminine is impossible.

actually we will be something completely new
which was born out of the destruction of feminine and masculine.

and trust me, no one wants this new thing. it is scary!

685 robb elementary school shooting

while i have completely
given up on being upset
over murder of children
i have discovered
a new form of disgust
for the police
which was fucking around with parents
instead of sacrificing their lives
to save the children.

there is something the police can learn
from the parents begging for help.

there is something the police can learn
from john byng.

day by day

every day
i do something little
and maybe not so cool
so one day
far away in the future
i do something super cool


the scariest thing
about hollywood is
that it has
programmed me
to be something
which is not me
and therefore i have
never existed
and my entire life
was lost

tractor in the yard

it is there every day
changes colors
something to talk about
over dinner or coffee