1251 eric schmidt does not care about ukraine

i honestly do not think
that people
like eric schmidt
care about ukraine.

these people always wanted
to make killer drones
or some other crazy scary
murder machine.

they just waited
for the right excuse
and media atmosphere
to express themselves.

928 be careful

be careful not to waste your life
thinking you are changing things
while you are only satisfying
the need for change
with your useless nonsense
which prevents real change.

the key to real change
is very specific
and takes decades to discover
and only few can discover it.

be careful because there is nothing
more scary than a wasted life.

702 numbers

the more we use numbers the less feminine we are.

if we continue this way we will all be masculine
and this will not be masculine as we know it today.

it will be a perverted fucked up masculine
because masculine without feminine is impossible.

actually we will be something completely new
which was born out of the destruction of feminine and masculine.

and trust me, no one wants this new thing. it is scary!

where is it all going

i am writing these confusing poems
and i do not know
where they are taking me

it is fun and scary

i need to eat less and exercise more
to stay alive long enough
to see the end of it all

delphine lecompte

she is so scary
that i am afraid
to even write a poem
about her

biden and putin talk about ukraine

vlad, i am in deep shit here.
inflation is up, stocks are down.
i need something.

i know, joe.
here they are squeezing me
about my house
and a bunch of other shit.

so what do we do, vlad?

give me a week to
get some war shit going.
that facebook stuff
is not enough anymore.

ok, cool.
but make it a bit scary.
people do not react anymore
to regular war.
be creative.


you can live with them
and you cant live without them
they are your best friend
and your worst enemy
and one day i will be a parent too
which is so scary
and so far away