986 why am i critical?

in a world where
trillions are invested
and millions are employed
to promote weird untested ideas
few critical poems are welcome

the real question is:
why are you bothering me
about few critical poems
when they are
in your interest too?

t j flynn part two

where is t j flynn?
is he in canada?
is he in paraguay?
is he somewhere
in the middle?
to be or not to be
question is now

i wrote a poem about yale q&a expectations

i hope
someone asks me
a question
that makes me feel
like someone gets me
you know
what i mean?

what is love

for ten years
every day
i ask martina
if she loves me
and she never

rafael rozendaal

a child in a man’s body
or a man in a child’s body
is the question now
but he has big ears
and is surely a fine lad