1282 first english, than the world

i started writing poetry in serbian
in a separate instagram account.
soon i will start writing poetry in italian.
and later maybe in german.

my ultimate goal is
that people from every culture
tell me that my poems are not poems,
but are actually basic sentences
with random line breaks.

1280 signs of centralization

much less improvisation in music
languages designed by academics
less theaters, more cinemas
places of worship increasing in size
almost no local art, literary, poetry, philosophy
less participation in government
impossible to negotiate with or bribe police
powerful live far away
global brands gaining in everything
no local methods in solving problems
and many many more

1256 the future of poetry

it is inevitable
that my poems will become
short funny stupid smart statements
because that is what
everyone wants

1203 purpose of art

purpose of art,
including poetry,
is to expand and innovate
our visual, spoken, conceptual

1152 definition of poetry

poetry is
a constant rebellion
against the restriction
of language.

it is an everlasting
fuck you
to anyone saying:
this is how it must be.

1088 the power of poetry

if i do nothing all day
or i am an asshole all day
and i write at least one poem
and publish it online
then i believe
it was a good day

1035 i am not a poet

i am not a poet.
i do not know what is a poet.
poetry is not my goal.
poetry is just one of many tools
which help me reach my goal.

1020 shitty poetry manifesto

shitty poetry has no respect for
style, grammar, coolness, popularity,
and exists only for the message
whatever it might be

997 poetry is shit

writing poetry is like taking a shit.
if you are not ready you can not force it.
if you have diarrhea you can not stop it.

908 why be a shitty philosopher or a shitty poet

in a world which is overly saturated
with extremely convincing content
you must develop your own thinking frameworks
in order to find your own version of good.

if you allow yourself to be passive,
your identity will dissolve.

write philosophy and poetry because it is easy
and even if it is shitty
you will still be stronger
and more independent, like me.

838 i hope i never become famous

as soon as i become famous
my poetry will be erased
because it is not binary

771 ai poetry

my poetry
is defined by
artificial intelligence
in a sense
that i will
never use it
to write poetry.

756 thank you joshua james clancy

on instagram
you saw a poetry competition
offering ten thousand us dollars
and of all the poets in the world
you chose to tag me in the comment.

that made my day
and i hope this poem
makes your day,
or at least an hour.

being tagged by you
made me more happy
than winning that competition.

i would like to buy you a drink.
if you are in serbia or italy
give me a call at +381632689

755 the freedom of poetry

writing poems
allows me to express
my smallest single isolated ideas
without the burden
of wrapping it up
in a bullshit narrative
or proving it with
bullshit imaginary experiences.

poems are
smallest indivisible particles
of conscious thought
made for sharing.

697 search engine optimization

i write my poems
so they pop up on top of search results
but they never do
the whole world would explode

i am sure someone will say
that i do not know how to do seo poetry
but i am more inclined to believe
that poems can never be allowed
to be so important

words change the universe

is an exploration of
how words change
the universe.

i can write a word
which is read by many
giving them an idea
which choices to make.

these choices
eventually add up
enough to start changing
the universe.

creating other poets

only value
of my poetry
is in the ability to
create many more poets

poetry conspiracy theory 2

it is not a coincidence that
reading and writing poetry fell out of fashion
while manufactured consent grew

poetry conspiracy theory

we are told to appreciate
old and perfectly styled poetry
instead of
shitty poetry written five minutes ago
because poetry is
the most powerful weapon of truth

weekly poetry schedule

monday – pretentious philosophical virtue signaling poems
tuesday – loser kissing ass to celebrities poems
wednesday – moronic poems about toilet paper and shit
thursday – my father died poems
friday – i am sorry i am a shitty poet poems
weekend – fuck poetry

the limit is near

i am reaching a point
when i have to be careful
not to write poems
which can get me in trouble
obviously there is a limit
to what is acceptable
even for poetry.
maybe then
i will write poems
just for me
and hide them from everyone else.

poetry is a necessary cringe

every time
i write and publish a poem
i am super embarrassed
all poetry is
super embarrassing and super cringe.
but it is necessary
everyone should share
what they think and feel
it really makes life easier
for them and everyone else.

why writing poetry is important

if you accepted
that your true self,
your thoughts and emotions,
should be forever isolated
in the chaotic darkness
of your mind
then you should never write poetry.
i am not saying
that you will ever be
fully understood
by another person
but if you do not write poetry
you will surely never really exist.
it takes so little to write poetry
and the gains are so big
so the only reason not to do it
is if you are afraid
that others truly know you.
but this is very paranoid and insecure.

why you should read my poetry

you want to have a great life before you die.
to have a great life you must develop abstract thinking.
best way to develop abstract thinking is to write and read.
but you are probably too lazy, just like me, to read and write a lot.

then you should read my very short poetry
and be inspired by my poetry to write your very short poetry
which will also develop your abstract thinking
and help you have a great life before you die.

you are welcome.

renaissance v2

this sunday
i have spent
one hour
on writing and sharing
my poetry.
this is much more
than usual
but it is enough
for me to feel
like i started
a renaissance v2.

thank you massimo

for creating
a perfect visual style
for poetry

language limitations

poetry is the ultimate use of language
and i have been writing poetry for decades
and i still struggle with language
because it is so limited and primitive.
using language seems like an incredible compromise
where i lose 99 % of who i am.
i can not imagine how other people feel
who do not have the time to practice as much as i do.
it must be like living in the darkest deepest hole
of loneliness where no one can understand you
and you are forced to somehow
go through your life without anyone
knowing who you are.
it is as if you are a hamster.

writing poetry

writing poetry
is the hardest thing ever
because you have to
intensively think
about death
every day

sci-fi poetry

no special effect is as good
as the imagination of a person
reading a poem.

Vinutna Blue Ivy is so very wrong in his Quora answer to What should I never do in writing poetry?

It says:
Short titles is good!
Grammar should is perfect!!
Not use punctuation a lot!!!

my first neen poetry workshop

i hope
that someone
will actually
do the whole thing
and publish
their poem online

why write poems

there is nothing
faster than a poem
when it comes to
telling the truth
about the universe

ren hang dies

on facebook i saw
an image of a poem
which appeared like mine
but it was a poem
by ren hang.
i got scared
that he did the same thing
i wanted to do
but before me.
i felt angry at him
and sorry for my laziness.
but then i read that he died
and i felt safe again.
also i read few of his poems
and they seemed depressing
and my poems are not depressing.
so i won in my mind for now.

old poetry

long time ago
poems manipulated
the readers
with cheap emotions
and distracted
with useless rhyme.
well, not anymore.

an even better reason why you should write poetry

you should be prepared
for your last words

report on writing poetry for more than a decade

i still get these amazing ideas
for poems which should change the world.
i get them while i am
driving or showering.
and i think:
this one i will write down
and share online
and the world will love me
and everything will change.
by everything i really think everything.
like, we will not drive but fly.
and internet will be in our minds.
that sort of change.
and then i forget the poem.
and it is the same stupid problem
i had ten years ago
when i started writing poetry.
the worst thing about it is
i do not care so much that i forget.
i do not care that i did not
change the whole world
and made everybody love me.
and even worst worst worst thing is
that i do not care that i do not care.

how to write good poetry

first you have to
take poetry seriously
second you have to
not worry how it sounds out loud
poetry is about silence
third you have to
make a point
pointless stuff just
does not work anymore
fourth you have to
be brutally honest
no more bullshit
no one needs it
good luck!

rafael’s drawings

as good
as my

why you should write poetry

it takes
only few seconds
to write a poem

no one can
really tell if its
good or bad

there is
a tiny chance
kids will have
those stupid
in school
about your poems

while musicians
and painters
need decades
to perfect their

you do not need
any education or training

the less you know
better your poetry
will be

you hardly need
to know how to spell
or even speak

if no one
has any clue
what your poems
are about
this is perfectly

yet poems are
so very cool

just so
very very cool

the way poetry was 100 years ago

polka makes a lot of sense
when it is than
mustard is eating my brain
so now what
pokemon rules and dogs
do not care if cats
combined with cars
can go the distance
however if you are ever around
make sure potatos
are rotten
when you enter the castle of evil
forget the color of your underwear
sun is green only
when jupiter is on purple ice
rats are in my ass
colors are running away