1029 i am very famous

believe me, I am
a very very very famous poet.
i have been
very very very successful
and i am very loved.

1035 i am not a poet

i am not a poet.
i do not know what is a poet.
poetry is not my goal.
poetry is just one of many tools
which help me reach my goal.

908 why be a shitty philosopher or a shitty poet

in a world which is overly saturated
with extremely convincing content
you must develop your own thinking frameworks
in order to find your own version of good.

if you allow yourself to be passive,
your identity will dissolve.

write philosophy and poetry because it is easy
and even if it is shitty
you will still be stronger
and more independent, like me.

684 i numbered my poems

i have been writing poems
in this poetry stream
for more than twenty years.

i do not know
when i wrote my poems
so i decided to just number them.

when i started
numbering my poems
i thought there are thousands.

actually there are only 684
and most of them were written
in the last few years.

i disappointed myself again
by proving to myself
what a shitty poet i am.

i took me more than twenty years
to write only 684 poems.
and not one single poem rhymes.


i am a nice and smart poet

sometimes i write
too many nice and smart poems
and then i feel a need to write
a poem that reminds me and you
that i am also an asshole and an idiot
but those poems
again turn out nice and smart.
i guess i can not help it:
i am a nice and smart poet.

a happy poem

i am very worried
about the world
so i wrote
many poems about it

to give you a break
here is a happy poem
so you do not think
i am only a grumpy poet

why did the chicken cross the road?
to read a happy poem

undiscovered poets

one of many reasons
why i am a poet
is to show
that any idiot
can be a poet.

this will hopefully
create more poets
and if we have more poets
we will have more of everything good.

marcus aurelius

mental prison
is most obvious
when people are rich
but still remain limited
by their thoughts.
one way to escape
this mental prison
is to become a poet.
pay me
to help you escape.

i am sorry cheesy poet

i am sorry
that my poems are so cheesy.
i remember
in elementary school
i also wrote very cheesy stuff.
i have not improved since then.
i am a pathetic cheesy poet.
i am very sorry.


ai qing
was a dissident poet
who had a son
ai weiwei
who is a dissident artist
who met
julian assange
who is a dissident journalist
who gifted ai weiwei
a treadmill

why i am a poet

few years ago
i had an amazing idea
for an artwork
which would connect people
in a new way
never seen before
and would change
everything in art
but i was super lazy
to even write an email
about it.

a perfect poet

thinks like a
hundred year old
feels like a
two year old

poem about big shit

the sensations of
pressure buildup
blissful release and
final relaxation
can only be
truly verbalized
by a great poet