1310 my answer to all war questions

i am a very empathetic person
and i empathize with everyone:
russians, ukrainians,
israelis, palestinians,
serbs, albanians,
christians, muslims,
americans, chinese.

everyone has a solid reason
for whatever they are doing
but at the end, out of all the groups,
i do favor kids
and i am not a fan of kids getting hurt.

1296 poems for friends

i write a poem for a friend
and someone else likes it
and i imagine
how that random person
is actually my friend
whom i did not meet yet

1261 i am funny. not

i am actually
completely able
to consistently make
my friends laugh
which makes me
a funny person.

you should trust me
even though, usually,
i am the opposite of funny.

1242 my social media addiction

i am not addicted
to social media.
i am addicted
to that one in a million person
who is brutally honest.

1173 old person dilemma

like all old people
i know that the world
is getting shittier.

and if everyone
just listened to me
everything would be better.

i also know
this is not true,
but i have no alternative.

1164 make fun of stereotypes

making fun of stereotypes
is ok – because
stereotypes are imaginary.

you can only get upset
if you consider yourself a stereotype,
which is not ok – because
you are not a stereotype,
you are a person.

954 complexity of language

every word
is spoked by one person
to at least three people:
one other person, themselves, the world.

every word
can have thousands of meaning
but always has at least four meanings:
what the speaker intended to say,
what the speaker revealed accidentally,
what the listener intended to hear,
what the listener revealed accidentally.

866 choose ye that you need?

is he a crazy person
ranting nonsense
for absolutely no reason?

is he a genius
trying to liberate us
from oppressive divisive ideas
sacrificing himself
through extreme provocation?

is he a desperate person
trying to liberate
his and our mind
from programmed
idiotic stereotypes?

is he all of the above?

701 manufacturing

i am trying to avoid
socially and politically critical poems
but i just can not resist writing this one.

human race is able
to industrially manufacture anything
using factories and mass media.

we can manufacture any type of a person,
like an elite athlete or a murdering soldier,
but we are somehow running out of critical thinkers.

we could easily manufacture critical thinkers.
that knowledge exists for a century
and it is easier than manufacturing murdering soldiers.

but living on a planet full of critical thinkers
is to complex for us to imagine
so we are afraid of doing it.

but a planet full of stupid obedient people
appears safer and more comforting
no matter what kind of a mess they make.

person vs “creative” industry

art is personal expression.
art industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

fashion is personal expression.
fashion industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

film is personal expression.
film industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

music is personal expression.
music industry is
outdated fortress
of centralized networking.

sci-fi poetry

no special effect is as good
as the imagination of a person
reading a poem.

kings and queens

kings and queens
can be only if they
get on a stage
and argue
with the hundred
smartest biggest haters,
which is what
every other person
must do every day.


like being the only person
on a small sinking boat in january
in the middle of the ocean at night
and there are about fifty sharks
swimming around your sinking boat
and they are very hungry
and you have aids for ten years
and never told anyone
and you are sorry for so many things
but you can not apologize to anyone
because soon you will sink and
sharks will eat you


i am the most neen person that i have ever met
and using this standard i judge everyone else
of course everyone is inferior to me
when it comes to being neen
some would probably disagree to this
but no one is really sure what neen is
so i win