1268 i do not like books

i do not read books
and it took me decades
to understand why
i do not like it.

it is because
they are so subjective
and i do not like
anything with a limited
point of view.

1223 i do not like hollywood

i do not like hollywood
because they never
made a movie
with a main character
with whom i can
identify with

1045 relax

none of us knows much
and we are all
constantly improvising
and clumsily trying
to do something weird
that only we
understand and like

1040 the importance of cinema

it is very important
that we know
that there are people
whom we never met
who like
the same weird scenes
as we do.

1007 morality

on social media
i often do not like stuff
even though it looks cool
because i do not know
if they are the real experts
or someone average
taking away the attention
from the real experts

775 the death of david lynch

i often think
about the death of david lynch
how it will happen soon
and how after it
the world will never be the same
and although i love change
i will not like this change

738 free yourself from everything

i would like to write a poem
which can free all of us from all pressures
and help us transcend the human condition

integrity uber alles

i was taking a shit
and scrolling down instagram.
at one point i spaced out
and i liked a miltos manetas post.
then i realized
i actually liked
an advert for cables.
i quickly unliked it
because i have integrity.

miltos manetas

the older i am
the more i like him
i guess when i am hundred years old
i will like him a lot